Israelis See Distortion Of American Jewry Thru Tainted Lenses

A couple of articles pertinent to the ‘Jewish Israeli-American Rift’, and pivoting on liberal American-Jewish/​Democrat Trumpophobia, appeared in Israel haYom yesterday (2019.02.19): one by an insider Jewish-American diplomat, Elliott Abrams (Are American Jews disenchanted with Israel?), and the other by a Belgian-Australian Israeli Jew, Isi Leibler (The disintegration of American Jewry).

These articles should both be understood on the background fabric of a 2018.10.29 New York Times op-ed by former Israeli ambassador to the United States and member of the Israeli Knesset, Michael B. Oren (What Israel Owes American Jews, The nation-state of the Jews must recognize Conservative and Reform Judaism.).

(Full disclosure: I’m an Israeli-American, Originalist-Orthodox, Nᵊtzâr•im Jew; i.e. advocating a logical and scientific interpretation of Torah and Tanakh as it was conveyed at Har Sinai by Mosheh (who, btw, was NOT a “rabeinu”The first rabbi wasn't conceived until nearly 1½ millennia later, BCE 165) that restores the historic tolerance of diverse Jewish thinking. Such tolerance of diversity is an innate American Jewish, but predominantly not an official (i.e. Ultra-Orthodox/​Kha•reid•i) Israeli Jewish, characteristic.

While Oren’s article is technically accurate, he follows the Israeli secular mantra of lumping “the religious” together: the 8% Ultra-Orthodox/​Kha•reid•i in with the 12% Orthodox to arrive at a total of 20% of Israeli voters, “most of [whom] view the liberal strains of Judaism as a heresy”.

Entirely ignored are the approx. 60% of “traditional” Israeli Jews who, unbeknownst to themselves and shielded from that English-exclusive knowledge by Israeli Ultra-Orthodox and political leaders alike, are religiously indistinguishable from Diaspora non-Orthodox Jews. Thus, while Oren and other Israelis describe a near-monolithic Israeli rejection of American non-Orthodox Jews, the fact is that, if Israelis were accurately informed, only the 8% of Ultra-Orthodox + some Orthodox Israeli Jews would oppose non-Orthodox American Jews or Judaism – and that because they fear diverse opinion that threatens their Dark Ages-anchored rule in Israel. This is exacerbated by the inordinate political clout wielded by the Ultra-Orthodox kingmakers in practically every post-election coalition. All indications are that hold for the 2019.04 elections as well.

While Israeli commentators scrupulously restrict their perspective to information that corroborates Israeli preconceived beliefs about American Jewry (like Mr. Leibler), Abrams’ analysis is informed both by being an insider (American Jew) and basing his article on actual input from American Jewry.

The American Reform definition of “Who Is A Jew” differs from the Israeli legal definition, dictated by the Israeli Ultra-Orthodox Rabbinate, which requires either matrilineal genetic descent or the Israeli Ultra-Orthodox standard of conversions and documentation. The result is that countless non-Orthodox American “Jews”, and all of their converts, despite being virtually indistinguishable from most traditional Israeli Jews, are excluded in Israel, brusquely, as goyim!

Given such a shocking, cavalier Israeli severing of perhaps 90% of world Tᵊphutz•âh Jewry (goyim?) from Israeli Jewry, no intelligent person can defend bewilderment why non-Orthodox American Jews don’t identify in lockstep with Israeli Jews! Nor why American Jews don’t devote time or resources developing a micropolitical, or microreligious, understanding of threats to Israel.

Ah, Mr. Abrams (based on the J Street poll) seems to demonstrate, but American Jews don’t know these things and don’t care: “Perhaps most strikingly, respondents were asked, “How much have you heard about Israeli policy toward the non-Orthodox population, such as who can pray at the Western Wall, who can perform marriage ceremonies, who can grant divorces, and who can convert to Judaism?” This has been a source of constant controversy, especially with the largest denomination among American Jews, the Reform movement… 65% have heard little or just plain nothing.” (hi-liting added)

Scrutinizing the J Street questions,27 & 28 framing the questions in terms that interviewees were asked whether they were informed on internal Israeli matters of “who can pray at the Western Wall, who can perform marriage ceremonies, who can grant divorces, and who can convert to Judaism”, and details of a daily-changing, mind-boggling, sort-of peace process, one should not be flummoxed that 65% of American Jews don’t bother to keep up with internal Israeli matters they cannot influence, are not influenced by and are represented by Israelis as not in their wheel-house and none of their concern. How can anyone be surprised? Or that they support a vague, largely undefined and malleable “2-State Solution” by 78 to 22. Simply put, they merely want an end to the conflict and peace for Israel–without getting bogged down in details that are constantly in flux and unsettled anyway.

Notably, the more general (less detailed) knowledge of Israeli policy toward the non-Orthodox American Jews has resulted in double the number of American Jews negatively-impacted as positively-impacted!

Oren tripped over the same carelessness as so many others before and after him: the Basic Law: Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People applies only to Israeli Rabbinate-defined Jews, disrecognizing, disenfranchising and excluding the vast majority of American Jews!!! Contrary to Oren, the still-disputed law does not begin to “includ[e all Jews] in America”! To Oren’s credit, though, he’s partially correct in pointing out, “The nonrecognition of Conservative and Reform Judaism is incompatible with both the intent and the spirit of the law.” Regarding the intent of the law—more accurately the Ultra-Orthodox enablers’ intent—I’m persuaded that they, particularly, clearly intend for this law to apply only to their kind of Jews—and it is also those same Ultra-Orthodox who operate the Rabbinate that decides to whom it applies!

On the other hand, Liebler, too, has a valid point. Although Liebler is blind to the contra-democratic rule of the Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•im “tail that wags the sheep” over “Jewish” matters in Israel, it’s indisputable that American non-Orthodox Jews have followed American Liberal Democrats off the deep end like brainless lemmings into Trumpophobic hysteria that has dwarfed McCarthyism. American non-Orthodox Jews have aided and abetted BDS and turned a blind eye toward BLM black supremacist racism—”an organization that accused Israel of ethnic cleansing”.

Contrary to Liebler, however, I find no evidence that these American non-Orthodox Jews are either “self-hating” or “deviants”. Rather, they are humanzees to be weaned from their dependence on “safe zones”, chemical tranquilizations and psychotherapy to remain disconnected—protected—from inconvenient reality.

Liebler’s insistence that “Those committed to Israel… should set aside the absurdity of promoting the “big tent” and seeking to engage in dialogue with Jews opposed to Israel’s right to defend itself” is a callous call to excise 90% of world Jewry! Such a call is abhorrent and unworthy of a Jew. Liebler fails to understand that these Jews are Americans talking to Americans. America’s core value is tolerance of others’ religion, guaranteeing that no one should ever face a choice between being an American and pursuing his or her religion. Americans should engage in dialogue with other Americans, of whatever persuasion. No Belgian-Australian Jew has any business telling Americans otherwise! In other word, Mr. Liebler, when it comes to how any Americans engage with any other Americans, you are irrelevant and out of order!

Mr. Abrams is right about one thing: “what everyone knows is simply wrong”! While the J Street survey, self-servingly, notes no great rift between Israeli and American Jews, there is no escaping the observation that Israel’s political realities of Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•i absurdarchy have already defined 90% of world Jewry as goyim. It’s only a matter of time until that unavoidable reality inexorably hits the proverbial fan.

(Republishing my articles and short quotations from the Netzarim website ( is encouraged as long as proper citation credit is prominently noted to Paqid Yirmeyahu, this blog and further information at

5 thoughts on “Israelis See Distortion Of American Jewry Thru Tainted Lenses

  1. One could hope that bio-medical education could someday sort out the genderless from the perverts. We’ll have to forge a way, perhaps unilaterally, toward eventual deconfliction with the Arabs (though, imo, with a non-contiguous network of demilitarized Arab enclaves, not a separate state). But some Israeli news outlets reporting tonight that B&W party couldn’t form a coalition without both, Arab & Khareidim parties. In other words, even if B&W wins the election, they only get first crack at trying to form a coalition. According to these news bobbleheads (how much faith in their analyses?), B&W won’t be able to form a coalition even then so it goes to Likud. If Likud wins, they form the same old coalition from the getgo. Either way, same old same old. A motion-activated landmine dilemma. For that, I can stay home and at least not have any hand in the mess and not be bothered.


    • I agree. They are all too much alike to vote for any of them. The election is mostly for who will get a car and go to the biggest parties, and of course money for shas, utj, and their ilk.


  2. I was reading the “Law of Return,” from the jewish agency website. Until jewish has more than a tangential connection to Tanakh, who defines a jew, will be solely in the hands of politicians that ignore at best but usually fight logic, science, and history. It should be enough to cite arieh deri as the head of the Misrad HaPanim.

    Moshe Feiglin will probably side also with the jewish supremacist religious chiefs.

    From zehutinternational(dot)com:
    State Conversion and the Law of Return:

    “Zehut believes that the conversion that grants eligibility to immigrate to Israel and to obtain Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return must be carried out properly, accepted by the people of Israel, by courts authorized by the Rabbinate and by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.”

    As for the majority of jews in the usa, if they remain in the democratic party, the party that has shown what it has been for decades, deceitful degenerates, but now does so unabashedly, מה אכפת לנו? Their support comes at a price too high to pay.


    • Thanks for your input and being part of thoughtful diverse inquiries and discussion. In areas where logic and science leave uncertainty we value tolerance and diverse input. It’s an old joke that wherever there are two Jews there are at least three viewpoints.

      Although I’m sure we’d both be delighted to be wrong, I agree with your assessment that Feiglin/​Zᵊhut will remain in lock-step with what the rest of the world is beginning to recognize as Dark-Ages-anchored, racist, Fake Orthodox (& Rabbinate).

      Although there are a few free-will, thinking, exemplary Orthodox (identified in the Blue & White party crowds by their kip•âh) who have pulled out of the ranks of the racist radical Right, most continue blindly idolizing (=idolaters), and fall-in, lockstep, behind the racist radical Right Fake Orthodox rabbis and Rabbinate, hypocrites who are NOT any kind of Torah Authority.

      Despite the best efforts of the radical racist Right Dark-Ages Fake Orthodox & Rabbinate to paint the “Blue & White” party as the Radical Left (i.e. Meretz & Labor), the Blue & White party is the Israel Moderate Center. Not yet recognized, these are also unpretentiously real-world Torah-centric (i.e. true Orthodox) Jews who refuse the fake authority of the Fake Orthodox & Rabbinate racism and Dark Ages idolatry!

      Israel is not a U.S. state and the American Right is inherently incompatible with the Israeli Right. (The same dichotomy holds regarding the two Lefts.) Nᵊtanyahu is NOT Trump! I hope both Israeli voters and Trump are intelligent and prudent enough to have recognized that and not be dragged down by it. Reality is, however, that Israeli voters, like American voters, have a high proportion of humanzees.

      It remains to be seen what kind of demands the Blue & White coalition would, if they win the election, accede to the Arab parties. We’ve been there before and it was far less dangerous than the demands of the Radical and racist Dark Ages and “Messianic” (Temple Now!) Fake Orthodox & Rabbinate.

      The American Liberal non-Orthodox (i.e. Reform and Conservative), Dim-ocrat Jews, practically indistinguishable from Israeli Centrist Jews, are very different from the Israeli Left, who are atheist or agnostic and vehemently anti-religious. That the Israeli (now exposed as radical racist) “religious” (Fake Orthodox & Rabbinate) Right portrays all Jews who refuse to adhere to Fake Orthodox standards as “Leftists Goyim” shouldn’t be surprising.

      But the notion that an intelligent person choosing to become Torah-centric has to deny historical documentation, logic, science and reality—which includes the real universe along with its Real Creator-Singularity and Torah (Instruction Manual For Life) is nothing—NOTHING—short of naked idolatry!

      So, depending on the Blue & White party’s positioning vis-à-vis the Arab parties, I’ll likely vote for the Centrists’ Blue & White party.

      Certainly, I will in NO case vote for the continuation of the Fake Orthodox & Rabbinate tail wagging the sheep.

      When will the realization come that it is these radical, racist Fake Orthodox & Rabbinate who are fueling the world’s engines of miso-Judaism?

      Liked by 1 person

      • It is a shame a literally crying shame when a Moderate Center can advocate for murdering innocent babies and advocate for lgbtq. But at least they seem to be ignorantly wrong and not wearing religious garb to cover their atrocities. I really am at odds to cast a vote.

        One of the contractors at work said she would vote for gantz because he was good looking. Maybe that’s the simple solution that I have been missing, although I couldn’t get away with saying I would vote for a women let alone a man because I thought they were good looking. I have commented in other places that I would compare all elections to high school popularity voting.


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