Dims of House of Reprehensibles’ Impeachment “Gotcha!”

GOP appears transfixed like a deer in the headlights between a dilemma of providing a serious judgment of the House of Reprehensibles’ two impeachment articles, which would put the Senate’s imprimatur on the two charges, versus the national need to expose the House’s non-serious political antics by judging both articles as frivolous, without legal standing and exonerating Pres. Trump forthwith.

The nation needs both: 1. curbing future political frivolity by the House and 2. an expose to the nation of who and how this attempt to ouster the president and overthrow America from within happened.

There is a way, but I don’t know if there is a legal path to do it:
1. Judge the two articles frivolous and without merit and throw them out–BUT
2. Open an investigation how these frivolous articles of impeachment came to be (exposing all to the public for the national good), who is responsible and how future presidents can be protected from such attempts at an ouster.

If there’s no legal path to do both, then it’s a sorry state of affairs.

In any event, the immunity that shields Schiff seems to me in need of elimination.

2 thoughts on “Dims of House of Reprehensibles’ Impeachment “Gotcha!”

  1. I agree totally. The false hype about the protesters in Virginia and then joke from the House has many people angry. I hope a new Civil War will not break out…. from with in, that is what Russia said would be their way of defeating us…


    • I was a bit worried that the protesters in Va. would be infiltrated by socialist or some supremacist provocateurs. Relieved that didn’t happen. Just heard Trump’s speech at Davos to the world’s movers & shakers. Response to Trump’s documented achievements by world’s serious people contrasts vividly to the response of the world’s political imbeciles at the U.N., who snarkly and disrespectfully snickered while mistaking Trump’s realistic plans as fantasy boastings of someone suffering delusions of grandeur.

      Trump’s proof of concept should, if the Senate handles things judiciously, expose, embarrass, entirely discredit and hopefully prompt the prosecution of the socialist seditious attempt to oust the president and overthrow the government in a coup.


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