2019 Israeli Elections — Echoes From The Holocausts

Ta•na"kh Records Three Holocausts

Each Holocaust Caused By A Qōrakh Who Split Am Ekhadעם אחד, One Kindred

1. Gold Egyptian Hat-hor Moon-Goddess Cow MaskShemot 32.1-28

If this had been the doings of the עֵרֶב רַב,Eirev Rav (Great Mixture) they would have commissioned their own priests, not Aharon.

There is no one more central to the guilt for this idolatrous apostasy than Tribal pure-blood, Orthodox Aharon himself—and whom does Aharon blame as the instigators? Not the עֵרֶב רַבEirev Rav (Great Mixture) “Goyim”; but, rather, his own Tribal, pure-blood, Orthodox עַם-קְשֵׁה-עֹרֶףAM-q’SHEIH-OReph (Stiff-necked-kindred)

And what were the consequences of the Tribal pure-blood Orthodox apostasy? A Holocaust, for that time, of ≈3,000 Israeli men!Shemot 32.28

2. Historical Qōrakhbe-Midbar 16.1-17.15

Jews read Parashat QōꞋrakh every year around early summer. Practically every Jew knows who QōꞋrakh was and what he did (inciting a revolt against Mosheh).

But here is what is not recognized:

  1. QōꞋrakh was a Tribal pure-blood Orthodox “Levite” — QōꞋrakh ha-Lei•wiꞋ, and

  2. Mōsh•ëhꞋ (“Moses”) was the Intermarried Egyptian Diaspora Pharaonic-Prince, Tolerant Enlightener-Reformer Champion of the עֵרֶב רַבEirev Rav (Great Mixture) “Goyim”!!!

3. Prophecy of “The” Shōah (Holocaust)Zekharyah 13.7-9

There’s a universal misconception throughout the Jewish world, fueled by Ultra-Orthodox Khareidi claims, that, it has been the Ultra-Orthodox Khareidim who have preserved Tōrah for the Jews and without the Ultra-Orthodox Khareidim Jews wouldn’t have Tōrah. This turns on its head the Ta•na"kh Principle that Israel is indebted solely to י‑‑ה, not any mortals, for Tōrah. Moreover, the Ultra-Orthodox Khareidim didn’t even exist until the late C.E. 19th to early 20th century; conceived as a result of the split over the Enlightenment.

And, yet again, the argument pivots upon Tribal pure-blood Orthodoxy of the “Old School” vs Diaspora-like (“Epikoros”) Enlightenment-Reform education, knowledge and science.

Ultra-Orthodox Khareidim blame the “Reform”. But it was the Reform who were the educated, the intelligent, the historically informed and the realists who recognized that the Creator was an Omni-Scient Singularity, NOT a Dark Ages supernatural Kabbalah superstition!

And what do we find is the immediate fall-out from this split? The Shōah (Holocaust)!!!

And we further find that the Shōah was prophesied by Zᵊkhar•yâh BënBë•rëkh•yâh BënId•o haNâ•viZekharyah 13.7-9 for exactly the same reason of superstitious interpretations by false Nᵊviy•im that we see in the Dark Ages mentality of the Ultra-Orthodox Khareidim still today!

The Ta•na"kh Remedy

”There shall be no longer need for any man to teach his neighbor, because every man shall already know.”Yirmᵊyahu 31.33 (31.26-35)

י‑‑ה will pour out His Ruakh (Spirit) on ALL FLESH! Sons and daughters shall prophesy, old men dream, young men envision as He pours out His Ruakh even on maids and servants — and EVERYONE who calls on the Name of י‑‑ה — NOT who Ultra-Orthodox Khareidim presume (displacing י‑‑ה) to “authorize” — shall be delivered!Yoeil 2.23-4.3

The ShᵊmaDevarim 6.4–9, 11.13-21, and ba-Midbar 15:37–41; often abbreviated to the initial clauses.

Hearken Israel: י‑‑ה is our “gods”; י‑‑ה is the Singularity.

Further, Israel is Am Ekhad,עם אחד, One Kindred in the bᵊrit, being One with י‑‑ה, Who is the Singularity.

Contradicting the Ta•na"kh Principle from Har Sin•ai—like the Gold Hat-hor calf-mask and Qōrakh—Ultra-Orthodox Khareidim have ripped modern Israel and global Jewry into two (or more)!


Now, after the second Israeli elections in 2019, we again find that the Ultra-Orthodox Khareidim have masterminded and imposed yet another malevolent split, cleaving Jewry in two yet again. Will Israel turn to the Intermarried Egyptian Diaspora Pharaonic-Prince, Tolerant Enlightener-Reformer Champion of the עֵרֶב רַבEirev Rav (Great Mixture) “Goyim” (and, BTW, Rabi Hileil the Elder) paradigm? Or to the Tribal pure-blood Orthodoxy of the “Old School”, Dark Ages anti-education, intolerant (excluding non-Orthodox streams of Judaism), implacable, belligerent and bellicose (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-15237018), anti-science, anti-history (when was the earth created again? Dinosaurs?), racist (parental-genetic/DNA adoption of Hitler’s standard, race-defined Jews) supremacism of the Ultra-Orthodox Khareidim rabbinic paradigm?

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