Putin Celebrating America’s Stupidity!

1995-07-yerushalayim-kotel-abba-250x165Russia, along with a host of other enemies of the U.S., have initiated intel campaigns against American presidential candidates since at least before I was an intel analyst in the USAF Intelligence Agency (then Security Service) in the early 1960s.

After a lengthy battery of screening tests and full life history investigation, I was granted Top Secret, Crypto, Codeword national security clearance—the U.S. had no secret above my clearance as long as my job incurred the need for me to know. Through an unlikely series of events, I found myself assigned to the eastern hemisphere headquarters nexus (which included the USSR, along with the rest of the hemisphere), initially assigned the usual “newbie” familiarization—doing shift-work, hands-on shuffling ALL of the incoming intel traffic, which, in that pre-computer screen era, involved paper print-outs. For months, in order to determine where to direct the individual pieces of traffic, I scanned ALL of the incoming intel traffic, of all levels of security classification, that came into the headquarters from all over the eastern hemisphere. I discovered that the real world is vastly different than what the media depicts.

And that was back in the day when, unlike today, news reporters were real journalists, making a real effort to dig out and report truth objectively. Today, media organizations mold “raw data” to their respective political agendas and don’t even deserve to be called news organizations. Today’s media writers simply look for pieces of sentences that they can misconstrue to make their agenda seem plausible and true—fake news!

Down at that bottom level of intel gathering intercepts, the analysts were, and I’m confident still are, well-trained, 100%, red, white & blue, American patriots doing their job honorably and competently.

But, when intent is absent in raw data about some activity, a huge gap always develops between the raw data and what American politicians decide to read into its meaning—which has routinely proven completely wrong.

Take Russia’s motivation on gathering intel about America’s presidential candidates, for example. Russia wanted to know all it could find out about the potential pros and cons, relative to Russia’s interests and ambitions, of each presidential candidate. While it should be rudimentary, conspicuous public debates in the U.S. demonstrate that it’s critical to point out that the questions of interest to the Russians are different than the questions obsessing American politicians. Campaign rhetoric aside, how strong and intransigent would each candidate be against Russian interests and adventures? What effect will each candidate’s non-public, inner views have on Russian plans and interests, which will dictate Russian counter-pressures to each respective candidate? There is a long list, but this should be enough to demonstrate that Russian interests in gathering intel about American presidential candidates bears no resemblance to the American political reinterpretations—fake news—being thrown around American politics today.

The Russians haven’t limited themselves to presidential candidates, nor only during American election campaigns. It’s been going on since long before I was an intel analyst. Russians have also hacked American military interests and business organizations. So have the Chinese, Iranians, North Koreans and probably about 150 other countries. HRC’s and other DNC emails were spoofed (users giving away their passwords to phishers). HRC & Democrats lost the election. But what’s missing is cause-effect evidence connecting the raw data—the actual evidence—to the preposterously vapid American misperceptions that, instead of the real-world interests and aims of Russian intelligence along the lines I outlined above, a Hollywood-version of Russians decided they could manipulate American voters and the American elections.

This flies in the face of the incontrovertible evidence that the party that concealed truth from American voters was the Democrats’ campaign , not some evil Russian intel campaign, while the evidence being “blamed” on the Russians turns out to have been simply exposing truth to the American voters!!!

Far more critically, let’s look at the Russian—not Hollywood’s version of Russian—motivation in this.

It’s clear that the raw data went something like a conversation between a top Russian intel general and his superior, a Putin aide:
[Gen.] “Our activities this period produced varied results. Attempts to infiltrate the American RNC were unsuccessful. However, we were able to infiltrate the DNC and we hit a goldmine like Russia has never seen before, presenting opportunities we’ve never seen before. We discovered that America’s SS, HRC, has been conducting her official communications, including her classified communications, on her own, personal, unsecured server. We’ve been able to acquire all of her files, including a wealth of American national secrets beyond our dreams. This is cause for great celebration as it appears that HRC is a sure winner in this election and that will provide us with blackmail evidence enabling Russia to control and manipulate the future president HRC.”
[Putin aide] “Well done, Gen. Throw yourself and your group a fitting celebration. Now we must make sure that we do what we can to ensure that the candidate we can blackmail wins. Find what you can to expose anything embarrassing about Trump and pay trolls to flood Facebook and Twitter with anti-Trump allegations and accusations. Encourage and pay inciters to fan the flames of anti-Trump hatred among anti-capitalist revolutionaries in the U.S. HRC must win!”

There is NO scenario more compelling to Russian interests than the dream of having their own puppet in the White House. To ignore this motivation and intent is to project the stupidity of American politicians on Putin and the Russians. There could have been no greater catastrophe for Russian intelligence than for someone to release their treasured blackmail goldmine to the public! Someone, aware of Russia’s biggest intel goldmine ever, and aware of the existential threat it represented to America, leaked the Russian blackmail treasure—transforming the blackmail into useless public knowledge!

The bottom-level American intel analysts, where the raw data meets the American spook, likely receive, translated and passed along raw Russian traffic something like the above. But when the translation reached top levels, where intel meets politicians, something magically political happens: the analysis turns from Russian (Chinese, N. Korean, Iranian, Pakistani, Saudi, etc.) perspective to American political perspective.

The idea that the Russians would have opposed socialist Democrats and their poster “Reset Girl,” whom Russians have found easy to push around for 8 years, taking the Crimea, etc, is nothing more than a silly, socialist agenda-ized diversion fabricated upon a collection of fake news. Putin has always gotten his way with the Obama admin, which consistently, and dependably, capitulated on phony “red lines” so that Putin had every reason to expect that he would continue to have his way with “reset girl” for Obama 3.0. Defying all of the fake news, there’s no doubt that HRC was Putin’s girl while Trump, by EXTREME contrast, represented (and still represents) for Russia and Putin an almighty and unknown change. There is NO way that Trump could possibly have been Putin’s candidate! To defy this reality is consummately fake news based on Russian disinformation.

Moreover, the information was taken from HRC’s UNSECURED personal servers. It was HRC, not Russians, who transferred classmats into the unsecured public domain. The “hack” of HRC’s or Podesto’s accounts required the technical knowledge of today’s 8th grade computer geek. To swallow the line that an 8th grade level hack, leaving behind 8th grade level fingerprints, was the work of Russia’s cyber-warfare unit is brainless and laughable. On top of that, the hacker was clumsy enough to leave 8th grade level fingerprints in Democrat accounts though skillful enough to leave no traces that RNC accounts were hacked at all. A glaring oxymoron!

Anyone who was involved in commenting in the Facebook pages of WaPo, NYT, Huffington Post, MSNBC and the like during the election campaign can attest that scores of anonymous trolls spewed unbridled, baseless slander and hate, unconstrained by truth, against Trump and Republicans, NOT against HRC! This was so extreme that the racist hate and fear unleashed by these deeply-covert Russian-sponsored activists and trolls still continues to smolder and drive hate crimes today, even after the election is over. Another win for the Russians and cause for Russian celebrations.

The hack may have been carried out by a Russian but, if so, by an 8th grade level Russian amateur hacker group. If the only evidence turns out to be Russian malware, in many cases that could be uploaded and implemented by anyone from the darkweb. That would NOT be evidence of Russians hacking American political parties relative to the election (much less actually hacking the election, which practically everyone concedes did NOT happen). The hack could just as easily been carried out by any hacker in the world, from any bedroom or office, deliberately leaving hints that it was “the Russians” in hopes of throwing trackers off the scent. Russians are NOT that stupid!!! To rely on unspecified sources offering no evidence is agenda-ized propaganda disguised as news reports—fake news.

All of the more recent evidence from recounts is showing that Trump won by bigger margins than the initial vote showed; and rampant corruption and election irregularities—where HRC had more votes than there are voters in the district (no wonder she won the popular vote!)—are turning up in primarily Democratic voting districts—HRC country. Without HRC’s primary “popular” vote in California, with its core of election fraud of non-citizen illegals voting on a mass scale and each voting umpteen times; untold phony “popular votes” for HRC, she probably lost the popular vote as well!!!.

Meanwhile, the “17 security agencies” are scurrying back under their rocks, refusing to stick to the “anonymous sources” story in front of the House Intelligence Committee (http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/12/14/intel-panel-nixes-briefing-on-alleged-russian-interference-in-us-election-after-resistance.html)

A non-partisan and thorough investigation is a good idea—along with following up on prosecution of HRC’s criminal actions while SSOTUS. Evidence continues to mount for HRC to serve even more time in jail along with a large group of her corrupt cronies—especially her husband, Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Huma Abedin, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Donna Brazile and John Podesta—who are the actual purveyors of disinformation, who still struggle to pervert and undermine confidence in the American election in order to undermine and sabotage American voters’ choice and return socialist Democats to power by hook or crook. It’s the Democrats, stupid; not the Russians! The Russians would love nothing better than having malleable Democrat fellow-socialists back at America’s helm, and they will be helping the Democrats in every covert way they can without attracting attention.

Russian anti-Democrat theories are riddled with contradictions. Russian anti-Trump and anti-Republican propaganda trolls in social media, by contrast, explains that and goes on to even explain the continuing (covertly Russian driven) incitement of the Democrat base to continue, even after the election with no end, spewing hate, slander, infiltrating illegal anti-American aliens into America and inciting kill-cops anarchy, violence, and revolution in the American population.

Putin surely celebrated when Russia acquired blackmail on HRC; then cried when someone turned it into useless trash. But now Putin is once again laughing as their fellow-socialist Democrats turn it all on its head in their Hollywood-style, bizarro parallel dark universe delusion-bubble of hate-driven, anarchy and revolution, anti-law and order, anti-Trumpism. American stupidity empowers Putin and the Democrats to turn their blackmail-treasure turned to soured-lemons into lemonade; convincing American Democrats to obstruct our next president at every turn, restricting him, and hand-cuffing him. Putin and his comrades lift their goblets of champagne and laugh at the simpleton American Democrats and Hollywood celebrities.

See also: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2017/01/07/was-fridays-declassified-report-claiming-russian-hacking-2016-election-rigged.html


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