Nationalist v Globalist Too Complex For Humanzees

(See also “Torah-centric Egalitarian Pluralism In Israel”Torah-centric Egalitarian Pluralism In Israel)

Deep Diving the Rift Between Israeli & American Jews

Precision In Terms Prerequisite To Communication

Trump says “nationalist” meaning “America as a nation in contrast to globalism” but much of the audience hears the same term that, to them, means “white nationalist neo-Nazis”.

Sloppy – undisciplined, not logic based – use of terms contributes to the rising wave of violence in America and threatens to bring the same violence to Israel. The fact a term “has always been used this way” is no defense for misuse of terms, nor the irresponsible incitement that often results.

The Van Nest Principle

Back in 1971, Mensa Canada Magazine published my first article on this topic: The Van Nest Principle. The Van Nest Principle was later cited in a speech by Dr. Kokie Leshno at Tel Aviv University before then Secretary of State George P. Shultz (1982-89). The Van Nest Principle states:
“Communication is a prerequisite to understanding,
Understanding is a prerequisite to respect, and
Respect is a prerequisite to peace.”

Today, it’s become imperative to update the principle I authored almost half a century ago. Accordingly, I offer the updated Ben-David Principle:

“Precise, mutually understood terms are a prerequisite to communication,
Communication is a prerequisite to understanding,
Understanding is a prerequisite to respect, and
Respect is a prerequisite to peace.”

“Way of Life” v Economics v Security

Reaching to grasp today’s international political complexities, Daniel PipesDaniel Pipes bio coins the term “civilizationalist.”Commentary Magazine: Europe’s Civilizationalist Parties suggests the term “civilizationalists”, rather than “nationalist” (as Trump uses) to describe political entities that represent a combination set of:

  1. particular “Way of Life” mores, including values and ideals,
  2. a basic economic philosophy
  3. with an identity-unique and geo-unique security reality.

While precision in communication is prerequisite to solving problems, so is consideration for the many who have difficulty parsing obscure new – and long – words. A shorter equivalent to sum up the composite meaning may be simply “the Way”; i.e. the American Way in contrast to, inter alia, the Canadian Way, the Chinese Way – and the precursor to “Judaism”: Dërëkh י‑‑ה.

Some Terms Invite Miscommunication

For communication to be effective, we must be aware of what we are not aware of. That is, we cannot know what miscommunications we may be fomenting by using imprecise, even misleading, terms. These unknown conflicts might be solvable if communications were mutually understood more clearly. We cannot know until we introduce disciplined precision to our terms and communications.

“Anti-Semitism” — means against Semites, not against Jews. This seemingly deliberate misuse covers a multitude of inconvenient truths (e.g. who is a “Jew”? “Semites” covers-over that problem while uncovering other potholes), many of which probably won’t be evident or solved until precision is introduced.

Judeophobic is equally misleading. Neo-Nazis, white nationalists, etc. are certainly NOT “afraid” of Jews!

Miso-Judaism“, by contrast, is precise and unequivocal — perhaps why deliberate obfuscaters refuse to adopt it.

When communicating about a rift between Israel and non-Israeli Jews around the world, erroneous words promote miscommunication of implications to both Israeli Jews and Jews outside of Israel.

Diaspora refers to Exiled Jews; under forcible foreign rule. This isn’t the case with any Jews today. Even the Jews in Yemen and Ethiopia have returned to Israel. Jews outside of Israel today are there voluntarily: Tᵊphutz•âh Jews, not Diaspora Jews. Might this gap in meaning hold some solutions to conflicts we haven’t even recognized that divide Jews today? We cannot know what we do not know. But we can introduce disciplined precision to our communications in a better effort to communicate; for example, when trying to resolve the rift between Israeli and American (and other Tᵊphutz•âh Jews).

Perusing the comments in Israel’s 2nd-most popular news outlet to an op-edMishael Zion: As an Israeli, I am proud to be an American Jew‏ authored by an American Jew in the wake of the Pittsburgh massacre, exposes the perpetual resurfacing of the scum of Israel’s grassroots envious loathing of American Jews.

Practically all Israeli-Jews, of all persuasions, arrogantly and sanctimoniously equate Jews and Israeli-Jews as pure-blooded, genealogical and genetically pure East-European Ashkenazim. Israeli Ashkenazim Jews even segregate themselves from Israeli Sepharadim Jews they view as an inferior class. While Chief Rabbi Lau toned down the rhetoric in the wake of the Pittsburgh Massacre, contrary to English mistranslations widely reported by Israeli news outlets,Andrew Silow-Carroll (2018.10.30): What Israeli Chief Rabbi David Lau really said about the Pittsburgh shooting don’t even think about Teimanim Jews, Eidot ha-Mizrakh Jews, Russian Jews, Ethiopian Jews or non-American English-speaking Jews – but most emphatically, in private this large segment of sanctimonious Israeli Jews reject wholesale “American heretics” (i.e. American Jews) as “gentiles” and their temples as fake synagogues. Often, radicals even ignorantly refuse to distinguish American Jews — even some American Orthodox Jews — from Christians (Messianic Jews)!

Beyond their innate racism, Israelis ignore the most basic and obvious facet of American and Israeli-American Jews: we’re as heritage-proud American as we are heritage-proud Jews! European-assimilated Ashkenazim and Sepharadim are NOT, in ANY way, more authentic, legitimate than, nor superior to, American or other modern Jews! Historically and archeologically faithful Originalist, and Teimanim, Jews are the most authentic!

  1. י‑‑ה works His Will through His people, not Dark Ages superstitious hocus-pocus. There would be no Israel without Israel’s first American-Israeli General & Chief of Staff David Daniel “Mickey” Marcus organizing and disciplining the rag-tag, rival guerrilla bands into a functioning army with an effective strategy. The IDF began, derives from and is the legacy of the American-Israeli first General and Chief of Staff.
  2. USA was the first country to recognize Israel
  3. USA is Israel’s greatest and most powerful ally
  4. USA was the first country to recognize Yᵊrushalayim as Israel’s capital.
  5. USA was the first country to move their embassy to Yᵊrushalayim as Israel’s capital
  6. The IAF depends upon American F-16s and F-35s for its existence. You can argue Dark ages lensed perspective of a handwavium “God” all you want. But the Creator-Singularity of the universe, י‑‑ה, has always accomplished His Will through the logical and scientific advance of His People. American-Jews are an integral, proud, vital, essential, critical — and pivotal — element of His People.

Too many illiterate Israelis are arrogantly and sanctimoniously hypocritical and mired in Dark Ages, blind — racist — mindsets, parroting mindless chatter. But your mothers told you that you’re glorious geniuses. Khutzpah! הָעוֹלָם הִשְׁתַּנָּה (mundus mutatus; the world has changed)!


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