Facebook – Suppressing My Posts Again

It appears that, for the last several weeks, perhaps related to Israeli election dirty tricks, Facebook has suppressed my responses in ynetnews and other media. Perniciously, the responses show up normally on my computer to make me think everything is normal. But the response doesn’t appear on other computers.

Ergo, here is my response to ynetnews.com article about awakenings within the Khareidi community: questioners rejecting and defecting from the Ultra-Orthodox Haredim cult.(https://www.ynetnews.com/article/ByGY9e7EU ):

Yeah, that’s what converts to Judaism go through, including me and my wife. Few gentiles, including family, are any less fanatic against leaving Christianity OR becoming a Jew. Been there. My wife’s been there. Leaving fanaticism, whether Paul’s or Mohammed’s gentile replacement theology or Ultra-Orthodoxy, frees the nëphësh to look to Truth, knowledge, education (documented history, math, physics, et al.) and reality: i.e. ha-Sheim, our Creator-Singularity of the universe and His Tanakh/Torah, instead of a mortal or groups of mortals who long ago lost sight of ha-Sheim and are now are no more than power-greedy racist Sadducees.

It’s so bad that, as far back as Mosheh regarding the Erev Rav at Har Sinai, warned: Do not boil (persecute) a kid (newborn devotee of Tanakh-defined Judaism/Israel) in its mother’s (native) milk (culture, ethnics, religion). It’s why we all separate milk and dairy. But your rabbis have wandered so far from Torah that they no longer know even this elementary point. Although there were no rabbis until millennia after Sinai, rabbis millennia later outright contradicted Mosheh. Qorakh was the Haredi of Mosheh’s era.

“Anusim” who are rejecting Ultra-Orthodox Khareidism should take heart. Since the Haredim have REFORMED conversion in Israel, converts face everything “anusim” face and then, when we get to our new community, we are disenfranchised there as well!!! Talk about betrayed! Israel had a contract with olim, we made aliyah and were approved by Rabbi Peretz and the Shas-run Interior Ministry of that time. Recently, they broke that contract. At least “anusim” have a Jewish community that not only welcomes them in word, it unequivocally stands up for them and actively supports and assists them. That’s more than we have. So stand up for yourselves; your situation could be worse–and the same fanatic racist Sadducees who are making your lives miserable make our lives, and our childrens’ lives (born here, raised in Orthodox schools and Beit K’nesset), a lot more miserable than you can even imagine.

I stand against Ultra-Orthodox Khareidim sanctimony, lashon ha-ra and khilul ha-Sheim in this world; so you can too. I will testify against them in Olam ha-Ba, so must you. They are driving both Jews and non-Jews away from Tanakh/Torah, undermining Israel as a Judaic State with their cultic racist excesses and sanctimonious hypocrisies.

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