Vices Dilemma—Safety & Money To Gov’t? Or To Criminals & Terrorists?

Self-destructive vices limited to consenting adults poses a dilemma. Illegalizing a vice doesn’t make it magically disappear as humanzees assume. Rather, driven by unrivaled profits, illegalizing a vice merely diverts income and responsibility for safety standards to criminal cartels and terrorist organizations.

I’m against the vices. Cannabis, for example, while many may view it as the most harmless, over time even for medical use turns brains into zombie sauce. I’ve never used it in any form and I advise everyone to avoid it like any other vice.

But, the harsh fact of the human condition is that probably every human succumbs to the temptations of some vice(s) at some time(s) in their life.

Accepting real-world limitations of legal realities doesn’t imply religious or moral approval! And, in such cases, maximizing humanitarian concerns while minimizing harm to the unconsenting population should rule.

Humanzees didn’t learn anything from Prohibition! People continued to drink alcohol ignoring that it was illegal. The only significant change in illegalizing alcohol was that [1] there was no longer any checks against defective alcohol blinding or killing people and [2] profits went to criminals instead of to gov’t safeguards.

The same principle applies to gambling, tobacco, cannabis, alcohol, drugs and, to a limited extent, to prostitution, and pornography.

With prostitution and pornography, however, an additional factor encroaches: perversions such as child molestation, sadism and masochism, rape portrayal (or actual), trafficking and enslavement, bestiality and homosexuality (unacceptable in several religions). While “simple” prostitution and pornography, free of any perversions, should be classified along with the other vices limited to consenting adults, wherever any kind of force or other perversion creeps in, it becomes a matter for the appropriate law enforcement vice squad and the courts.

This perversion complication diverted to law enforcement and the courts, “simple” vices that are limited to self-harm can only be somewhat controlled, never eliminated. Thus, it is better that the government set safeguards and safety standards for the public good instead of leaving this to criminal and terrorist cartels, which traffic, enslave, torture and murder—and profit beyond anyone’s comprehension. That income should be diverted to government to fund programs that fix safeguards, warn citizens of the dangers and establish health centers to offset the harm caused by these vices—that continue unabated and uncontrolled if the government cedes responsibility, control and profits to criminal and terrorist cartels.

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