Real Zombies Are Victims Of Plastic-Ingestion, Not Drug-Induced Coma

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Irony: Ingested Plastic Negates Plasticity Of Brain

Ynet just published an articleWe may be eating credit card's worth of plastic each week says study (2019.06.12) declaring that practically each person in the civilized world is ingesting, mostly in their drinking water (and shellfish, for those who don’t eat kâ•sheir), about 7 grams (not nanograms; like eating a ground-up plastic credit card) of plastic particles and fibers every week!

“In the [US], 94.4% of tap water samples contained plastic fibres, with an average of 9.6 fibres per litre. European water …fibres showing up in only 72.2% of water samples, and only 3.8 fibres per litre… Tel Aviv coast… third-most plastic polluted shoreline in the Mediterranean…” (

Large-scale global ingestion of plastic particles in drinking water may be the prime cause of the massive dumbing-down of whole populations, accompanied by phthalates and BPA estrogen-like chemically-induced feminization—gender-bending—and carcinogenesis of breast cancers.

All of these things may well be largely caused by ingestion of 10-micron sized particles of plastic ingested in virtually all drinking water, globally.

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4 thoughts on “Real Zombies Are Victims Of Plastic-Ingestion, Not Drug-Induced Coma

  1. Most common plastics are insoluble in water, basic, and acidic solutions. In the stomach it is acidic and in the intestines somewhat basic. I don’t see the mechanism for absorption of plastics in the digestive tract. I would think the vast majority (nearly all) passes. A fiber is still quite large and not a dissolved substance like trace chemicals that are used in synthesis.

    We could do without the eyesore in the environment and the clogging of drainage points.


    • Thanks for the input. Considering that info refocused my attention to the central threat: the leached (dissolved) hormone-like chemicals continuing to be leached from some of the particles and fibers.

      This even continues to be a danger in many plastic containers (which must be kept away from water and food). Until recently, this was even happening in plastic water bottles.

      Because of the increased surface area exposure, leaching of these harmful chemicals occurs even more from these kinds of plastic particles, Filtering out particles greater than 5 microns (or 1 micron with the even finer filter) eliminates these plastics from leaching into the GI track. Your reply got me thinking: still, they continue to leach into the water that’s flowing through the filter and, though the particles are stopped, what about the leached (dissolved) chemicals? Will they continue on through the filter into our water? Thus, some kind of additional filtering must stop these chemicals. I don’t know whether charcoal takes these dissolved chemicals out or not. I hope so. Otherwise, it would appear a filter must be designed specifically for this threat. In the meantime, I’ve ordered a 1 micron with Coconut charcoal filter from Amazon and it seems all I can get to rely on and hope it’s filtering out the hormone-like leached (dissolved) chemicals.


    • Great to hear from you again. Long time.

      There is also a health downside to drinking distilled water: all of the minerals required by the body, and found in usual drinking water, are also removed.

      If you haven’t already, you should wsearch (in concert with your regular physician or a licensed dietician) what minerals required by the body (and in what daily amounts) are found in typical drinking water. You can then probably replenish them into your distilled water, adjust your diet to increase foods containing those minerals to the proper levels, or maybe take occasional supplements to replace them.

      בברכות התורה


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