Freedom of the Press, Israel & U.S.

Here’s a thought: if democratic elections produce governments reflecting the will of the people, then media that is, by design, an enemy of the administration is necessarily the enemy of the people!

When criticism is documented true, then it is deserved. When criticism is based on a consistent agenda dependent upon innuendo, negative spin, assumptions lacking a solid basis in logic and demagoguery then it is agenda-driven propaganda, not truth.

Freedom of the media was intended to ensure the media could pursue and publish truth unfettered, NOT ensure the media could publish smear propaganda, falsehoods, libel and agenda-driven distortions of news unhindered. This media bias treats only liberal global socialist Democrats / Leftists — pro-anarchist rioters, anti-police, pro-racist (e.g., BLM), pro-gangs / drugs / human trafficking (i.e., pro-illegal aliens and anti-borders), pro-infanticide, pro-homosexual and often anti-religious — as innocent until proven guilty while assuming, via smear tactics, defamation and demagoguery, that anyone who disagrees with them are guilty until proven innocent — which is typically an impossibility to prove! Hence, the smear unjustly lingers endlessly because proof of innocence is so often impossible.

It’s despicable when reasonable people become part of this problem by accepting this flagrant and toxic injustice; justifying “That’s how it’s always been because it’s those who can’t get a science degree that get an arts degree in finger-painting coloring books and become “journalists”; that’s just the way it is and we have to accept that”.

Meanwhile, global socialists are finishing the job — by advocating for muzzling freedom of speech for those who oppose them while continuing to pursue their longstanding SOP of smear tactics, defamation and demagoguery under the assumption that anyone who disagrees with their global socialist liberal agenda is guilty until proven innocent. The early days of the Nazis were far less toxic and formidable than these early days of the global socialist (Glozis, Nazis on steroids)!


One thought on “Freedom of the Press, Israel & U.S.

  1. I think this is quiet direct, I have witnessed several attempts to fural accusations and entangle with misleading self incriminating ‘fabricated’ information, particularly during the past few years of my life.


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