US Dim Reps Omar & Tlaib Hidden Agenda: “Anti-Semites”?

Dim Reps Ilhan Omar (MN) & Rashida Tlaib (MI) aren’t simple Socialist Dimocrats like AOC, et al.

They have a common agenda: Omar and Tlaib are ultimately Islamists willing to throw fellow Dim Americans, along with GOP Americans, under the bus to promote the status and power of Islam. Omar has flatly Tweeted so!

Check all of their rants against the standard of normalizing Islamism and you’ll be able to discern their anti-American underlying conspiracy “hidden agenda”—and enable you to predict their motives— in their future rants.

It’s no less important to be constantly aware that each of these are where they are because of extensive anti-American Islamist communities in MN and MI(ch) who voted them into office!

27 House “Jews” refused to censure Omar because being a Socialist Dim is more important to these Socialist Dim “Jews” than being an American or a Jew. Instead, they followed the herd of Socialist + Islamist Dims, voting for the House Resolution that papered-over Omar’s misojudaic rant!

Meanwhile, Dim “Jew” Chuck Schumer, corroborating Israeli Khareidim criticisms of non-Orthodox American Jews, attempted to divert blame, feigning false “Jewish” umbrage by calling Pres. Trump a new magnitude beyond Khutzpah (audacity). The Khutzpah is entirely Dim “Jew” Chuck Schumer’s!

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