What differentiates Israel Jews News (IJN) from all other Israeli & Jewish News & Opinion sites is that complaints of offense will not result in suppression of documented historical fact, hard evidence (e.g., archaeological) or logical (scientific) truth.  However, defamation or ad hominem not backed up by historical documentation, hard evidence of scientific logic will be stricken from discussion. Crude language is never justified to make a point.

1. Although I occasionally fail to notice and a comment from an anonymous poster may slip through, our policy is that comments are accepted only from real, not anonymous, people (including first and last name, city and all religious affiliations).
2. Assumed beliefs (traditions) lacking pre-135 CE historical documentation are not accepted as premises for discussion. Ergo, arguments based on unreliable sources are illogical (ex falso quodlibet); i.e. false claims unsuitable for discussion.

If its news related to Israel or Jews, on a legitimate (and English) news site, and you have questions or complaints about it that you’d like discussed here, we welcome you to post with a link to the news item for discussion. From Arabs & Islam to the Mashiakh Ben-Yoseiph differentiated from the Mashiakh Ben-David, or the 1st century Pharisee Ribi-Mashiakh differentiated from Paul the apostate, post-135 CE Hellenist Roman Christianity and their 4th century NT, all questions about grappling with “Abrahamic” religion in today’s world and its challenges—the earliest extant documentation, archaeological hard evidence and scientific logic will prevail.

Those who lack the knowledge to present documented historical fact, hard evidence (e.g., archaeological) or logical (scientific) truth are encouraged to ask questions, but refrain from asserting belief as if it were fact or presuming to teach from any book you cannot read in its original language.

On the other hand, you need not be an expert to participate. Questions, the most useful tool for learning and the #1 tool of all of the best scientists and intellectuals, are always welcome, regardless of your socio-ethnic, educational or religious background. Torah is the Light welcoming every person in the world who undertakes to live according to its precepts.