US House Demwits Caused Collapse Of Hanoi Summit!

Any competent negotiator enters a negotiation prepared to negotiate from a defined negotiating position and facing a defined adversarial negotiator.

Pres. Trump traveled to Hanoi prepared with their own, American, negotiating position and expecting the calculated NoKo negotiating position.

But, when Pres. Trump arrived at the Summit, the House Dims back home undermined his negotiating strength by placing a liar de convenance in the world’s limelight to undermine Pres. Trump.

Socialist Dimocrats have demonstrated repeatedly that they are politically savvy and astute. This was no accident. Their intent to sabotage Pres. Trump and his negotiations with North Korea at the Hanoi Summit was preplanned, deliberate and stone-cold calculated to embarrass and undermine Pres. Trump — and America was merely acceptable peripheral damage!

This changed the negotiating calculus in two ways: undermining Pres. Trump’s negotiating position while Socialist NoKo enjoyed a gift advantage from American Socialist Demwits. Hmmm.

No doubt, the Dims will attempt to rebut this as minuscule. But in these delicate negotiations to prevent a nuclear apocalypse on America, minuscule is not insignificant! Any competent negotiator would refuse to absorb this undermined position and defer negotiations until the disadvantage is eliminated.

That’s precisely what Pres. Trump and his negotiating entourage did!

Today’s House Socialists Demowit form of McCarthyism recklessly risked a potentially apocalyptic gamble, traitorously risking inviting a nuclear confrontation with NoKo, for pure politically-directed hatred of Pres. Trump. That’s “Democrat McCarthy-like Socialist Collusion”!

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