Israeli Jews News Re: Pittsburgh miso-Judaic Massacre

Israel National News (Arutz Sheva) Reports Pittsburgh Jewish Community Blames & Repulses Pres. Trump

The Pittsburgh Jewish community, being first and foremost anti-Trump Democrats, harp the Democrat socialist line – blaming Trump for the hate massacre. “A number of officials in the Pittsburgh Jewish community wrote an open letter to US President Donald Trump asking him not to come to the city to attend ceremonies commemorating the 11 victims of the massacre at the Tree of Life Synagogue.”

“WASHINGTON — A group of liberal Pittsburgh Jewish leaders wrote an open letter to US President Donald Trump Sunday telling him he bears responsibility for a deadly shooting at a synagogue in the US city. “

The Times of Israel reports, from AFP, “Letter from [Jewish group] Bend the Arc urges president to denounce white nationalism first, says synagogue massacre was ‘the direct culmination of your influence’

According to their website (, Bend the Arc partners with, inter alia, CAIR (see Doubtless, CAIR is one of the secret “two American Muslim NGOs… [behind the] Muslim-initiated crowdfunding campaign [that] raised over $60,000… for the victims of [the] weekend synagogue massacre in Pittsburgh”.

Next, the Pittsburgh Democrat-Jews will display khu•tzᵊp•âh when American (and Israeli) Republicans and their Israeli Right sympathizers and supporters repulse Reform & Conservative “Jews” who are Liberal Left Socialists, not really Jews.

Update i24 (& other) Israeli English Mistranslations

2018.11.03 – The English transations reported below by various Israeli news outlets weren’t properly vetted. (I can’t translate fast enough to vet them myself. While I can translate Hebrew at a very slow pace, for timely news, I’m dependent on English translations.) A corrected report was published by JTAAndrew Silow-Carroll (2018.10.30): What Israeli Chief Rabbi David Lau really said about the Pittsburgh shooting

Israeli Chief Rabbi Declares Jewish “Center” Not a “Synagogue”

i24 TV News & ârëtz report this morning that the Ash•kᵊnazim Chief Rabbi of the Ra•bân•ut Yisrael Meir Lau of Israel “Refuses to Call Pittsburgh Massacre Site a Synagogue Because It’s non-Orthodox.” Instead, he calls it ‘a place with profound Jewish flavor.’

Israel Ambassador to the US: Don’t Blame Trump

Israel National News (Arutz Sheva) Reports: ” “To pin this all at the foot of President Trump is wrong. I very much appreciate, and the Prime Minister of Israel appreciated his strong condemnation of anti-Semitism yesterday.” “What I think has to happen is that people across the political spectrum should stand together against this hate and they shouldn’t just call out anti-Semites on the other side of the political aisle. They have to call out anti-Semites on their own side of the political aisle,” stressed the Israeli Ambassador.”

Israel ha-Yom: Accusing Trump of fostering violence is incitement

“If you believe President Trump’s “discourse of hate” is to blame for the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, then you must also believe that the absolute silence over the many anti-Semitic incidents under the previous president also played a significant role.” — a must read @

And the rift cum gaping chasm between Israeli and American Jews widens dramatically. (Solution:


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