Israeli-Diaspora Rift: Orthodox Rabbinate Abuses Non-Orthodox Jews

The modern state of Yisraeil (Israel) was intended to be the ancestral home for Jews. But the Orthodox Rabbinate has disenfranchised all non-Orthodox—nearly 85% of world Jewry—as “goyim” unless they can racially prove their maternal genetic “Jewish” DNA. (This despite Israel-Jacob being born of the same mother as his twin, Esau–patriarch of about half of the Arabs of the world!) No one outside of the Orthodox world is stupid enough to not see that the Orthodox world who supports the Rabbinate are racists!

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The recent record of modern Israel exposed the practice (documentable on the web) of Orthodox Jews of European descent kidnapping Orthodox Yemenite Jewish children and placing them with Ultra-Orthodox families in the U.S.—”to ensure they receive proper religious training”. In current news, charges have arisen of a similar practice of kidnapping Orthodox Ethiopian Jewish children to place them with Ultra-Orthodox families elsewhere—”to ensure they receive proper religious training”. These are practices that define a cult.

There is no rational limit to the near-illiterate (history and science denying) hubris of the Ultra-Orthodox. Converts are unknowingly required to deny history and science too in order to be “real converts”!

A resurgence of hatred vented toward Jews and Israel is accelerating daily world-wide, ready or not! So Israel and Jews abroad had better confront reality and stop side-stepping the question: Who triggered the hate underlying the Holocaust: Enlightened Reform or Dark Ages Orthodox? (Which were–still are–caricaturized in all of the propaganda? So, then, which suffers on account of the other?)

As oft reiterated relative to endless topics, no solution can be found until the problem is correctly defined and recognized. Anti-Semitism means “against Semites”, which includes Arabs. So calling Congresswomen Omar or Tlaib “antisemites” is laughably oxymoronic, an unforced error leading nowhere except self-defeat. These people are Semites against Judaism (i.e. Tanakh/​Torah), which defines every legitimate Jew. (And there’s no such thing as Semetes or “Semetic”!) Similarly, Judeophobia means fear of Jews; which is conspicuously absurd. The correct term is miso-Judaism, from the Greek miso, meaning hate; the hatred of Judaic people, Judaism and all things Judaic.

Originally, from our inception with Avraham c. B.C.E. 2000, Benei-Yisraeil (the Sons of Israel) were defined as children of the Creator–Singularity of reality—i.e. the universe—י‑‑ה. Critically, Benei-Yisraeil has always been defined in the direct service of the real-universe (reality, not imaginary supernatural Egypto-Helllenist delusional) י‑‑ה.

Accordingly, for the entire history of Benei-Yisraeil—prior to the Rabbinate—Jews have been defined as direct servants of the Creator–Singularity of reality—i.e. the universe—י‑‑ה.

Now, however, the Israeli Orthodox Rabbinate stands unswervingly, unrelentingly and with an iron fist interposing themselves in-between י‑‑ה and Benei-Yisraeil; requiring Jews to deny history, science and reality, acceding to Dark Ages rituals—that didn’t exist for the first 2 millennia of Benei-Yisraeil—or be disenfranchised as a “goy”. These are fake Jews that Mosheh wouldn’t recognize!!!

Thus, by the worldly certification deriving from a secular Israeli state (which Chief Rabbi Lau likens, in a recent i24 interview,Mike Wagenheim. One-on-One with Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi David Lau. i24 News. 2019.03.05. to a New Jersey driving license) the Israeli Orthodox Rabbinate is kidnapping the children of י‑‑ה into their Orthodox Kha•reid•i cult little different from their physical kidnappings ‘to ensure a proper religious upbringing’!!! Now totally replacing י‑‑ה with their own rule of Dark Ages ritual, Orthodox rabbis have lost their Way—Dërëkh י‑‑ה.

What Rabbi Lau, the Israeli Rabbinate and Orthodox Jews argue for didn’t exist for the first–original–2 and a half millennia of Benei-Yisraeil!!! It is Dark Ages “Orthodoxy” who are the reformists!!! And that suggests that it was the Enlightenment Jews who, like Rambam, Ribi Yehoshua and Hileil, were Restorers of authentic, original Torah!

Orthodox Jews are required to follow anti-historical and anti-scientific—i.e. anti-reality— Dark Ages (2500 years after the fact and 1500 years after Mosheh) “interpretations” of Orthodox rabbis, instead of י‑‑ה. Consequently, Orthodox Jews have been led astray into the Orthodox Rabbinate cult displacing the direct service of י‑‑ה.

It’s no wonder that non-Orthodox Jews—and “Rabbinate-questionable converts”—defy delusional rabbis rather than reality!

And that is the core of the Orthodox/​non-Orthodox (Israeli/​Diaspora) rift!

The rift will improve or worsen as Israelis embrace or reject the absurdarchy of exclusive Orthodox religious rule.

Meanwhile, America has its own, parallel, internal rift within the American Jewish community—compounded by historical politics. The Democrat party has historically leaned toward “the people” over “corporate capitalism” of the GOP. Jews, in shock from the Shoah, flocked to the party of “the people”, while any hint of an “establishment”, reminding them of the Nazis, drove them in wild fear away from the GOP. Remnants of that fear continue to drive the brunt of today’s American Jews into the abyss of the Democrat party that has—naturally—slid into the same “everything to the people” uptopian delusional socialism that gave birth to the National sozialistische party in 1930s Germany! As non-Jewish American Democrats gradually precipitate toward their common ground, the cognitive dissonance of American Democrat Jews will only increase until something shatters.

At some point, American Jewish Democrats will recognize that their Democrat world is not their promised land, nor the only America.

Further, at some point reality will overwhelm ghettoism so that even Israeli Orthodox will be overwhelmed by reality and recognize that American Christians, although religiously intractably incompatible, have become sufficiently educated that they no longer constitute a threat. Further education—Netzarim style—can upgrade them into Torah.

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