Right To Protest, Israel & U.S.

Here’s another thought: white or red hoods and masks are bad. Black hoods and masks are good!


Relative to the right to peacefully protest, Israel and the U.S. are both currently laboring under a common false delusion. This is a right each country grants to its respective citizens, not to aliens.

S-o-o-o, when a person conceals their identity, they forfeit their right to be identified as a citizen; and, concurrently, their right — granted only to a citizen — to protest (and, even then, only peaceful protest). Illegal aliens have no right to protest — at all (nor, indeed, even to be present in the country).

The only way to ensure that protests, and protestors, are not illegal, even when peaceful, is to outlaw any protestor concealing their identity; whether by a bandana mask, ski mask, costume mask, hood, Muslim niqab, burka, nylon stocking or whatever. Protestors concealing their identity should be arrested on sight and charged, at the least, with unlawful protest.

I strongly suspect that when illegals are removed from the picture, protests will return to being peaceful and many of today’s unlawful and violent “protests” will cease.


2 thoughts on “Right To Protest, Israel & U.S.

  1. The opposite of self-improvement (SI)? I’m not sure what opposite you refer to. SI is a life-long, ongoing pursuit with ups and downs; a bumpy road, not a fixed address. When you hit a bump or crash, as everyone does periodically, SI is something you get up and continue the pursuit.

    Regarding a future in advocating the Netzarim interpretations of Torah (studying the basis for logically refuting displacement theology), I’ve never found any self-supporting (income producing) future in it. It doesn’t even pay its own bills. In other words, advocating for the Netzarim and Torah is a drain on income, not a future of self-supporting income. To devote the time and resources to advocating the Netzarim interpretations of Torah you must develop some alternate career to pay the bills — including the extra bills incurred in time and resources dedicated to advocating for Netzarim interpretations of Torah. (Not to mention the enormous investment in study time and research; books, etc.) In our case, Karen & I are partners and she is as dedicated to the Netzarim as I am. Without her dedicated contributions in income as a dental hygienist and homemaker the work we’ve accomplished and continue to do could not have been done.

    Similarly, ignorance is relative, dynamic not fixed — and inversely related to SI.

    These are things you control by your decisions and resolve.


  2. I have been seeking disapline for a while your work has been what has mad sense to me, I am in hopes of working to fix anything I have wrongfully done in mistep. I wanted self improvement by going to the Marines and making a future of studying logically refuting displacement theology as you have been.

    It seems the opposite has befallen me due to my own ignorance.


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