How Can Israel Dissipate Miso-Judaic Hate And Succeed?


The Paradox —

Israel is a world leader in hi-tech, science and entrepreneurship.

The Jewish people feature Einstein at the head of a large host of eminent and Nobel scientists and authors of the Bible.

“Judaism”—the rabbinic interpretations of Tanakh—is endlessly mired in primal fears of Ultra-Orthodox rabbis’ Dark Ages angelology, demonology and superstitious poofium, which regards the Medieval mindset as modern reform, rejects science and mathematics as idolatry and insists that the earth is exactly 5777 years old! rolleyes2015x15


duck-quack-2-65x102Intelligent and educated modern realist Jews (i.e., Jews with a functioning brain) can never reconcile with anti-realist, anti-science Ultra-Orthodox rabbinic quacks intransigently mired in primal fears and superstition!

In ancient times, there were ancient muddlings confusing science and superstition. Over time, science has filtered out much of the superstition. While the quest should be to learn more about our Creator, as science does, clergies refuse science, intransigently living in their delusion-ghetto bubble—and belligerently, often violently, insisting everyone else do as well—because, threatening their set-in-stone superstitions, they rightly see science, logic and math—the real world—as their enemy. Because humans relegate religious matters as less important than worldly matters, they have left their religion to be defined by the least educated, least intelligent, most illiterate, least employable, most entitled and most parasitic elements of society.

Why Does The World Hate Judaism, And Its Product: Jews?

Miso-Judaism Results From Invalidation Of Displacement Religions—And, Therefore, Their Resulting “Eternal Salvation”

Avoiding This Religious Flashpoint Is Also The Raison D’Être Driving Secular & Non-Orthodox “Judaism” (Reinforced By Dark Ages, Anti-Science Mindsets Among Some Orthodox Rabbis)

The two displacement theologies are so much farther removed that they can never even approach Judaism to enter the arena of authenticity for useful discussion. However, while both displacement theologies are, indeed, false, their falseness doesn’t, a priori, authenticate today’s far-astray rabbinic excuse for Judaism that presumes to grant rabbis meta-divine authority “lᵊtzad ha-Sheim” (speaking beside, as a peer of ha-Sheim) to overrule Tanakh—the finest example of idolatry (cf., inter alia, Daniel 7.25; Hosheia 13.4; Yᵊshayahu 45.21-22).

The core implication of a displacement theology (e.g., Christianity and Islam) is that they replace and displace Judaism as authentic. It then follows that “not authentic” means a false religion, which is an enemy of “God“; ergo, Satanic—exactly the terms found in the vilifications of Judaism and Jews (especially when vilifying the Nᵊtzarim!) by the early Church and Islam!

Therefore (although it’s typically not immediately obvious to Christians or Muslims), whenever a Jew makes any claim that Judaism and Jews are religiously authentic, this simple claim unavoidably implies the invalidation of the supersession (i.e., invalidation) claim upon which every displacement religion depends. Thus, when Jews simply claim to be authentic, or that Torah is authentic, our simple claim to authenticity and the authenticity of Torah unavoidably implies that the supersession of the displacement religion is invalid—thereby invalidating their supposed eternal salvation plans. The mere claim of Jews and Torah to be authentic is, therefore, an existential threat to the eternal salvation of Christians and Muslims!

Invalidation of Christianity and Islam is then, rightfully, perceived by Christians and Muslims as as the destruction of their eternal “salvation.” I don’t know about Muslims (although there seems to be ample evidence in almost daily news), but nothing inflames Christian ire more than invalidation of their eternal “salvation.” Yet, the only way to avoid invalidating displacement “salvations” is to cease claiming that Torah is valid! This is not an option for any legitimate Jew.

The ONLY Remedy

Because of archeology (despite the continuing zealous efforts of Muslim bulldozers and explosives), Judaism has an irrepressible anchor in reality and history, lacked by either of the displacement theologies. But that isn’t suppressing miso-Judaism because, regardless of the truth and proof of Judaism, superstitious people will never be willing to abandon belief in their only hope, no matter how tenuous, in their personal, and family’s, eternal salvation. People will cling forever to even the most tenuous thread of belief that they have for eternal salvation, no matter how bizarre and contradictory to science, logic and the real universe. End of that story.

Clearly, the only solution involves updating the work of Avraham as a luminary thinker (and scientist) of his day: bringing the quest to relate to the universe and our Singularity-Creator out of the anti-scientific Dark Ages mentality into the modern scientifically-compatible real world. Only this provides that, rather than simply destroy hopes for eternal salvation without offering an alternative, we simultaneously explain the Torah-defined authentic original plan for eternal salvation (tᵊshuvah-enabled promise of kipur).

Just as there is a predominance of science- and math-accepting Jews, there are also a predominance of science- and math-accepting Christians, Muslims and other religions.

Therefore, it is essential to show scientifically-viable explanations (as the Nᵊtzarim have done in our website at and books), compatible with the real world and real universe of the real Singularity-Creator, for every passage of the Bible (Tanakh). From the eruption of the Santorini volcano causing the “10 Plagues,” to bringing interpretations of the creation into compatibility with science, to understanding how the sun “stood still” for Yᵊhoshua Bin-Nun (hint: the modern word meaning sun stand still is “solstice”). Only when Tanakh is understood as an intelligent and scientifically-compatible work will intelligent people begin to converge on it—simultaneously converging in agreement, and peace, with Israel—am and eretz.

The path of understanding Tanakh within the realm of logic, science and math shepherds all of these on a converging path of logic, science and math, leading to the Author of logic, science and math—exactly as the Nᵊtzarim prescribe in our home page (

The ONLY Key

Which way—anti-science or pro-science—that one interprets Tanakh is the singular lock that continues to lock “Judaism” out from any opportunity to dissipate miso-Judaism and enjoy a successful Israel in peace—both eretz and am.

The lone and unique key, introduced and advocated by the Nᵊtzarim (, is understanding and interpreting Tanakh the Way it was originally developed from the time of Avraham: the best logical and scientific understanding of the time, applied to the human quest to relate ourselves—in the real world and real universe (as opposed to some alternate, bizarro, cryptic human delusion-bubble)—to our Singularity Creator.

Instead of relating the science-compatible real world to a real Creator, however, the clergy of post-Biblical Judaism (and other religions) offer merely a human-imagineered fiction; having strayed into Egyptian, Hellenist, Dark Ages and Medieval idolatries and sometimes even vacating intrinsic Tanakh tenets when they were also claimed by the Church.

Pivotal Question

The pivotal question is: will Ultra-Orthodox rabbis and other clergies remain a tunnel to darkness, leading many into Dark Ages superstitious strayings and perversions of Torah? Or will the Nᵊtzarim restoration of the Torah vision of Avraham, the Nᵊviyim, Ribi Hileil and Ribi Yᵊhoshua the Mashiakh lead the Way to the scientific-, math- and logic-compatible Creator-Singularity? This converging path of logic, science and math is the only path that can attract future intelligent and educated people from all backgrounds to their real-world origins and Creator—thereby upgrading their “salvation” out of idolatry instead of simply destroying their only hope for eternal salvation (which is the primary engine that drives hatred of Judaism, Jews and Israel).

Torah and the Nᵊtzarim will be there, by definition. The questions are: Will you? And how many moderate Orthodox rabbis will be helping bring this to fruition instead of remaining part of the problem?

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