Full Year Of Science-Friendly Tor•âhꞋ Family Bedtime Bible Stories

Parashat Mishpatim

Coming up last Shabat in 5779.11 (first Shabat in 2019.02). Most complicated subject matter to format (material covers 7 years, arranged by Shemitah years). It’s been a long siege getting this one done. Hope yall enjoy it and learn.

To review, these Bible stories are a parental syllabus. Written at a parental, science-friendly, level, it’s then up to the parent to “tell” the story to their child at the individual child’s level. Extensive notes and documentation is included in the stories to enable parents to answer virtually every question.

Check it out at: http://www.netzarim.co.il/FYSFJBBS/BBS_title_page.htm

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