Science vs Faux-Science

Aliens & UFOs?

Discovery, Discovery Science & History Channels Gone Off Rails

Been wanting to get this off my chest for a very long time. Just haven’t gotten around to it until now.

According to Discovery, Discovery Science & History Channels, aliens, ancient aliens, and UFOs are infesting our skies globally. There seems to be neither any science nor any history remaining in these devolved channels.

As a former intelligence analyst with Top Secret Crypto Codeword security clearance who observed the entire eastern (“old world”) hemisphere for 2½ years in the early 60s, I obtained written permission from the USAF to attest that there were no—not one—alien UFO in that entire hemisphere during those 2½ years!USAF AIA

Today, by contrast, the public is deluged with reports from apparently reliable and lucid witnesses of phenomena that surpass our technology—but (and this is a critical point) only by a comparatively tiny margin compared to what we should expect from some species from the far side of the universe..

What should we expect from the far side of the universe?

For one thing, travelers from a galaxy, say, 6 billion light years away, took more than 6 billion years to get here, since, scientists insist, nothing can exceed the speed of light. So, 6 billion years ago, when planets through the universe were, at best, plasma and gases, these guys sprouted up and took off for earth? They’ve been stuck in a can for 6 billion years? Seriously?

Scientists have spent millions of tax dollars on SETI to listen for these folks. Really? A message from only 1,000 light years away would be 1,000 years old when it arrived here on earth, another 1,000 years from now when our reply is received and a 1,000 years after that before we could receive acknowledgment that they got our message. We paid for SETI for this! Oh, that makes for an enlightening conversation—if they still even exist now, after 1,000 years have passed, much less 1,000 years from now. If we still even exist 1,000 years from now.

Could some technology communicate with the far side of the universe?

Yes. But certainly not SETI-oriented technology, which is a complete waste of public funds (unless there is a secret military function).

Einstein and more recent scientists documented “spooky at a distance”: photon entanglement. There is some undefined something in the universe that conducts information from one end of the universe to the other instantly. Black matter and gravity waves currently also remain an undefined something. So let scientists work out the distinctions and details later in order to consider something: infinitely incompressible and infinitely thin threads of gravity waves filling dark matter. Tap any point on the gravity thread and, being infinitely incompressible, the tap is detectable everywhere along the thread instantly. Entanglement. As whimsical and foolish as this may sound, entanglement implies some kind of spooky whimsy.

Now, if these gravity threads (or whatever they turn out to be) are loaded with data “taps” like a radio frequency, that data would be instantly available from one end of the universe to the other. Again, entanglement, spooky at a distance.

So, if we had even a nanoparticle of logic in our heads, we would have figured out that we should be searching for entanglement messages, not radio frequency messages. Perhaps plasma tuning or something equally exotic. But definitely in the field of entanglement.

This implies that such a marvelously advanced species in some distant reach of the universe would have figured out, since this old human has, that it makes a lot more sense to communicate via instant technology than to sustain a small group of reproducing individuals in a can for millennia or longer. Physical travel doesn’t compute. The answer is virtual knowledge from spooky at a distance. Like The Matrix before it, the Avatar movie provided something I could cite to which folks can relate. But, then, we can begin to understand that we, ourselves, are inhabiting an avatar, controlling it remotely by an entanglement-like instant data transfer technology–and we don’t even know where the “real we” sentience behind our avatar is.

Observations Only Incrementally More Advanced

And yet, such marvelous technology that logic tells us would be required for aliens, thousands of years ago, to launch themselves and travel thousands of years in a can turns out to be only a tiny bit more advanced that what the public understands. This should give intelligent and logical thinkers pause. Why 1. were these UFOs not seen by reliable witnesses in the 60s; and 2. is this technology, which should be thousands or billions of years more advanced than ours, only incrementally ahead of public knowledge?

This suggests to me either of two things regarding any given report: 1. the observer witnesses some country’s skunkwork (governments wouldn’t want to admit it, either because they’re protecting their research or don’t want to stampede their citizens in fright), or 2. the “witness” is mistaken for any of an infinite number of reasons.

And, I’d like to know if any government is pouring sponsor-money into this silly UFO & aliens programming on Discovery, Discovery Science & History Channels, because someone is deliberately dumbing-down the public into mushrooms; to the point that stupid operates a Dark Government that has created a different no-law for their elite (creating the current anti-law enforcement climate) and conducts an uprising against the elected president in the U.S.

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