Scriptural Basis re: Abortion

When I did BBS for Mishpatim, I didn’t notice that Shemot 21.22-23 is the basis for Judaic views regarding infanticide (abortion). So I’ve gone back and incorporated those verses (evening 2, year 2) and uploaded it so yall can be aware that the rabbinic readings have assumed where they shouldn’t have. ( It’s short but some of the notes are important.

I’m aware that this throws the numbering off for all subsequent stories that week (for the remainder of the seven years). I’ll get to that fix after I finish writing a piece on Orpheus (see Briefly, while the authenticity of the talisman, supposedly dating from 200-299 CE, is unverified, Xns labeling it a fake despite being unable to examine it (lost during WW-II between Nazis and Russkis) was agonizingly predictable — just like the ossuary of Ribi Yehoshua (as demonstrated in our website). Whether or not it’s authentic, the Orphean religion is reliably documented from BCE 5th century and described by Strabo (BCE 64 – c 24 CE), who happens to be a Hellenist from what is today western Turkey — where Paul was from. Hence, it is likely that Paul had read about Orpheus (son of god [Apollo=Zeus] in some versions) — perhaps enroute to Damascus! This offers an explanation for Paul’s “epiphany” to repackage the historical Pharisee Ribi Yehoshua in a version attractive to Hellenists.

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