Anthropomorphism Of Ancient Animal Sacrifices

I’ve recently spent time resolving the cognitive dissonance of apparent anthropomorphism in Biblical animal sacrifices; and the twice weaning of Israel from an anthropomorphic temple, the second time being permanently invalidated by the loss of the yō•khas•inꞋ. These issues have been incorporated in our glossary terms: khat•âtꞋ, ōl•âhꞋ, shᵊlâm•imꞋ and qârᵊbânꞋ. Happy reading!

Religion: Out of the Dark Ages Into Real-World Light

Latest Update (correction/clarification) 2019.02.14 Why? The Answer! I read and contemplate, therefore I exist as a sentient. My 5 senses perceive external influences upon me. Since nothing in my perceived universe exists without a cause, there is an Extra-universe Prime Cause; a Creator-Singularity, of both me and my perceived universe. This Extra-universe Prime Cause is…