The Vanguard Generation

Millennial “snowflakes”, with their participation trophies, unemployable arts degrees in imaginative free-expression majors, safe bubbles, global socialist “no-free-speech” zones and college coloring book time-outs should be redubbed the Mushroom Generation (re “Mushroom Method”).mushroom

Dubbing my generation, born during WW-II (1939-45), as “silent,” “Lucky Few,” or carelessly blurring us into either the previous or subsequent generation, has been careless and academically ill-considered.

This generation was distinct in a host of respects from both the pre-war and post-war generations.

The list of notable figures is disproportionately large for such a small time-slice; and their contributions seem disproportionately large. These civilian-oriented contributions, expanding and implementing Einstein and the weapons efforts of Turing, Oppenheimer and von Braun, effected tectonic changes in technology that introduced the computer and digital age and altered world-views are arguably more pivotal to the world than the Renaissance. These contributions were typically over-the-horizon from the general populous – vanguard.

Not recognized until decades later, this generation was, for decades, unlistened-to, not silent.

In many respects the emergence of this vanguard generation, in the late 1950s and early 1960s, corresponds in many ways to the awakening of a new age in America, from its iconic music, the beginnings of the computer age and cultural advances, to more pragmatic and scientifically-oriented studies of history, archeology, etc.

I submit that those who were born during WW-II (1939-1945) are The Vanguard Generation!


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