Did Human Evolution Fork circa 1960?

There is an entire class of the “liberal” (read: globalist socialists – Glozis) American (and Israeli) population(s) who have labeled Conservatives wholesale, particularly American Trump supporters, “white nationalist” (i.e. national socialist – Nazi) racists. These liberal dullards can’t even distinguish between a capitalist and a socialist!

[Update 2019.01.16 — Now, they’re claiming Trump is a Russian spy for no other reason than his <i>public</i> statements that he’d welcome good relations with Russia! (Never mind Obama’s “after the election” open mike moment, or Hillary’s selling uranium to Russia!) Well, I’d also prefer good relations with Russia rather than a nuclear apocalypse. So, I guess color this former Intelligence Analyst with Top Secret Crypto Comint clearance likewise a “Russian spy” — and, oooh, I live next door to a Russian-Jewish family!!!]

The shoe is being forced onto the wrong foot and reality must be confronted and dealt with.

Have you also noticed that almost half of today’s world seems vastly stupider than a few decades ago? A stupidity spanning the entire spectrum of race and gender; and so profound that it seems to demand its own new class of “stupid”.

Are you repeatedly stunned at the appalling stupidity of “mushrooms” or “snowflakes” that comprise much of the liberal half of the population of many modern countries? These are mostly younger people who just can’t recognize, much less deal with, the real world. Many walk around in a drug-induced fog, unemployables who couldn’t tell you whether Ben Franklin is a founder of Ben & Jerry’s.

In 2018.09.13, “more than one-third of first-year university students in eight industrialized countries around the globe report symptoms consistent with a diagnosable mental health disorder, according to research published by the American Psychological Association.ccc

… “common mental disorders, including major depression, generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder.”

“The researchers found that 35 percent of the respondents reported symptoms consistent with at least one mental health disorder as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition. Major depressive disorder was the most common, followed by generalized anxiety disorder” (ibid.).

I first noticed this distinct class with the advent of Beatniks, later the Beatles drug music culture and Cheech & Chong; but the history reaches much further back than that.Roots of Dems/Obama's Revolution “Snowflakes” is inaccurate and inadequate. mushroom 29x28They are “mushrooms” (i.e. kept in the dark and fed a diet of BS), but by their own choice; increasing numbers of arts and psych students who split away from the science oriented tech society, taking only meaningless courses and graduating with no employable, nor useful, education. The movie “Stupid and Stupider”, designed to be a spoof, today rings more like a reality show.

Their heroes are Hillary, “I’d off da cop” Sharpton, miso-Judaic Iran ally Farrakhan, chimpanzee-like rioters of Antifa fascists and BLM, MeToo SCOTUS Kavanaugh defamers, Tucker Carlson lynchers – all branches of their home team Dems and paid by the same Dark State financiers. Their enemies are Americans, Jews, Israelis, Conservatives and the GOP (which they defame as “white nationalists” and Nazis); labeling Trump – whose own daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren are Jews – a Nazi, even Hitler.

In Israel, ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•im prohibit the study of science and math, living in a self-imposed Dark Ages mindset, while regularly labeling Israeli Jews who do study science and math — along with over 90% of the world’s Diaspora Jews — “gentiles” and “Nazis”!

Christians, Muslims and Jews refuse historical and archeological documentationccc in order to protect their Dark Ages beliefs in the supernaturalist idolatry of Roman Hellenism, a night ride on a Pegasus flying horse or (in the case of Jews) continue in their Dark Ages European assimilation.

Arizona is a stunning indicative and predictive bellwether of this class of sub-human intellect. These are NOT cases of a handful of oddballs goofing off in some isolated hippy commune. HALF of Arizona’s population has voted that it’s fine for Americans to go to a foreign country and fight against America, to kill fellow Americans. Sinema ok-ed, on record, Americans shooting down and killing USAF fighter pilot McSally! Nor is this any isolated anomaly. This is a redux of HALF of the American population voting for Hillary after she uploaded all of America’s highest classified secrets into the public domain for all of our enemies to feast on (over 1000 felony counts of violating the Espionage Act). This stunning insanity defines a traitor. Half of the population voting for traitors to be the leaders of America is the most serious insanity in American history. It simply doesn’t rise to the level of human intelligence.

icon video 0050x45woman cornered attacked by anti-Trump mob San Jose 2016.06.02During the Trump campaign, this new class of folks – comprising both genders spanning the full spectrum of skin colors – were rioting and attacking innocent Trump supporters like warring bands of chimpanzees.

Humanzees are recognizable, and definable, as a devolved educational class resulting from their own personal choice, a product of twisted, faux-scholarly, socialist culture; not an evolutionary genetic, racial, gender or other biological class. As such, it is not beyond the capabilities of the individual (given plasticity of the brain shown by neuroscientists) or advanced societies to improve future education to require math, science and civics in order to retrieve humanzees back into the fold of intelligent human norms.

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  1. Reply from a school teacher (name withheld to preclude employer retaliation):

    More and more, the results of the Socialist agenda becomes apparent with each class emitting from the Universities of today. Science has shown that surgeons coming out of the programs today lack the manual dexterity to perform intricate surgical procedures. This is a result of technology, uncensored in the market place, and the taking away in the school systems of cursive hand writing and hands on creative projects, such as cutting out and pasting things in a creative manner. Good teachers are leaving the educational systems due to the ridiculous things and ways we are dictated to teach. As much as possible I try to incorporate handwriting and make something projects into my ELA curriculum. Sometimes I believe we should return to what worked. Today’s Colleges and Universities are profit driven entities. It was mainly the text book companies that began ruining American Education. I hope I can hold out with these changes. The other responsible party in ruining education id the unions! The unions are socialist agenda driven. I read the goals of the NEA and AFT, I now belong to and educational association. The socialists used education to brainwash the youth of today. I agree with your mushroom concept. I know that if any of my administers read this I could lose my job. Thank you


    • “It was mainly the text book companies that began ruining American Education.”

      Thanks for your input and being part of thoughtful diverse inquiries and discussion. We value tolerance and diverse views where logic and science fall short of knowing. It’s an old joke that wherever there are two Jews there are at least three viewpoints.

      It’s been socialists’, and Saudi, massive funding of their own choices that influenced text book companies to publish their respective choices. So, for decades, educational texts have taught socialism and a more favorable view of Islam — and that’s what your Johnny learns in school, what socialists and Muslims want him to know.

      Inevitably, that worked its way upward and is now deeply ensconced in the higher degrees; the profs who teach in universities with an iron-fisted political persuasion.

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