Religion: Out of the Dark Ages Into Real-World Light

Latest Update (correction/clarification) 2019.02.14

Why? The Answer!

I read and contemplate, therefore I exist as a sentient.

My 5 senses perceive external influences upon me. Since nothing in my perceived universe exists without a cause, there is an Extra-universe Prime Cause; a Creator-Singularity, of both me and my perceived universe. This Extra-universe Prime Cause is best described by the Name י‑‑ה, meaning loosely, “I can only be perceived as incorporeal and unique; I am whatever I, exclusively, am.”

The Nᵊtzârim are built exclusively on the base of documented historical truth, objectively analyzed exclusively according to logical/scientific reasoning. Nothing is “in” nor “out” based on rabbinic, or other clerics’, absurdarchy (rule by absurdity — earth only 5779 years old, dinosaurs never existed, a giant frog created that Egyptian plague, Moses–the conveyor of Torah to Israel– rabbinicized to “rabeinu”, disuse imperative of electricity on Shabat, archeological tephilin of Bar Kokhva not kosher, blue cord in tzitzit not kosher, kipah required, horse-radish, salt water, lettuce, celery, crackers (rather than historical unleavened flat-bread) & historically changed 4 Questions in Pesakh Seider, contra-Tanakh definition of a Jew, et al.; Paul’s Hellenist Roman transformation of Zeus into Jesus creating–c. 60 CE–Christianity, Mohammed riding Pegasus to Jerusalem, et al.).

Update 2019.02.14 — Fudging reality to suit religious and political beliefs is a polite way of describing perversion of reality, denying reality, living in delusional land, bizarro world—and that’s the core definition of insanity. Displacing reality with delusion displaces the real-universe Creator-Singularity י‑‑ה with a fictitious contra-reality idol-creator—and displacement of י‑‑ה by anything is an idol! Thus, any deviation from reality is idolatry.

Update 2019.02.14 (cont.) The modern trend in education of participation-trophied, safe-zoning from inconvenient realities/​truths is yet-another “genius” claptrap idea that is drowning America in Nazism 2.0. Popularly labeled “Snowflakes”, these humanzees have never been intellectually immunized against National Sozialistische (Nazis) 1.0, who perpetrated the Sho•âh. What the world faces today is Socialist Nationalists (Nazis) on steroids: Globale Sozialistisches 2.0 (Glozis; Globalist Socialists), Dimocrats who have already elected anti-Israel misojudaics Minnesota US Congressional Rep. Ilhan Omar and Michigan US Congressional Rep. “Palestinian” Rashida Tlaib!

Update 2019.02.14 (cont.) It’s the same battle, with same combatants, as yesterlennia: Good/​Sons of Light/​Truth-Reality vs Evil/​Sons of Darkness/​Delusion-Idolatry-Insanity

Update 2019.02.14 (cont.) Today, women have independent decision. But that entails independent responsibilities and accountabilities. I can speak only for myself. But (Yᵊhoshua 24.15), as for me, I will forever love ardently and remain loyal and faithful to my Creator-Singularity: י‑‑ה according to Tanakh/​Torah and Halakhah interpreted according to reality/​computable-logic, documented history and science – not any mortal substitute religious fake “authority” or their absurdarchy.

There is no other exception. Only the extent of reality-denial varies. Every modern religion rejects whatever aspects they find incompatible with their ossified beliefs; denying logic-ruled, physics- and science-compatible reality, the real universe — and, by extension, the real Creator-Singularity, י‑‑ה. Every religion today is based on a Dark Ages platform and subservient to rulers governed by Dark Ages superstitions! Even every “Abrahamic” religion, without exception. Yes, Christian, Muslim, streams of Judaism and even Orthodox—and especially Ultra-Orthodox rabbinic absurdarchy (which, by its displacing real-world Torah and י‑‑ה, deceives the world into their naked idolatry)!

A further grammatical explanation: humans lack even the pronouns to relate genderlessly, much less incorporeally, to י‑‑ה. Because י‑‑ה is necessarily pre-physical and extra-physical, i.e. incorporeal, all human pronouns misguide the contemplator, reversing perspective back toward humans, at every turn. Coining a new set of pronouns wouldn’t fix people’s tendency to project a gender. Hence, the only alternative seems to avoid Pronouns entirely and use the Name in every instance.

If you insist on reality and truth, then anything that comes between you and truth reasoned by rules of computable-logic is false, delusional, evil, darkness and displacement theology–therefore idolatrous.

Even Tanakh, י‑‑ה‘s “Life’s Instruction Manual”, is proven to contain human-origin, scribal errors. Thus, there can be no exception to subjecting every input to computable-logic to ascertain historical integrity and truth in any intelligent attempt to relate to our Prime Cause. By this standard, there is no gray area: every Dark Ages religious absurdarchy is evil, displacement theology idolatry—along with their advocate clerics!

Immorality in the human condition is curable by study and education (a perfect example are those with Downs Syndrome: not super-smart but I’ve never heard of one who wasn’t loving and harming no one – which is incomparably superior to the endless hordes of humanzees), who persist in mindlessly following any tail in front; terminally stupid tools of evil.

Exhaustive details in the sole legitimate Israeli Originalist Jewish Netzarim website:

(Republishing my articles and short quotations from the Netzarim website ( is encouraged as long as proper citation credit is prominently noted to Paqid Yirmeyahu, this blog and further information at

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