The Google Brainwash Bubble

Even as Google makes a respectable effort to avoid deliberate bias, the whole idea of Google is to figure out what the searcher wants, filter out all other information as “clutter” and “noise,” and return only what Google has adroitly, sometimes inscrutably, “figured out” that the searcher “really wants.”

One may reasonably conclude that this means that Google, unknown to the searcher, unavoidably reinforces the searchers inherent biases as Google eliminates the searcher’s exposure to information not matching the searcher’s secret – Google AI calculated – bias. In other words, unknown to the user, Google “tailoring” reinforces and feeds each searcher’s inherent, even subconscious, biases.

This means that, on the one hand, Google is driving the wedge that deepens and sharpens the biases that divide groups of people; while, on the other hand, Google eliminates the bridging information that tends to oppose biases.

The easiest place to spot this problem is among Google’s heaviest users: the media. Journalists in a hurry to complete a story. Each journalist has his or her own bias set – and Google ensures that bias is fed while inconvenient “clutter” and “noise” is filtered out. Editors suffer from the same unbalanced information diet.

These days, if you aren’t monitoring 7+ different news media from different countries (at least including the U.S., Russia, China, Europe, Israel and Egypt) then you are caught in the current of the problem. Certainly, you cannot depend exclusively on any one news source (like Fox). But if you depend on American “news” sources while avoiding Fox, you are living in a socialist propaganda bubble.

If you switch from Google’s “personal customized” searches to a search engine that doesn’t track your interests (like DuckDuckGo), you’ll find that you’re suddenly disappointed at the result – in no small measure because you’re no longer being shielded from what Google AI has calculated that you don’t want to hear.

If you remain content to live in an artificially shielded, delusional bubble, world without expanding your information base you will remain dysfunctionally deluded and ignorant – like the mushrooms (popularly “snowflakes”).


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