Atheism Collides With Science

Science began as man’s humble and fumbling mix of astrology and astronomy in their attempt to gain power over the future by understanding and predicting it–i.e. the seasons and the calendar.

The population would pay any price to know optimally when to plant, when to sow and when to reap. Predicting the future empowered the ancient scientist (i.e. astronomer, astrologer, wizard, magician, witch, etc.) to take maximum advantage of the future in order to obtain the biggest fortune and acquire maximum power. Corre­spondingly, political leaders viewed science (learning), and the scientists, as the exclusive means to gain control over nature–which they perceived to be the mythological, anthropomorphic superhuman (idolatrous) ël•ōh•im (gods) we still revist today in movies and comic books.

Then along came Avᵊrâ•hâm.

A byproduct of the millennia of progress in science is an insightful peek into the Characteristics of the Creator. Absolute cause-effect and laws of physics that reflect the universe necessarily also reflect the Creator of the universe.

Further analysis depends upon distinguishing one’s nonphysical being, Hebrew nëphësh, from one’s physical body-avatar. While our body-avatar is inextricably located within the universe and subject to illness and physical death, there is no physical data relative to our nëphësh–neither physical location nor time. Einstein’s equation, e=mc2, defines time [t] as nothing more than a function of the movement of physical bodies or particles within the universe (expand c to 186k mps and solve for t in s[econds]). While the movement of physical bodies and particles has operated since the “Big Nëtiy•âh “, man’s measure of it–time–has existed only since man invented it. Thus, time is not a physical force or factor; and cannot exist external to the universe. We can only be sure that there is a nonphysical existence distinct from the physical universe.)

Avᵊrâ•hâm‘s insight demonstrated that a motivated individual could develop limited insight into the Creator-Singularity (avoiding anthropomorphic gender pronouns). Even this limited insight into the Will (Character) of the Creator-Singularity, enables one to choose to more closely develop one’s nëphësh in harmony with the True Reality Laws of the universe (logic, physics, i.e. hard sciences), so that we can more closely reflect, and relate to, our Creator. This pursuit, in the science of their respective day, defined Avraham, the vanguard of Yi•sᵊr•â•eil, as well as Mōsh•ëh Pᵊqid•einu at Har Sin•ai, Einstein and Nᵊtzâr•im Jews today.

Man has never found even one technical glitch in the operation of the universe. It operates perfectly according to physical laws. This implies that the Creator of the universe has attained perfection. Yet, a Perfect Creator cannot contradict or supersede Self-produced Perfect Laws! Unavoidably, crediting any supernatural force or being contradicts the Perfect-Natural of the Creator by introducing a contradictory ël•ōh•im–i.e. idolatry.

Together, these necessarily require that the individual shed anthropomor­phism (including gender-infused idolatry), superstition, magic, astrology, witchcraft, wizardry, sorcery, charmings and enchantments, “Gifts of the [un]Holy Spirit”, Qabalah, mystical rituals (incantations, religiously-correct prayer recitations), and supernatural-infused magic objects, locations other supernatural “explanations”!

As an aside, it must be noted that more than a few Instructions (Hebrew: tōr•ōt) in Ta•na”kh/Tōr•âh (“The” Instruction; i.e. Life’s Instruction Manual) are instances of baby-steps to transition a people (i.e. Yi•sᵊr•â•eil) from anthropomorphism (idolatry; principally Egyptian and Iraqi [Babylonian]) to the –NON-physical–Prime Cause Creator-Singularity. This can be discerned in the implications and ramifications of the measures. To understand Ta•na”kh, one must rigorously distinguish baby-step transitional measures from Tōr•âh‘s Primary Principles.

So — the intelligent and logical mind asks, “What is the Prime Cause Singularity-Creator (PCCS) of the Big Nëtiy•âh (popularly but inaccurately “Big Bang”) origin of our universe?”

Scientists don’t know. Some expose their silliness, but most fear to tread.

But NO scientist then jumps to the silly non sequitur, “Therefore, there is no universe”!!!

Here, the silliness of the atheists, which they simplistically believe to be pragmatism, become apparent when they argue their parallel non sequitur: “Since we don’t know where god comes from, therefore, there is no god!”

Scientists don’t know the answer to this either. But intelligent scientists recognize that “Insufficient data” is not an argument—for or against—any premise.

It make better sense to reason that insufficient explanation accompanying known existence of the universe strongly suggests that a connected insufficient explanation likewise strongly suggests the existence of the universe’s Prime Cause.

Science does imply that there must exist a Prime Cause of the universe, however sparse the description.

When the atheist begins to understand time as a human abstraction unrelated to the operation of the universe (merely a helpful predictor of our locus-dependent perceptions of the operation of the universe), related to extra-universe nonphysical existence, then we have a basis for further discussion.

Logic (i.e. science) implies Characteristics of the PCCS of the universe from the characteristics of the PCCS’s work: the physical laws of the universe—governed by logic (expressed as science) being the foremost banner feature. From these characteristics (the laws of logic and physics), which are reflections of the Characteristics of the PCCS, we similarly logically parse corresponding Principles of Truth (fact, in contrast to opinion), Justice (which depends upon Truth), Empathy, Altruism, etc.; the Principle enunciated by, inter alia, Rabi Hi•leil haZa•qein and Ribi Yᵊhō•shūa.

Dark Ages mindset cults—of all religions and denominations including Ultra-Orthodox Judaism—worship anthropomorphic idols requiring physical offerings and a physical domicile (temple).

No PCCS of the universe could permit such idolatry.

The PCCS of the universe is the “Am what I Am” (Hebrew: י‑‑ה, derived from the Hebrew verb “to be”) of Avraham, Mosheh, Life’s Instruction Manual (Hebrew: Torah means instruction, not law, which is Hebrew din) and the Nᵊtzâr•im (website: ).

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