Manafort Sentence: Lenient? Or Immoral?

The 47 mo. sentence of Paul Manafort, compared to the 20 years or more recommended by Special Counsel Mueller, is panned by many as scandalously inadequate.

But let’s take a look at another side that no one has yet mentioned. When the FBI or cops arrest a Hitleresque genocidal mass murderer guilty of crimes against humanity, a cartel head like “El Chapo”, or a mafia boss, or a hitman, or a serial killer or serial rapist or serial child molestor, etc., if law enforcement built their case on an illegal search or premise, every one of these would walk Scott free!!! Not even an hour of prison time sentenced!

The legal principle is that of the “fruit of poisonous tree”.fruit of the poisonous tree Whatever evidence and charges are derived from an illegal act by law enforcement is thrown out as “fruit of the poisonous tree”.

And it has come to light that the entire Mueller investigation—of “Trump admin collusion with Russia” remember—has been proven to stem from a fake—”poisonous tree” dossier. The key here is that law enforcement wouldn’t have caught or punished Manafort if they hadn’t been investigating, with an all-encompassing net, everybody associated with the Trump admin: from their birth onward. It isn’t legal to investigate an individual to find any crime under the sun. Thus, this was fruit of the “poisonous tree”.

I’m not a lawyer, so maybe there’s feeble, casuist, rationale for one of the exceptions. But searches and seizures “done in good faith” while based in, and dependent upon, “the poisonous tree” must be thrown out in order to stop exactly this kind of out-of-control law enforcement (i.e. FBI) political or character assassinations! The question of why the principle of “fruit of the poisonous tree” wasn’t merited by Manafort and the other victims of the Mueller investigation (perhaps excepting Cohen, who lies de convenance at every appearance) should be explained in depth.

This is critical, pivotal, in dissuading and preventing law enforcement (including the FBI) from similar political assassination “investigations”, not only in future, but already underway in current Democrat-instigated beginning political assassinations of 81 more Trump associates!

Although Manafort “deserves” punishment for his misdeeds in the eternal sense, he doesn’t deserve inequitable punishment—i.e. in excess of what other Americans get. And other Americans don’t get investigated for any unknown and undefined crime that investigators can dig up dating back to the victim’s birth. Person-directed, particularly politically-directed investigations are against the Constitution and American law—”fruit of the poisonous tree” Yet, the House has now widened their politically-directed net to 81 people—just like McCarthy!

Today’s Congress is more radical, and despicable, than that of the McCarthyism era.

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