American Jews: Self-Defined Sojourners In Modern-Day Egypt

America’s “Melting Pot”

There is a key that illuminates the growing, and explosive, rift between “Blue” American liberal/socialist Jews and “Red” American Trump-conservative, capitalist Jews (see Yirmeyahu Ben-David. American Jewry’s & Israelis’ Misconception Of “The American View”. and Yishai Fleisher The clash of American liberal Jewry and Israeli nationalism).

A sojourner isn’t the same as an immigrant who becomes a citizen. Particularly in Israeli history, sojourning hearkens back to the Egyptian corvée (which culminated in the Yᵊtzi•âh). Sojourners always remain visiting foreigners; forever self-defined immigrant outsiders rejecting the host culture and society. Hard work to gain monetary security and social prominence, like Yo•seiph in Egypt, is the only, always precarious and temporal, protection against the inevitable, looming miso-Judaic purges.

While it’s imperative to preserve history, loss of contact with reality into such a delusional bizarro world is the price of self-addicting oneself in, redefining oneself by, displacing Tanakh and its b’rit with the Holocaust.

These are not genuine Jewish sojourners. They have been free to return to Israel for 71 years now. It’s incumbent upon American Jews to either reconcile with being Jewish Americans rather than sojourning Holocaust refugees or return to Israel. Continued sojourning has been a delusion for more than 70 years now.

I’m an American (b. Clint Van Nest III). Outside of indigenous Americans, I’m about as American as it gets. My great-x6grandfather came to New Amsterdam 9 years before George Washington’s grandfather; before Manhattan, New York or the United States existed! Passengers of the Mayflower, only 27 years before my ancestor, Pieter Van Nest, still lived and mingled in the area. I was born a Christian mainstream American and lived in the U.S. as a mainstream American for the first 40+ years of my life.

This isn’t any personal accomplishment to boast about. It’s simply historical context. I understand what is, and what is not, innately and historically “Melting Pot” American. There are those who come to meld into the American “Melting Pot” and those who, by contrast, expect America to conform to them. Upon legally immigrating, the former become an American. The latter never do. The latter become sojourners, not Americans.

Although new Americans are interminably labeled “immigrants” ad nauseum, that is a technically—factually—wrong and deprecating slur of legal American citizens. I’m not an “immigrant American” and, since Stuart Varney & Jonathan Hunt are as American as I am, neither are Stuart Varney & Jonathan Hunt (and other legal American citizens)! It’s fine to be an ethnic American; a Dutch-Jewish American like me, or an English American, an African American, an Italian American, Spanish American, Irish American, Puerto Rican American, etc. But Americans is Americans!

So, for people like well-known, foreign-born Americans Fox News’ Stuart Varney & Jonathan Hunt and similar legal American citizens, I have good news and bad news. The good news: you’re as American as I am (this is why I mentioned my ancestry). The bad news: you’re not immigrants! Yes, you immigrated. But you became as American as I am, not sojourners; no longer immigrants!

The Jewish tunnel-vision of sojourning is also evident in conversion to Judaism; speaking of “converts” in the same way Americans, thoughtlessly, slur “immigrants”. But, just as an immigrant changes his or her status to American upon becoming an American citizen (no longer an “immigrant”), so too, a gentile changes his or her status to Jew upon conversion; no longer a “convert”. (Gentiles do convert to Judaism, yet there is no such thing as a “convert” in Judaism!) Jews are oblivious that differentiating a “convert” from a Jew is far more pejorative and repugnant than referring to an American as an “immigrant”. Such thoughtless slights must be eliminated from polite conversation and media narrative.

Jews In America

There are 2 basic categories of Jews who have integrated into America: immigrants and sojourners.

Virtually all Jews who have come to America came as refugee sojourners fleeing persecution; just as they came to other countries as refugees from persecution. Foreign (i.e. everywhere outside of Israel) refuge.

Sojourn is the only foreign life, outside of Israel, that Jews have ever experienced over a period of 4,000 years. For sojourning Jews, citizenship is a protection, not an identity.

While Americans see Jewish Americans as Americans, Jewish Americans have historically viewed themselves as sojourners; outsider refugee residents in a kindly (for now, not necessarily tomorrow) host country; not “all-in” American like all of the other Americans. Consequently, these American Jews live in constant, endless fear of yet-another pogrom against immigrants (the group among whom such American Jews continue to include themselves). For these neurotics who see a looming Holocaust and countless earlier pogroms, their survival and that of their families and friends depends upon vanquishing the perceived monster—conservatives and the GOP; all personified in the Hitleresque monster Trump out to herd them back into cattle cars off to death camps. These Jews see all immigrants as “The Voyage Of The Damned” 2.0, viewing themselves as champions of “Never Again!”

Accordingly, these Jews view their personal and family security as dangling from the most militant immigrant-protective political movement; namely self-identification as “Blue” Democrats; liberal-socialist to the death.

Notice, especially, that these secularized—sometimes Christian—“Jews” don’t base their views for any of this at all in Torah or Judaism! They are, indeed, phobicly out of touch with reality; neurotic and insane! Reason has no effect on them. Only obstruction, resistance and opposition-to-the-death against what they phobicly perceive to be a deadly threat of the conservative “Right” (Hitler, although he was a socialist like Jewish Bernie Sanders, in Europe was on the political “Right”). American sojourners, who view themselves as mortally-endangered “immigrants”, phobicly throw truth and justice out the window to Bork-Trump-Kavanaugh (-Barr?) “Truth, Justice and the American way” on their anti-American altar. Trump having a Jewish daughter, son-in-law and some of his grandchildren has to be dismissed as yet-another insidious deception.

Somewhere along the way, though, an increasing number of American Jews finally realized that they don’t have to give up anything to become “all-in” Americans—and they did. These are as American as I am, as American as any other American. They no longer live in fear of being persecuted as outsider immigrants because they are neither outsiders nor immigrants. They are Jews who are “all-in” “Melting Pot” Americans. Since their lives don’t depend on “all-in” for any immigrant at any cost, legal or illegal, Jewish Americans (in contrast to Jews sojourning as American citizens) identify with “truth, justice and the American way” of yesteryear. These Jewish Americans are “Red” capitalists like me and Trump (ok, or “Blue” Jewish Democrats like Rip Van Alan Dershowitz).

The touchstone is the “Melting Pot” aspect of becoming an American. Those who come to meld into the American “Melting Pot” as legal citizens will be Americans. Those who come to change American into something different like a plethora of today’s Democrat Congresspeople (e.g. a Muslim, Jewish, or even Christian, nation rather than a freedom of religion nation)—i.e. not American—will be citizens in name only; sojourners who are not true Americans.

There’s the real rift!

(Republishing my articles and short quotations from the Netzarim website ( is encouraged as long as proper citation credit is prominently noted to Paqid Yirmeyahu, this blog and further information at

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