Israel Election 2019: Discerning The Tail That Will Wag The Sheep

The consensus of practically every analyst and commentator is that Israel’s political parties are arraying themselves upon either of two bases: a coalition based on the Ultra-Orthodox Khareidim or a coalition based on the Arab parties.

So there you are, standing on a land-mine. The ultimate dilemma: if you step off, boom! If you stand still, eventually you fall and go boom!

Neither of these alternatives should be acceptable. IMO, voting for either is stepping on the land-mine, for which you will be responsible and accountable – and you will go boom!

The only way this can be resolved is for the Israeli center to be sufficiently pressured by world Jewry to weld closed the rupture that has fractured the Jewish centers’ world: the Ultra-Orthodox absurdarchy disenfranchising 80% of world Jewry.

And this will not happen until Jews face a real world lie: Orthodox tolerance and accommodation.

When a non-Orthodox Jew visits an Orthodox relative or friend, the non-Orthodox Jew is expected to be tolerant and accommodating of Orthodox contra-historical and contra-factual, reality-denying absurdities. But when that Orthodox relative or friend visits the non-Orthodox Jew does the Orthodox Jew then use electricity on Shabat et al.?

The harsh fact is that it is only the non-Orthodox who are expected to be tolerant and accommodating; and that to contra-historical and contra-factual, reality-denying rabbinic absurdities!

In cases where today’s Orthodox stand for real-world Torah of Mosheh. this is understandable and defensible, and in the many originalist Mosheh-compatible and reality-compatible cases I back the rabbis. But numerous contra-historical and contra-factual, reality-denying rabbinic absurdities are multiple, intractable contradictions of Mosheh! In those many cases that today’s rabbis are anchored in the Dark Ages mindset, in the words of Shlomoh ha-Melekh,Mishlei-Shlomoh 26.11 “like dogs returning to their vomit”, I and Nᵊtzâr•im, as Originalist-Orthodox Jews, demur.

So, which will bring this rupture-repair closer to realization, an Arab parties tail wagging the sheep? Or a contra-historical and contra-factual, reality-denying rabbinic absurdarchy (rule by absurdity) fracturing world Jewry in the tradition of BCE 722 and 70 & 135 CE?

The answer is: neither! It’s a land-mine dilemma. Voters shouldn’t have support of either on their record in Ō•lâm ha-Bâ.

If no other option arises, I advise not supporting either.

Update 2019.02.18 (Arutz 7) — Regarding “a Kan 11 News poll published on [2019.02.17] evening and conducted by the Direct Polls Institute… These results mean that a right wing-haredi bloc made up of the Likud, the New Right, United Torah Judaism, Shas, Yisrael Beytenu and Kulanu yields a coalition of 63 seats… On the other hand, the left-center bloc stands at just 45 seats. This bloc would be made up of Israel Resilience, Yesh Atid, Labor and Meretz. Even if the two Arab parties agree to be part of such a bloc, it would only have a total of 57 seats”

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2 thoughts on “Israel Election 2019: Discerning The Tail That Will Wag The Sheep

  1. Right now, I think I am in between a similar situation. West Virginia Unions have called a strike over charter schools and Education Savings Accounts. I do not have an issue with these. I belong to a professional association and not a member of a union. I want to support my co-teachers but not the causes of the strike. I think I will stay home.


    • Unions are one expression of liberals, while liberals have become increasingly intolerant of diversity of opinion. Thus, it would appear that you’ll be beset by a very thin, slack-line to walk. Maybe I’m being overly skeptical or cynical; but I think I’m just keeping it real.


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