Israel’s 2019 Election: Fixing The Israeli-American Jewish Rift

This double entendre may cut either way. So-called pundits are currently going to great lengths to misdirect and divert attention from the core, and sole, repairable problem.

The Israeli-American Jewish Rift is not about the “Palestan Problem” since Israeli voters largely realize that, ignoring campaign rhetoric, whomever is elected isn’t expected to change that situation significantly. Israeli-American Jewish relations simply doesn’t drive the “Palestan” issue within the context of Israeli elections; at all.

Despite Gantz’ wishful thinking, even Blue-White’s #2, Lapid, realizes that Bibi v Stop-Bibi isn’t the core problem. No lynching Bibi, including politically, any more than lynching anyone else. Some of the long-time anti-Bibi rhetoric from the Left (esp. ynet, even targeting his wife, Sarah) has been disgusting. Yet, so has more recent slander from the Right targeting Liberman blatantly for political advantage. Bibi’s innocent until proven guilty like anyone else. Let the law take its course. Avigdor Liberman’s recent growing popularity underscores that reality: the core problem is a rebellion of educated Jews against the Dark Ages religious rule imposed on Israel by political coalitions subjugating religious issues to Ultra-Orthodox parties.

That is the same rebellion that has long welled-up within educated American Jews, the core cause of the rift with Israel.

The greatest and most dangerous problem is that Israeli Jews increasingly point to popular superficialities to misdirect Israeli voters from the increasing rebellion among American Jews against the Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox religious rule that excludes 90% of American—and global—Jewry from the racist (maternal genetic/​DNA) Israeli definition of who is a Jew. (Reform Jews seem to be largely unaware that paternal genetic/​DNA definition is no less racist.)

Haredi sawing off limb sitting on 0500x300

Israelis greedily and self-centeredly scrounge donations and political support from American Jews and reciprocate by defining them as goyim epikoros enemies of Judaism; often treated by datim as a greater threat than Christianity or Islam.

And then Israelis can’t see why Reform Jews are unappreciative and increasingly distant. Seriously???

The actively and deliberately concealed core problem here is the historical and scientific education of American Jews versus the Dark Ages racist cult definition of Orthodoxy and Ultra-Orthodoxy that rules “religious” Israel to the exclusion of a continuously and increasingly pilloried “apostate” and “assimilating” “goyim” non-Orthodox.

Reform Jews are no less immersed in “a sense of Jewish peoplehood” than Israeli Dark Ages Jews,Jonathan S. Tobin. JNS. Will another Netanyahu victory sever ties with the Diaspora?. 2019.08.09. they simply have a more educated definition of “Jewish peoplehood”. Similarly, their degree of assimilation depends in large measure on the Tzᵊdoq•im-style Dark-Ages-skewed definition imposed by Israeli Ultra-Orthodox religious rulers.

Yes, there are excesses among non-Orthodox Jews, but there are even far more Dark Ages excesses among Israeli Orthodox, and even more so Ultra-Orthodox, Jews. Reform Jews are not all assimilated apostates merely because Dark Ages, anti-history and anti-science, Ultra-Orthodox apostates proclaim so.

That is the rift that must be remedied, and this definition reveals the conspicuous solution: educate the sanctimonious Dark Ages illiterates in history, archeology, science and higher math.

And, just as this is the only solution that puts both Israeli and Diaspora Jews on the converging paths toward educated, the same solution is the only remedy that can put the paths of Christians and Muslims on a converging path with us.

Moreover, this—rather than being yet another of the current messages spewing more hate—is a message of welcome, love and education.

That this message conveying the sole remedy continues to be eschewed by so many speaks volumes about those who continue to eschew it.

So the upcoming Israeli election will absolutely decide whether or not the Rift between Israeli and Diaspora (including American) Jews will be remedied and calmed—or exacerbated and amplified!

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