Trump’s Vision = Paqid Yirmeyahu’s 1986 Plan

What a surprise to discover that the Trump team conclusions perfectly reproduces the plan I’ve been advocating—Concurrent Village Network of (sans the tunnels) non-contiguous, demilitarized, semi-autonomous, Arab Muslim-Jihadist protectorate enclaves comprising Areas A and B—that I’ve advocated in various Israeli newspaper and other posts for more than 30 years as the only realistic and viable solution.

Moreover, my 1986 Vision (still) predicts that the Muslim Arabs, being 100% committed to eliminating any trace of Jewish Israel rather than committed to peaceful coexistence, will inevitably say “no!”—as, indeed, they have. Thus, the Muslim Arabs will inexorably be recognized as impervious to change, resulting in the recognition that the tunnels are an unacceptably existential threat to Israel—and, walla!, my original 1986 plan.

Of course, the Trump Vision calls this demilitarized, semi-autonomous protectorate a state; and that’s ok.

The most sagacious comment I’ve seen so far is from Eugene Kontorovich, a professor at George Mason Antonin Scalia Law School: “This plan corrects numerous fundamental failures of prior failed plans. This plan says that if the Palestinians claim they want a peaceful state, they have to meet minimum conditions, like disarming Hamas and ending pay for slay.

“The reaction of critics that such basic criteria are unrealistic shows that the idea of a peaceful state has never been the real goal,” he continued. “Another difference is that in prior plans, whenever the Palestinians said ‘no,’ they simply locked the rejected offer as a floor for the future. The Trump plan turns that around: If the Palestinians don’t come to the table, statehood gets taken off the table.”

Thus, Israel must immediately imitate what the Muslim Arabs have been doing since 1948 and, as I’ve been advocating since my 1986 letter to my then-MK and neighbor Uzi Landau, lapidify this vision into an impervious reality, our floor for future negotiations.

Note that this is an achievement of Trump, Kushner and their team, not any particular Israeli leader; both of whom immediately signed-on.

For general info: Trump’s “Vision for Peace” map stipulates that, while the Arabs may establish their capital in “al Quds” (Arabic: the Holy(place); i.e. Arabic name for Yerushalayim),it must be east of the security-barrier wall. That puts any future “Palestinian” capital of “al Quds” well east of Ir David (the City of David, i.e. the “Old City”).

Further, while there is a commitment to the status quo on Har ha-Bayit, under Israeli Sovereignty and Jordanian King supervision, I consider this an integral culmination of ha-Sheim’s Master Plan to wean Israel from addiction-dependence on supernatural-spirit-emanating-from-the-mountain and other earthly and physical–idolatrous–artifacts of any kind. This opens the door, finally, to displace the vulnerability of all earthly god-domicile (i.e. idolatrous) temples with Yeshayahu’s (56.7) spiritual (non-physical, therefore invulnerable) House of Prayer for all kindreds–what every legitimate Beit K’nesset, whether Orthodox or non-Orthodox, must become!

Serendipitously, this necessarily entails welcoming all gentiles to the exclusively Tanakh-centric (i.e. legitimate, not Ultra-Orthodox rabbinic) Torah community of world Jewry–according to the tradition of Hileil.

This implies that the definition of a Jew can no longer continue to be the DNA-racist definition established by Nazis at Nuremberg and imposed now by the Ultra-Orthodox rabbinic establishment; but, rather, anyone who chooses to certify before a traditional (whether orthodox or non-orthodox) Jewish court within the world Jewish community that he or she identifies henceforth with the Tanakh-centric Jewish people (and, for males, accordingly undergoes the b’rit milah).

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