Gallup 2019 Last 2 Decades: American Jews NOT assimilating!

Non-Orthodox Tanakh-centric people are Jews, not seculars.

Moreover, a 2019 Gallup poll shows that over the last 2 decades, membership of American Jews in synagogues has been stable while American Christians have dropped 20%. That’s not even predominantly “Orthodox” and it’s opposite to assimilation.

Contrary to Fake News & RC,religious correctness the glaring fact is: Diaspora Jews AREN’T being ATTRACTED TOWARD Christian evangelism or assimilation, nor by “shiqtzas”. Rather, more highly-educated, history and science compliant, non-Orthodox Jews of Diaspora Judaism are being DRIVEN AWAY by exactly the Dark Ages contra-history and anti-science, racist and xenophobic rabbis of the Dark Ages mindset.

Educated Diaspora Jews increasingly realize that, historically, the 1st-century CE Ribi wasn’t responsible for, and indeed had no connection to, the persecutions and pogroms perpetrated by the original Christians—created by Paul in his Turkish Churches; and weaponized by the Roman gentiles more than a century later (subsequent to 135 CE). Educated and intelligent Jews of the Diaspora recognize that the accusations mindlessly bellowed by today’s Dark Ages rabbis about the 1st-century CE Ribi Yehoshua are historically and factually mistaken, and consequently baseless hatred and slanderous.

In short, while Yesh”u (Jesus) and Christianity are the adversaries from history, Ribi Yehoshua and his Netzarim are not! Being never-Christian and fully Torah-compliant, Ribi Yehoshua or the Netzarim are, as educated Diaspora Jews increasingly realize, no obstacle to a Torah marriage. Where the education breaks down is that no one is teaching either Diaspora Jews nor their Christian friends and spouses that whomever is following Paul is NOT following Ribi Yehoshua! The two are diametrically opposite and mutually exclusive and contradictory. Christianity and Yesh”u must be filtered out of that equation.

Rabbis who continue to mischaracterize and defame educated modern Jews for rejecting Dark Ages demonization of an innocent 1st century Torah teaching Ribi, based on their Dark Ages rejection of history and misplaced xenophobic hatred can never square with historical or scientific (archeological) facts. Yet, no one (except the Netzarim) are educating Jews with Dark Ages views to the value of educating Christians, especially Christian spouses, that they are NOT following Ribi Yehoshua at all! What Christians are following is an after-the-fact Hellenization by Paul the Apostate, further corrupted by the post-135 CE through 5th-century rewrite and mythization to the idolatrous Roman counterfeit, Yesh”u—today’s Christian mangod-on-a-stick (crucifix).

Yet again, the Dark Ages Orthodox mindset that denies history, science and reality is responsible for denigrating better educated and more knowledgeable Diaspora Jews instead of educating first themselves and then Christian spouses.

Educated Jews will never accept Dark Ages denial of the real universe (reality, history and science) of the Creator, ha-Sheim. Educated Jews must undertake a massive education of the historical and scientific facts, especially the Hebrew textsE.g. Qumran 4QMMT from BCE 165 (Hellenization of the Temple, splitting Jews into three sects creating the first rabbis) to Paul the Apostate and through 500 CE.

Understanding that the 1st century Ribi wasn’t what Orthodox rabbis tell them is why they dismiss their arguments and marry Christians! Again, the Dark Ages mindset rabbis are responsible! The Israeli-Diaspora Rift WILL NOT be resolved until Israel and the Diaspora get on the same historical and scientific page on this issue. Jews should be educating Christians to adopt Torah, not excising 90% of world Jewry for rejecting ridiculous, anti-reality Dark Ages views.

By their racist and xenophobic, anti-knowledge denial of reality, the Khareidim are cutting the branch between themselves and the 90% of world Jewry they are slandering and disenfranchising. THAT is the smoking gun that is killing “Jewish souls”. Ha-Sheim, our Creator, and His Torah, AREN’T trapped in the Dark Ages.

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To reverse the tide, Jews must learn how to attract and teach non-Jews to Torah in the tradition of Beit Hileil rather than continue to repel and drive away Jews with a perversion of Torah that espouses racist DNA “Jewish soul” supremacism, fratriphobia and xenophobia.

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