Parashat Pᵊqud•eiꞋ (Just in time)

Belated Purim Sameiakh!

Just uploaded next week’s Parashah (begins this coming Motzaei Shabat), finishing Shemot. (You SHOULD BE following each week’s parashah on any Jewish calendar, online or (in late summer) in Jewish bookstores, gift shops and funeral homes.

Also edited-in an additional headline in the “Briefing For Parents” for newbies who may not realize that the same weekly parashah is followed by every beit k’neset (synagogue and Jewish temple and) religious Jew around the world. You should be too! These bedtime Tanakh stories are arranged to enable you and your family to do that.

You’ll find next week’s just-uploaded parashah at:

(the last parashah of Shemot).

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