Israel & Jews News Round-Up

Israel Subsidizing Khareidim — Again

(Israel haYom:
Grants to startups that have 1/3 Khareidi ownership is religious discrimination. No way around it. And that’s a travesty against every other Israeli citizen!

Boulder Falls Out Of The Kotel

(Israel haYom:
David M. Weinberg, VP Jerusalem Inst. for Strategic Studies, commented today on the boulder that fell out of the Kotel near Robinson’s Arch, almost hitting a woman.
Wondering if Muslim construction may have caused this incident, Weinberg states that the trouble began in 1999. However, that ignores the bulldozing of 1st Miqdash ruins back around 1970. See:
No one listened then, they’re not listening still; perhaps they never will.

Still Euphemizing Homosexuals

Media writers are still adding letters to euphemize ever-expanding categories of homosexuals and assorted perverts. There are legitimate considerations of gender medically indefinite persons who fall too close to the center of the gender spectrum for even medical doctors to determine the gender. Not all gender in-betweens are homosexuals; nor should they be treated as such nor categorized with homosexuals. The Judaic Bible recorded that some people are born medically and hormonally in-between and are respected as such (see
The recent complaint against Israeli law excluding two male “life partners” from utilizing a surrogate to have children as two “fathers” is inescapably integral to Israel as a Judaic State.
Provisions must be in place for gender in-betweens (ibid.) and laws must ensure that they be respected. Homosexuals, by contrast, must be shunned as unacceptable outcasts who don’t belong in a Judaic State. Clearly, it is essential for gender in-betweens to differentiate themselves from the homosexual and pervert community. And Israelis should ease their transition to a respectable place in our Judaic community.

The Judaic-State Law

I’ve served in the IDF with Druze-Muslim soldiers. They are the solid, reliable, IDF soldiers they’re reported to be. So are more than a few Christian soldiers (mostly Russians) in the IDF but Israel isn’t a Christian-centric nation either.
Though I’m not a lawyer (although lawyers routinely read statements illogically and make illogical statements), since the amended phrasing of Paragraph 7, the Judaic State (popularly “nation-state”) law appears to me to be a clear statement of fact that deprives no one of any basic rights as long as they remain within the purview of a Judaic State.
So, for today, Israeli PM Netanyahu merits kudos for holding a steady course in defending the new Judaic State Law and refusing to consider changing it in the face of opposition from some Khareidim parties, MK Bennett (Yisrael Beitenu – Ultra-Orthodox/​Orthodox), MK Kakhlon (Kulano – Judaic Lite) in addition to the Druze.

“Blood Moon”

Several Israeli news outlets have run stories about tonight’s “Blood Moon”
Aside from superstitious Christian hysterics, the century’s longest ‘blood moon’ ‘s astronomically interesting and it marks the evening celebration following the Judaic day of T”u bᵊAv, the great day of wedding — or day of the Great Wedding (see “hilula” entry, Glos_E-J,
I hope this may mark the beginning of logical-scientific haskalah (enlightenment) among Am Yisraeil *eclipsing* current education and rule by Dark Ages fables of religious quacks — Jews and non-Jews alike.
Such a period cannot begin until education — from the earliest age and among all peoples — is unswervingly anchored in hard evidence, facts, computable logic and science; in other words, reality. If this is achieved, however, this eclipse could serve as a lighthouse milestone, inaugurating a celebratory period for lasting success for Israel. Many of the essential pieces seem to be either in place or viably on the horizon. It would also dovetail nicely with my books — the only books about prophecy, other than the Jewish Bible, *confirmed* by events and uncontradicted by false predictions (available via Amazon & the Netzarim website: — “Atonement In The Biblical ‘New Covenant'” (ABNC; see also Glos_T, “Times of the Gentiles”) and “The 1993 Covenant”.
Time will tell.

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