Israel’s Nation-State Law—The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good

The modern state of Israel was conceived in answer to the socialist (Nazi) Shoah after WW-II, as a refuge-home for Jews globally; security against future threats of annihilation of Jews. Thus, the Nation-State Law, formally and officially defining Israel as such, is good.

The archeological evidence found throughout Israel pre-dates Islam, Christianity—and Jews! (Jews, i.e. Judeans, are the last remaining tribe of Israel.) Since “Israelis” has come to mean citizens of modern Israel, including Arabs, Christians, etc., “Israelis” doesn’t accurately describe this original ancient people native to ancient Israel either. (Israel absorbed all surviving Canaanites, who were thereafter part of the Israeli people.)

The one thing that has always set the people of Israel apart, wherever they are on the planet, and will always set us apart, is “the Book”; i.e. Ta•na”kh. (“Bible” is ambiguous, used by Christians to include a superseding–idolatrous / displacement theology–book.)

Accordingly, while Israel should be tolerant of peoples who have long lived here, this should not compromise Israel as the historic, archeologically-proven, native, National Home specifically for all people of the Ta•na”kh; exclusively.

This is helpful in another way as well. Presently, the three religions popularly designated as “Abrahamic” blur and mingle at their edges–even their racist / DNA edges with other Semites (i.e. Arabs), negating any definition of “Jew” where it blurs into either of the other two “Abrahamic” religions—not to mention other blatant idolatries or atheists.

Defining what we now blur as “Jews” more accurately as “the people of Ta•na”kh” also enables the precise and proper defining of Israel’s Nation-State Law as home to “Ta•na”kh-centric People”; i.e. historical and archeological ancient (pre-Jew) Israel. Arguments about Cossacks, Europeans, etc. are instantly negated by resort to history and archeology. Israel has always been about “Ta•na”kh-centric People” (including converts), never about racist, DNA, patriarchal, rabbinic cultism.

The Bad

Today in Israel, all religious matters are under the iron rule of the Kha•reid•i Rabbinate; enforcing Kha•reid•i definitions and religious laws. Israel’s political system of ensuring the small religious parties maintain constant ironclad rule over all religious matters in Israel, regardless of the current PM and government, keeps this so. Therefore, under present definitions, the Nation-State Law will bind Israel to define lawful, voting citizens to the Rabbinic—i.e. Kha•reid•i—definition of ”Jew.” This definition, however, is skewed by its origin as an anti-Nazi specific antidote–safeguarding only a Nazi-inspired definition of “Jew”.

An estimated 85% of world Jewry aren’t Orthodox. The Kha•reid•i definition won’t recognize non-Orthodox “Jews” (except a few who may qualify under their racist definition); thereby excising about 85% or world Jewry!

This means that, in the event of a next Shoah, 85% of today’s world Jewry—and their children and grandkids—won’t be eligible to make a•liy•âh under the Kha•reid•i-defined Law of Return, defeating the basic purpose of the modern state of Israel!!!

American Jews aren’t much bothered by this because their trust for a safe haven remains in America. Obama and the prospect of Hillary should have shaken their trust in America’s commitment to safeguard Jews. Yet, Schumer, Weinstein, Bernie & Co. zombie on—despite the rise of yet another breed of socialists; this time featuring a couple of in-your-face Muslims dismissive of “dhimmis”. Even Trump seems unable to find an antidote for zombies or socialist humanzees. (Note: AOC took economics in college. Ergo, she’s not a humanzee who doesn’t know any better. A priori, she’s a knowing political hack—to use a kind term—funded by Bernie’s “Brand New Congress” PAC, among other socialists with deep pockets and a socialist agenda.)

& The Ugly

Because the current Israeli locked-in, iron rule of Kha•reid•i definitions and enforcement of religious law remains in place with no prospect of improvement, their racist, cultish and exclusive power-grab to rule world Jewry is unstoppable without far-reaching changes—that become increasingly painful every day it is put off. Our grand-children will pay the price for our inattention and lack of action.

Kha•reid•i are radical, racist Fake Orthodox & Rabbinate who are fueling the world’s engines of miso-Judaisme.g., Praise for Hitler and racist caricatures: Anti-Semitism swamps French social networks

The Nᵊtzâr•im Solution

Tōr•âh has a different meaning among among gentiles (5 written books of Moses) than among Jews (5 written books of Moses as interpreted by Talmud and overridden whenever deemed wise by the Kha•reid•i Rabbinate). A priori, the only precise-communication term is Ta•na”kh.

Thus, to solve these catastrophic and existential shortcomings, Israel’s Nation-State Law must be written to differentiate all legitimate heirs of ancient Israel from any others; particularly differentiating us from blurring with the other two “Abrahamic” religions. The only definition that achieves this is “Ta•na”kh-centric”.

Since Ta•na”kh prohibits “adding or subtracting from these words” (Dᵊvâr•im 13.1-6), this excludes all people who believe in the Christian New Testament or Quran (or any other book displacing Ta•na”kh).

Moreover, any person who embraces Ta•na”kh as the Ultimate Guide for their life practice is defined as “Ta•na”kh-centric”; which no mortal can contradict. Neither can any mortal contradict what it means to be a “Ta•na”kh-centric” Nation-State!

At this Pësakh season, we find ourselves overdue for a worldwide Yᵊtzi•âh from mortal, racist and cultist, rule.

Khag ha-Matzot (kasheir) Sameiakh!

(Republishing my articles and short quotations from the Netzarim website ( is encouraged as long as proper citation credit is prominently noted to Paqid Yirmeyahu, this blog and further information at

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  1. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Torah centered Khag haMatzot! Email doesn’t seem to reach you.


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