The Bathroom Wars

Update 2018.08.13: Where I use the term “intersex”, the phrase “gender nonbinary” is also logically accurate (if based on a medical reality rather than mere trendy claim).

toilet 2nd-century Roman Ostia 250x156

Roman Mixed-Gender Toilets

The U.S. Supreme Court just declined ruling on a “bathroom battle,” sending the controversy back to the lower courts to further stew.

The “bathroom wars” are an increasingly formi­dable is­sue looming over Israel as well as heading to America’s Supreme Court. This is a seemingly simple, yet deceptive­ly com­plex, “nesting doll” problem of con­troversy, gift-wrapped in hateful incite­ment, boxed in arguments of malformed religious v so­cial v psychomedical defini­tions, enshrouded in misinformation, en­veloped in ignorance, en­cased in bigotry, then sealed-up and cloud­ed over in irrat­ional fear and hate.

Resolving “nesting dolls” problems often re­quires exam­ining seemingly unrelated is­sues and definitions that only later reveal themselves to be intercon­nected and es­sential to grasp the overall integral solution. That is the case in the bathroom wars controver­sy, where am­biguous, sometimes oxy­moronic, definitions have evolved misconcep­tions that ob­scure any view of the true relationship among the various, seemingly unre­lated, conun­drums. Yet, each doll must be well-formed be­fore all of the other doll elements will nest togeth­er prop­erly. The reader will likely need to be hardy, determined and enduring to wind through all of the essential ele­ments in order to piece together the solution at the end without relying on internal mistaken and misleading assump­tions and jumping to wrong conclusions prema­turely.

While many goyim (“peoples”) relegate ancient Torâh society of Yisᵊrâeil (Israel) and Yᵊhudim (Jews) in Yᵊhudâh (Judæa) to the age of the di­nosaurs, the startling re­ality is that, in many respects of values and moral compass, today’s so­ciety seems not yet to have fully recovered from the knowledge losses consequent to Hel­lenism (B.C.E. 175) and the Ro­man Empire followed by Dark Ages, Medieval and Nazi Europe.

An Anecdote

Back in early 1980s Orlando, a desperate mother came to me begging me to counsel her teen daugh­ter with great urgency, which can signal a potential suicide. The mother would tell me only that it was a “personal matter” and that she had exhausted everyone and everything, including the medical community and psychologists. But no one had been able to help. I agreed to try to help, pro bono.

At the appointed time, a late-teen arrived dressed and appearing like a somewhat-effeminate male truck driv­er or construction worker — the “daughter” I’d agreed to treat.

Dissonance between the femaleness imposed on the teen by parents (in concert with the medical and psychological communities) for a lifetime versus the overall predominantly mascu­line appearance, dress, grooming and demeanor, appearing to indicate the teen’s male gender self-identity, clearly demon­strated an unre­solved question of biomedical gender, which needed to be resolved, biomedi­cally, before I could determine even what direction to proceed to help (rather than likely further hinder) the teen. This posed the question, which needed to be answered from the biomedical record, whether this teen might have been surgically forced, at birth, into a gender identity that didn’t fit thus condemning this teen to a lifetime nightmare. What were the chromosomal, genetic and hor­monal factors contributing to the teen’s situation? Were perhaps unwanted medical factors still on­going and affecting the teen, which caused the teen to fear further medical involvement? Any physical, biological, barriers to the teen’s goals had to be recognized, addressed and resolved.

After all that this teen had been through, my request for the teen’s permission to access the personal medical record met with an ironclad refusal in no uncertain terms to, in any way, re-involve the medical community that, in the view of the teen, had ruined that teen’s entire life. With­out ac­cess to the medical record, it was impossible to logically assess even the right direction to be­gin. Unlike the paid medical and psychologist doctors, who had taken money to create and ex­acerbate the damage in the first place, without the medical facts as a starting point there was no way any responsible person could help. The best any responsible person could do in that situation (and how much better the teen would have been had the medical and psychologi­cal doctors followed this, their own, rule!) is do no harm and trust that teen, when puberty had approached, would have set his or her own proper personal life choices and life course in harmony with his or her own, self-developed, self-identity gender. (Accordingly, parents of intersex babies should decline irre­versible “corrective” or “preventive” remedial surgical intervention until near puberty when the tween’s own in­put can be pursued, promoting, instead of conflicting, the tween’s own, personal, self-identity.

The Biomedical Gender Spectrum,
Not Just Binary Male Or Female!

chromosome 46 860x400Gender Sometimes Presents Indeterminately At Birth

Virtually the entire public superficially, and mistakenly, “assumes” the universal convention that sex is determined binarily for everyone; either as female (by an XX chromosome 46 pairing) or a male (by an XY chromosome 46 pairing) – like our high school (and, until recently, col­lege) biology courses taught. However, millions of peo­ple are born within an infinite spectrum of other combinations that don’t fit the definition of ei­ther male nor female.

genital tubercle (soc hawaii edu) 185x157For the first 5 weeks of pregnancy, both male and fe­male genitalia devel­op from the same initial or­gan: the genital tubercle, which presents in a fetus around the 4th week of pregnan­cy. Beginning around the 7th week, normally, a com­bination of chromosomes (usually confined to 46), genes and hor­mones then either arrests the develop­ment of the genital tubercle to become the cli­toris, vagina, womb and ovaries of a girl or caus­es the genital tubercle to continue growing into the penis, scrotum and testi­cles of a boy — with an infinite spectrum of in­determinate, intersex, combina­tions in-between: intersexes (biologi­cally gender-indeterminate).

The gender spectrum between ≈.9cm (⅜” ≈9mm) and ≈2.54cm (1″ ≈25mm) is infinite. Like the color spectrum, for most people it’s easy to distin­guish red from vio­let, green and yellow. Yet, when one scrutinizes closely, at any and every point in the spectrum, neighbori­ng colors blur and become indistinguishable. The color spec­trum is infinite in its shades. The same is true of the gender spec­trum! It’s easy, and great, to dis­tinguish male from fe­male. But if you could line up the en­tire spec­trum, at any given point you couldn’t distinguish genderi (with clitoris/pe­nis length i) from genderj (with clitoris/penis length j), where i and j may differ by as little as a subatomic particle.

What Happened To Roman-Style Public Social Bathrooms?

Unsurprisingly, European historians have heralded achievements of European civilizations while minimizing the contributions of Mediterranean civilizations. However, the engineering knowledge essential for maintaining Rome’s public bathrooms disappeared by the beginning of the Dark Ages, accentuating the long intellectual erosion and eventual collapse of the anti-science, Hellenist-Christian Roman Empire.

If historians were to graph math and science knowledge in the Roman Empire over time it would likely ascend from the beginning of Classical Antiquity, in B.C.E. 4th century, until the death of Herod the Great, with his achievements, at the end of B.C.E. 1st century Judaea – when Rome began a crushing suppression of Torâh Yᵊhudim in Judaea that culminated in expulsions in 70 C.E. and 135 C.E. Such a graph might clarify the significance of Torâh and the Yᵊhudim of Judaea. The ancient Torâh culture of Israel & the Yᵊhudim of Judea was the zenith of classical civilization. Accordingly, input from the Jews’ Torâh authoritatively illuminates modern civilization concerning ancient attitudes toward gender and enlightens those who are frequently misled by Hellenized and Christianized translations because they cannot read Hebrew or relate to the ancient Judaic perspective of its authors. Predictably, Rome’s, and Roman Christianity’s, treatment of Torâh Yᵊhudim in Judaea sealed the fate of the Hellenist Roman, and Hellenist Roman Christian, Empire.

The take-over of the anti-science, Hellenist-Christian Roman Empire by the Barbarians further plunged Europe into the Dark Ages, into an eon of de­generation from the long-gone cultural zenith of ancient Torâh Israel and the Yᵊhudim of Judea, whom the Romans had vanquished.

Hellenist Christian Europe then mired in the supersti­tious swamp of Medieval Era mysticism until descending into the abyss of the Nazi Reich. In the historical time scheme, to­day’s societies and cultures around the world are only now emerging from these degeneracies, still recovering and only beginning to grasp the relevance and importance of Torâh.

The Bible On Gender, Homosexuality & Perversion

Though lacking much of today’s scientific knowledge with its resulting technology, the ancient Judaic thinkers didn’t confine them­selves to binary thinking about gen­der. The Bible distinguished a third, or intersex, gender called סָרִיס (sâ•reesꞋ; blurred variously in English distortions as a eunuch, a chamberlain, an official, an officer or a court officer).

Torâh defines 5 terms to describe gender:

  • זָכָר (zâ•khârꞋ) – male
  • נְקֵבָה (nᵊqeiv•âhꞋ) – female
  • אִישׁ (ish) – a man; an adult human person expressing זָכָר (zâ•khârꞋ; a male) characteristics
  • אִשָּׁה (ish•âhꞋ) – a woman; an adult human person expressing נְקֵבָה characteristics
  • סָרִיס (sâ•reesꞋ) – intersex and eunuch (who were respected, treated with dignity and often held positions of authority)

Consequent to the Hellenization of the Tzᵊdoq•imꞋ (Hellenized to “Sadducees”), the Pᵊrush•imꞋ (Hellenized to “Pharisees”) of Ta•lᵊmudꞋ further distinguished:

  • טֻמְטוּם (toomᵊtoomꞋ) – intersex, indeterminate gender
  • אַנְדְּרוֹגִינִי (anᵊdᵊrō•gyn•iyꞋ) – androgyne (gender-indeterminate primarily male expressing feminine traits; an effeminate male)
  • אַיְלוֹנִית (ayᵊlōn•itꞋ) – אַיִל (aꞋyil; ram) -like woman, gynandro (gender-indeterminate primarily female expressing masculine traits; a manly female)

:ואת-זכר לא תשכב משכבי אשּה תועבה הוא

:ואיש אשר ישכב את-זכר משכבי אשּה תועבה עשו שניהם מות יומתו דמיהם בם

Thinking they cite תנ”ך (Tanakh; the Bible), goyim, who cannot read Hebrew, cite, instead, some Hellenized (Greek-sourced and Christianized) English-synthesized translation of the תּוֹרָה (Tōr•áhꞋ; Instruction; not “law” – which is neither “Old” [i.e., not superseded] nor a “Testament”). Translations are Hellenized (into Greek in their idolatrous perspective), then either Christianized (from Greek to another language) or Islamized (from Greek to Arabic, then to another language). Consequent­ly, every translation is occasionally seriously unJudaic and, therefore, misleading. For example, while רָצַח (rá•tzakh; murdering) is prohibited in the 10 Commandments; the universally cited prohibition “Thou shalt not kill” (הָרַג [há•rag]; e.g., self-defense, war, etc.) is not in Tōr•áhꞋ!

What the oft-cited Tōr•áhꞋ prohibition (cf. wa-Yi•qᵊráꞋ [“and/then he called/read out“, Hellenized to “Leviticus”] 18.22 & 20.13) forbids, defining it as a תּוֹעֵבָה (tō•eiv•áhꞋ; depravity, abomination), is a prime example! Tōr•áhꞋ proscribes an אִישׁ (ish; a man) from laying with a זָכָר (zâ•khârꞋ; a male) like an אִשָּׁה (ish•âhꞋ; a woman) does.

Neither passage mentions a סָרִיס (sâ•reesꞋ; an intersex), nor any of the categories that are later discussed in Ta•lᵊmudꞋ.

(Remember, too, that even if the act met the Scriptural definition of a homosexual act, it could not be prosecuted unless the act itself was eye-witnessed by three Tōr•áhꞋ Yᵊhudim of good reputation — not merely a vigilante opinion of an odd appearance, dress or gait! Beyond this, even if it was prosecuted, that could only be done through a Beit Din court; never by vigilante “street justice”. Consequently, as a practical matter apart from fanatics of displacement theologies relying on misleading translations, capital punishment could not have been adjudicated except in extraordinarily rare (if ever), conspicuously flagrant lewd exhibitionism. With rare exception, eye-witnesses would not have been privy to “what happened in a bedroom, which stayed in the bedroom”.)

But, even in the extraordinary event that a sexual act is eye-witnessed by three Tōr•áhꞋ Yᵊhudim of good reputation, a Biblical סָרִיס [sâ•reesꞋ; an intersex]) can neither be Biblically, nor biomedically, defined as hav­ing homo­sexual sex – neither with an אִישׁ (ish; a man) nor a זָכָר (zâ•khârꞋ; a male), nor (lesbian) an אִשָּׁה (ish•âhꞋ; a woman); since the סָרִיס (sâ•reesꞋ; an intersex) is neither אִישׁ (ish; a man) nor זָכָר (zâ•khârꞋ; a male) nor אִשָּׁה (ish•âhꞋ; a woman)!

Intermingle With Perverts, Be Stereotyped With Perverts

With whichever sex the intersex person most closely identifies, or to which sex the intersex person is sexually attracted, produces neither a male-male couple nor a female-female couple. Ergo, the intersex conundrum has nothing at all to do with homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, cross-dressing (how can an intersex cross-dress???), pedophilia nor any other immorality nor perverseness. The intersex bathroom conflict is a physical, biomedical conundrum of confronting the reality that different combinations of chromosomes, genes and hormones produce a trickle %age of babies who present as intersex at birth; falling between the conventional limits of physical measurements conventionally defining male from female.

As long as intersexes dress in gen­eral accordance with their biomedically defined gender (i.e., defined by biological scientists and the medical community, taking all physical factors into account, to define at least 3 sexes), neither can intersexes be defined as cross-dressers or transvestites just because they may look or dress a bit different than conventional males or females. Ergo, most intersex persons are, by Biblical and biomedical standards, neither homosexuals, nor lesbians nor any other kind of pervert! The ancient תנ”ך (Tanakh; the Bible) definition is superior to Hellenist, displacement theologies and even modern definitions to date!

Intersexes comprise a biomedical gender spectrum who are Biblically and biomedically neither male nor female. Accordingly, intersexes are no less moral and upstanding than equally moral and upstanding males and females. Accordingly, in­tersexes (as distinguished from homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, romantically deceiving transvestite cross-dressers, pedophiles, etc.) are de­serving of the same respect, dignity, protection and rights as defined herein as any other moral and upstanding male or female. Intersexes of integrity are different from males and females, not inferior!

In fact, it would facilitate affording intersexes appropriate dignity and respect if the intersexes found ways to distinguish, and separate, themselves from perverts who are routinely attracted to intermingle with them. This complements the need for intersexes to be as straightforwardly satisfied to literally wear their gender – as distinguishable from perverts as from males or females – as does the typical male and female. One way would be some unique aspect of intersex fashion or jewelry demonstrating genuine – modest, not lewd – pride (such as an insignia unique to intersex like the symbol I created for this article). By biomedically-defined intersexes differentiating themselves from either male or female, they deceive neither and earn dignity and respect like any male or female.

Why The Sudden Focus On Intersex?

At somewhere around 1.5% of the population, there are in America more than 5 million in­tersex peo­ple, many of whom, like an amputee or paraplegic in a wheelchair, cannot avoid their gender being as recognizable in a crowd as distinctly as a male or female. These are people, who have a legitimate problem of bathroom choice even more urgent than a social life. Their condition is often exacerbated by medi­cal intervention that was imposed on them at birth without ever having been consulted about who they are. The intersex is, thus, often a victim who had no part in the factors that produced their condition, which so many undiscerning simpletons find so in­furiating, no matter which bathroom the intersex chooses.

The problem has been inadvertently hidden from the public, and the numbers of resulting victimized intersex people wildly underestimated, due to a well-intentioned medical community who try to iden­tify the sex of each infant at birth – binarily constrained; either male or female.

Forced Cosmetic Surgical Intervention & Chemical Experimentation

Phall-o-meter actual size 300x265Beginning in the mid-19th century, psy­chologist Dr. John Money (1921–2006) theorized that genitalia (as presented at birth) falling within the illustrated indeterminate (or­ange, intersex) length would simply be pruned back in a cos­metic (!) clitoral reduction surgical pro­cedure and be de­clared thereafter a female. (National Geographic documentary Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric).

If, at birth, an infant’s genitalia ≥1″ (25.4mm), doctors accept that the in­fant is male. Simplistically, even barbarically however, if the infant presents a phallus measuring more than ⅜” (9.525mm) but <1" (25.4mm) at birth, well-intentioned doctors elevated themselves into fallible gods. Taking no account of any other physical, chromo­somal nor hormonal factors, Dr. Money, in the 1950s, introduced the practice of surgeons urging parents to opt for cosmetic surgical intervention (clitoral reduction) in such cases. Their solution was to prune it back to ≤⅜" (9.525mm), declare the in­fant female and subject the indeterminate→penectomied infant to estrogen hormonal treatment! (And you thought circumcision was cosmetic and questionable?)

Pity the infant who, at birth, is chromosomally and hormonally male with a ⅞" (22.225mm) genitalia; or the baby who is chromosomally and hor­monally female with a 1⅛" (28.575) genitalia — and all those on the intersex gender spectrum in-between!

While statistically small, population numbers are so large that even the small percentage who fall between ⅜" (9.525mm) and 1" (25.4mm) represents a sizable group of inde­terminate sex people – and they deserve a proper bathroom choice (whatever that turns out to be) no less than you or me.

Chromosomal-Hormonal & Neuroscience Intersex Gender Identity: Sex In The Brain

Recent Science

“In 1990, while at the University of Cambridge, Peter Goodfellow discovered SRY, a gene on the Y chromosome hailed as the “master switch”. Just one base pair change in this sequence would produce a female instead of a male…” (Lehrman, “Going beyond X and Y”, Scientific American)

But studies by Vilain and others have shaped a more complex picture. Instead of turning on male de­velopment directly, SRY works by blocking an “antitestis” gene, he proposes…” (Lehrman, “Going beyond X and Y”, Scientific American)

“Because researchers have long viewed the development of females as a default pathway, the study of profemale genes has taken a backseat. Over the past few years, though, geneticists have uncovered evidence for active female determination. DAX1, on the X chromosome, seems to start up the female pathway while inhibiting testis formation…unless the gene has already been blocked by SRY. With too much DAX1, a person with the XY complement is born a fe­male. Vilain’s group found that another gene, WNT4, operates in a similar way to promote the formation of a female. The researchers discovered that these two work together against SRY and other promale factors. ‘Ovary formation may be just as coordinated as testis determina­tion, consistent with the existence of an ovarian switch’, report geneticist David Schlessinger and his collaborators in a 2006 review in the journal Bioessays”. (Lehrman, “Going beyond X and Y”, Scientific American)

Paralleling the work of some neuroscientists, “Lately Vilain has been exploring molecular determinants of sex within the brain and whether they may be linked to gender identity. Despite classic dog­ma, he is certain that sex hormones do not drive neural development and behavioral differ­ences on their own. SRY is expressed in the brain, he points out, suggesting that genes influ­ence brain sexual differentiation directly”. (Lehrman, “Going beyond X and Y”, Scientific Ameri­can)

Thus, gender identity in the brain is physically and electro-chemically linked to physical, medical, sexu­al biology and each corroborates the other, for male, for female or for a spectral range of intersexes; the determination of which often depends on the amounts of testosterone to which a fetus is ex­posed in the womb.

Neuroscientists: Brain Is Plastic; Free-Will Overwrites The Brain, Changing Biology

While hormones can powerfully influence one’s choices (including sexual self-identification and pro­clivity), there is no compelling scientific evidence of any biological, physical, hard-wired pro­gramming that homosexuals claim dictates absolute control over one’s free-will! If that is the case, then prison funds for rehabilitation are wasted on an impossibility. And how could we blame pe­dophiles for being pedophiles, rapists from being rapists or serial murderers from being serial murders. “After all, God make [them] that way”?

To the contrary, neuroscientists have demonstrated the brain’s plasticity to re-engineer and re-config­ure itself, creating new neural pathways and disusing abandoned neural pathways, in electro-chemical accord with the free-will of a sentient person. This, in turn, thereby alters hormonal activity in a continuing cycle of subservience and reconforming to one’s free-will (choices). Thus, unlike mostly fixed chromosome-based, measurable physical features, the abstract world of hormonally-stimulated sexual (and other) feelings and attrac­tions – i.e., gender identity – is enabled and controlled by experience and envi­ronment. Accordingly, experience- and envi­ronment-driven electro-chemical elements in the physical brain can be overridden, and overwritten, by choice-driven (free-will driven) elec­tro-chemistry. You are not predestined. You have free will. Mentally, not only can you be, you are, and will become, what you choose, and will yourself, to be.

It is self-contradicting for homosexuals (who, by definition herein, are not intersex) to insist they are victims who are biologically “born homosexu­al”, helpless against “hard-wired” and “programmed” biological forces of homo­sexuality. It’s also self-contradicting for homosexuals to claim to be proud of being homosexuals while, simultaneously, fleeing the label “homosexual” by angrily insisting on the euphemism “gay”. Even homosexuals thereby acknowledge that gift-wrapping homosexuals in a deceptive euphemism is nothing more than lying to the public.

Hope On The Horizon

Biomedical Diversity Is Not Perversity

Yet, Legitimate Biomedical Definitions Currently Being Drowned By Pervert Poseurs

When upright intersexes allow themselves to be lumped in with the array of perverts who gather under the LHB… banner, the decent intersex spectrum, who should be afforded societal dignity and re­spect, is lost in an impossible lump of perverse predators that society cannot, and must not, tol­erate. To claim their proper rights, intersexes must disentangle themselves from the perverts to solve elements individually. But unlike LHB…s and cross-dressers, who, if properly classified, comprise biological males or females, intersexes are biologi­cally defined, by a unique combination of chromosomes and hormones independent of sexual attrac­tion or perversion, in an indeterminate gender spectrum – with legitimate bath­room needs and rights.

By riding on the coattails of intersexes for their veneer of legitimacy, however, LHB…s (along with pe­dophiles, rapists and assorted perverts) are dragging intersexes down by keeping the public from seeing the legitimate needs of an entire spectrum of biological gender.

Separating-out Perverts To Restore Dignity To Biomedical Intersexes

gender icon color 500x250

It is, clearly, in the interest of those who are biomedically intersex to actively avoid being lumped in with male or female ho­mosexuals (which includes lesbians), bisexuals or cross-dressers; categories that correctly apply only to male and female perverts, including pedophiles and rapists. Intersexes who allow themselves to be categorized with perverts perpetuate the public perception that in­tersex are perverts.

Unlike LHB…s, transvestites, pedophiles, rapists and the like, sexual-indeterminate intersexes on the bio­logical and medical gender spectrum repre­sent NO threat in whichever bathroom happens to be closest to their biomedical gender (as determined by the biomedical community, taking into account chromosomes and hormones as well as undefined intermediate lengths of geni­talia). Intersexes, as distinguished from male or female perverts, are neither a threat to you, nor to me nor to our children.

Increasingly, and thankfully, parents whose baby’s genitalia at birth fall in the indeterminate gender spectrum (between well-defined female and well-defined male) are refusing this optional and arbitrary, binary clitoral (?) reduction surgery until the child nears pu­berty, giving such children the opportunity to provide informed input in determining their own gender, sexual and social future.

So, how can society exclude LHB…s (and assorted hangers-on perverts) from bathrooms contra­dictory to their biomedically assigned gender while accommodating and respecting the legiti­mate needs of intersexes?

If intersexes disentangle themselves from LHB… and other perverts (transvestites, pedophiles, etc.), a biomedical definition solution might emerge to resolve the bathroom conundrum. Excluding LHB… immorality and perverseness cou­pled with educating the public about the biology of the gender spectrum enables reducing the problem to re­quiring that everyone’s IDs reflect the gender currently (!) assigned by medical certifi­cate as one of the three categories: Female, In­tersex or Male.

LHB…s who aren’t intersex should, likewise, be required to use the bathroom according to their biomedi­cally defined gender (which includes chromosomal and hormonal aspects) as required on all of their IDs as well – irrespective of their personal preference. Not all preferences are ac­ceptable. Biomedical distinctions, while they must take into account both genotype and pheno­type, must not permit that combined gender decision to be contradicted on the patient’s IDs by the patient’s personal preference.

Thus, one’s biomedically defined gender, required and prominently displayed on all of one’s IDs, rep­resents the best solution for everyone to inscribe in law and enforce.

So, Which Bathroom Do You Want An Intersex Use?

Illuminating Experiment – Drink a couple of glasses of tea or water. Now imagine yourself as physically in the intersex range, looking like a typical half-man, half-woman transvestite. You can even have an advan­tage that fixed-at-birth intersexes do not: you can choose with which sex you most closely identity and to which sex you feel sexually attracted. Now, before going to the bathroom, decide which public bath­room you’d use and consider what reaction you might provoke when you’re perceived by both males and females to be a transvestite, homosexual pervert! Inside a men’s bathroom, you might get severely beaten. Even headed toward the women’s bathroom, you might be deemed a preda­tor threat to someone’s wife or daughter and get severely beaten, perhaps even killed, just trying to go in to the bathroom. Now, like they must, hold it ’til you decide.

The most important consideration is to protect women by prohibiting anyone with a penis – irrespective whether male transvestite, male identifying as female, intersex or what­ever – in the women’s bathroom. This implies that anyone who wishes to use the woman’s bathroom must lack the conventional 2.54cm (1″) length constituting a penis, either naturally or surgically via penectomy; else use the men’s bathroom. This may imply symbols different from traditional gender symbols; i.e., requiring only 2 bathrooms, marked male v sim­ple circle, eliminating the need for 3rd bathrooms.

Within this iron-clad physical restriction, it isn’t relevant to bathroom choice how another dresses and grooms; no one is required to ap­prove anyone else’s appearance, but must be educated and required to be tolerant. (Outside the bathroom, a transvestite, including intersex, who romantically deceives and misleads vic­tims concerning their true gender represents a threat to society. Here, simple honesty is the remedy, and seems to work in India and Samoa. Such biomedical gender should be plainly verifiable on everyone’s biomedically certified ID. In any case, romantic gender deception is תּוֹעֵבָה (tō•eiv•áhꞋ; an abomination) and a separate matter from bathroom usage.)

This, combined with ad­vances in the medical community eliminating the obsession for binary sex determination, both at birth and pre-puberty, would enable the medical community to make the best determination which bathroom each intersex should use: women’s bathrooms would be a designated no-penis zone; regardless how one looks, dresses, grooms or self-identifies. All others would be required to use either a male or intersex bathroom.

Intersexes represent only 1%-2% of the population. While an Intersex bathroom will be necessary within reasonable distance and access to all (including disabled intersex facilities), each intersex bath­room will require accommodations (stalls, lavatories, etc. as appropriate) for less people, at less expense, per bathroom than the male and female bathrooms.


Unlike Pride Parades for LHB…s, an array that includes an unknown number of deliberately misidentified genders, intended to sexually deceive, along with simply prurient ex­hibitionists, which are a Biblically-defined תּוֹעֵבָה (tō•eiv•áhꞋ; abomination), upstanding and moral intersexes, by contrast, deserve dignity and should be proud of who they are, as created by our shared Cre­ator-Singularity. Again unlike LHB…s, some cultures – from ancient Judaism to Samoa to India – afford intersexes dignity and respect with which they have been endowed by our mutual Creator-Singularity.

This suggests the question: how does the public distinguish the morally upright intersex from the often similar-looking array of lewd perverts, from LHB…s to optative transvestites? Here, gender hon­esty with non-deceptive dress and grooming matter.

This brings up another core issue: intersex must become self-educated, and the public educated, to regard the biomedical and physical intersex matter-of-factly instead of emotionally; like a biomedical and physical amputee or a bio­medical and physical paraplegic: an unconcealed and obvious “physical distinction”, deserving of dignity and respect in their own right; not an optative and willful perversion to be ashamed of and concealed. In fact, shame, deception and concealment are often the intersexes’ self-inflicted ene­my: implying an admission that one is hiding perversity.

And that suggests another tough question, not limited to intersexes but for males and females: what is “proper dress” for an intersex? In no small measure, that also depends on “what’s left” after males and females claim their fashion styles. The unknown extent of confusion in the gender spectrum precludes determining to what extent, if any, male, intersex (or unisex) and female fashions reflect males, intersex and females. Without some very creative thinking, this leaves no room for uniquely intersex fashion styles. But, then again, the deliberately romantically, gender-deceptive perverts muddy gender differentiation that would allow true gender identity, self-respect and dignity to biomedical intersexes.

Who should tell you how you can dress? Whom among males or females should be fashion police for the intersex? A biomedically defined intersex who leans toward the feminine would be consistent in dressing like a woman just as a biomedi­cally defined intersex who leans toward the masculine would be consistent in dressing like a man. That’s probably what many do now.

On the other hand, if the intersex truly regarded them­selves as deserving of respect as an amputee, paraplegic or any other physical distinction, then, it it were me, I’d insist on dressing distinctively intersex; differentiated from both male and female, to make it clear I expected to be respected as an intersex self. “Gay pride” is optative perversity that is unalterably immoral, depraved and unacceptable forever. But Torah implies that intersexes of integrity are endowed with dignity by our mutual Creator-Singularity no less than males and females of integrity. By contrast, deceivers and perverts are deceivers and perverts. Ne’er the twain should be blurred.

Should Intersex Be Permitted To Marry?

I won’t avoid the difficult issues. While LHB… marriage is Biblically defined as perverse and prohibited, the intersexes are not similarly forbidden by the Bible. Certainly, their social or romantic rela­tionships are not prohibited by Torah and must not be discriminated by social or tax law. Whether their relationships are defined as “marriage” or something else is a separate and non-dependent matter of opinion, not fact, as, here again, the Torah defines several types of familial bondings.

Unlike homosexuals, optative transvestites and the like, If straightforward biomedical intersexes of integrity need and wish, they should have the opportunities to employ medical assistance to have children (considering that passing along inter­sex DNA is becoming a technically avoidable burden on children) or adopt. Again, while biomedically-defined (i.e., optative) homosexual parents are depraved couples who should not be able to adopt of be given medical opportunities to conceive artificially, there is no such compunction against straightforward intersexes of integrity.

The dark news is that we can’t predict the difficulty or time required to accordingly educate the public.


As difficult as it is likely to be, and as risky as it likely will feel to legitimate (biomedically validated, ID card carrying) intersexes to expel current non-intersex perverts, i.e., optative romantic deceivers, sympathizers, supporters and allies, it would appear essential for intersexes to separate-out from yourselves LHB…s, transvestites (who, by definition, are not intersex), lewd exhibitionists and other perverts who are often attracted to mingle among you. Only when you exclude them can you be distin­guished from them and afforded the dignity, respect, protections and rights that you de­serve as a a respected sibling child of our mutual Creator-Singularity.

Had these societal advancements occurred decades ago, it might have made a pivotal difference in the life of at least one patient who, as a result of being betrayed by both the medical and reli­gious communities, refused to become involved with them again. Perhaps some of these thoughts can improve the lives of today’s intersexes; by extension, thereby improving the lives of the male and female public in the process. Torah reigns!

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  5. I tried to access the last reference but the link goes to “We’re Sorry”, the page can’t be found. However, a search within the Scientific American website finds the article readily.


  6. למי אזנים לשמוע ישמע
    Way to defuse the bomb, remain true, and keep the door of חסד (kindness) open.
    כל הכבוד


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