Parashat Tᵊtzauweh, 7th Eve

Didn’t manage to finish this week’s entire Bedtime Tanakh Stories parashah in time (all adult parshot accessible via Beit Kneset icon-link to Seipher Torah icon-link in our website at, but here’s 7th Eve:
Parashat Tᵊtzauweh, 7th Eve (Motzaei Shabat); Zekharyah’s Vision: the Netzarim Logo

Next year, bᵊ-Ezrat ha-Sheim, we’ll be further along. Although, it seems increasingly critical that practically all of humanity isn’t capable of relating from the get-go; suggesting that “square one” needs to be improved. So, I may be devoting time and writing to that, and Israeli and American developments (or devolvements?) instead.


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