The Root Of Innate Jewish Racism

The root of Israeli racism isn’t solely against Ethiopians, nor skin color, nor even Arabs. Israeli racism is Jewish racism on steroids. Even among Ashkenazim seculars, exclusive Jewish genetic chosenness supremacism (EJGCS) grows from a superstitious awe of a core European-Ashkenazi Ultra-Orthodox Khareidim (EAUK) root, which has persecuted, and continues to torment, non-Ashkenazim whom the EAUK regard as MtDNA (i.e. racially) inferior; including Teimanim, Mizrakhim, Sepharadim (, Ethiopian, Non-orthodox Americans and Russians ( — all regarded by EAUK as MtDNA “goyim!!!”

EAUK racism is also the core of the Israeli-American Jewish Rift.

EAUK racism is the PRIMARY fuel of miso-Judaism.

Gender bias in Israel is from the same EAUK supremacist root.

Lieberman was right to warn about racist EAUK pre-IDF yeshiva rabbis—who indoctrinate future Khareidi inductees in lauding Hitler and EJGCS racist supremacy ( Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi David Lau forces “Jewish” DNA tests on olim (

The problem is innate nationwide due to Jews’, including seculars’, Dark Ages superstitious and irrational, mystical fear of racist EAUK rabbis. They must be ejected from religious rule (

The riots appear to have been undermined by EAUK-sympathizing infiltrators. “About ½” of the crowd was NIF-funded, joint Arab-Jewish organization ‘Standing Together’. “An Ashkenazi woman [was] bossing around the demonstrators, and they’re all listening to her.” (

In each and every case, the intrinsic racism traces back to the same sanctimonious, contra-Tanakh (and contra-Torah), demented-religious Dark Ages EAUK cult whom our politicians have granted religious rule over Israel. We cannot nurse racism in one elite group of the population and claim to not be innately racist. Israel’s race problem cannot be solved until we root-out the EAUK root source of racism in Israel like circumcising Israel’s foreskin.

To snuff out racism in Israel, Israelis must go to the ballot box on the 17th of 6thmonth (how many even know that the Babylonian Diaspora ASSIMILATED this Biblical month to “Elul”? How far Israel has strayed under EAUK rule!) and vote against any potential coalition partner of racist EAUK religious rulers (

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2 thoughts on “The Root Of Innate Jewish Racism

  1. “…how many even know that the Babylonian Diaspora ASSIMILATED this Biblical month to “Elul”?”

    I think the racism started before the dark ages because of the myriad assimilations and עוברים מאמרי האל which are codified in talmudic sources and are taught as law so it’s not only the ashkenazim although by far they are the quintessential racists, imo.

    I asked two people separately that I work with, (one has peahs down to his shoulders but otherwise dresses in casual clothing and the other a wife and mother of two children,) about he recent riots/demonstrations. The said they had not seen this kind of thing. They were born here and both close to forty years old or maybe older. As I recall, the man told me this could have been festering since back in the 90’s? when there was blood being donated and all of the blood from Ethiopian donaters was thrown away for fear of aids.

    “The report about the blood, first published in the daily Maariv, was followed by an explanation from blood-collection officials that they did not use blood from Ethiopian immigrants because of a relatively high rate of H.I.V. infections among them — 520 among 60,000 immigrants, compared with 800 carriers in the rest of the population of 5 million.

    Israel tests all donated blood for H.I.V, the virus that causes AIDS, but because the virus often does not show up for six months after infection it excludes certain high-risk groups as donors.”

    New York Times 29.01.96

    The ban was lifted 01.04.2018!

    Times of Israel 11.01.2017
    (Article states ban had been in effect since 1977)


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