The Soul Component

“Soul” is the English perception of the Hebrew nëphësh.

From America to Europe and across the globe, we’re seeing an unprecedented, historical avalanche of “snowflake” humanzeesDid Human Evolution Fork circa 1960? unequipped and unable to cope with life without the aid of drugs, resort to crime or ending it all for as many as possible as a final act.

There’s no better explanation for the Las Vegas shooter, and a number of other “inexplicable” killing sprees: overwhelming and drowning rage (or depression) at the seeming intractability of purposelessness in life, causing an overwhelming rage (or depression) at life and the world. This seething rage (or depression) is not always evident on the surface; and, like volcanoes, there isn’t yet any efficient detection to predict eruptions. The higher the intelligence, the better it is kept hidden. How many others, including unsolved missing persons and how many shootings, knifings, murders and other assaults, protest-riots, radical religious and racist cults?

What is the theorized gene, particle or factor(s) that can account for an apparent genetic link among individuals struggling, or increasingly unable, to cope with life?

Unsnarling This Enigma Illuminates “The Solution”

Before jumping to a genetic, or racial, conclusion, a reminder is in order: post hoc ergo propter hoc: the logical fallacy of assuming that chronological precession of something relative to a phenomenon or event implies it was the cause.

Disparate, mutually exclusive and intractably conflicted religions – including yours – within standard margins of error, exhibit statistically identical rates of seriously documented supernatural prayer results, healings, prophecies, drug addictions, crime, corruption, deterioration and insanity. A religion that works, however, wouldn’t manifest results that remain within the margin of error of randomness and no better than other religions.

The rare and inexplicable cure of an individual from some disease manifests equally throughout all religions and non-religious. Though it fools the logic-impaired, a rare anecdote doesn’t substantiate the prayer of any particular individual or religious group (statistically randomly sprinkled throughout all religions), much less neutralize the contradiction of innumerably more unanswered or denied prayers of that person or religion that didn’t work. Anything less than 100% success in prayer contradicts the Perfection of the True Creator-Singularity – proving itself a self-contradicting lie! Anecdotal tunnel-vision doesn’t rise even to the level of a humanzee. That’s not hyperbole. Demonstrated fact: chimps exhibit pragmatic logic superior to this in innumerable scientific experiments. Any argument that this is due to chimps being unaware of a Creator is (a) projected conjecture and (b) irrelevant, changing nothing. We don’t know what we don’t know. There are certainly innumerable things that humans aren’t aware of; some of which may render us accidentally superior in some ways and accidentally inferior in others. Unawareness changes neither the superior ways nor the inferior ways.

The Glitch

Just as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is well recognized by scientists as flawed (contradicted by Quantum Physics, fueling the search for the Theory of Everything), my Theory of the Nëphësh has always evaded identification, confusing it with notion one’s sensory self-location, which scientists now routinely demonstrate to be self-deceptive. For some time now, people have been able to routinely experience out-of-body events at neuroscience labs of many universities around the world. Inevitably, if not already, this mind-blowing videocam illusionroutine univ. scientific lab out-of-body experience will soon be an amusement park ride near you.

For decades, I’ve been stumped trying to tweak my Theory of the Nëphësh to work for everyone. But this reasoning remain gnarlily contradicted by a significant number of scientists of all religions, who seemed unbothered by this unbridgeable mutual exclusivity. My theory – that religious surreality must inexorably produce unacceptable cognitive dissonance (i.e. dissatisfaction) by its intractable contradiction of reality – explained the behavior of everyone except highly intelligent and science-educated people, who seemed immune to the intractable contradiction between religious surreality and scientific reality.

Turns out, the truly super intelligent, science-educated people are (a) not as immune to this intellectual breakdown as it seems and (b) they’re better able to make a delusion work for them that others simply aren’t capable of pulling off. That delusion isn’t very different in kind from the delusion employed by the rich for the same reason. While the rich conform their immediate surroundings to their surrealism (then expecting the masses to enjoy the same by socialism while lacking their wealth to construct a surrealistic delusion bubble), many religious scientists are able to mentally compartmentalize their religious “reality” from the physical reality – may the intractably contradictory twain ne’er meet.

It perplexed me how scientists who are religious could simultaneously realize and continue to entertain both of the intractably incompatible two “realities” without going insane.

But, it turns out, however slowly and imperceptibly, and however well they hide it, this nurturing such cognitive dissonance is the definition of insanity from the get-go. Further, it helps to explain the exploding demand-driving-supply growth of the psychology Ph.D. shamans in parallel with the many – and growing – mental “breakdowns”, resorting to an epidemic of self-medication (drug abuse) and suicides in a group that one should expect to be most understanding and comfortable relating the real world to the real Creator-Singularity.

This Pandora’s Box should warn you to be more aware of the limitations of their science and deeply and profoundly critical of their religion – ’cause they, too, are crashing and burning. Nurturing religious surreality while trying to cling to reality is not working for religious scientists either!

Turns out, my theory seems to hold for everyone: religious surreality cannot co-exist with reality.

My theory, however, is merely a restatement of the law that idolatry (surreality) cannot coexist with faithfulness to the Creator-Singularity of the universe (reality); that one must lᵊ‑ha•vᵊdil between the dësh (reality) and the khōl (surreality).

Cracking this long-running enigma enables the light to shine on the likely epidemic affecting the entirety of the population: socialist and “Islam friendly” surreal education, over the last centuryHistory of socialism infusion into America's education systems has become entirely disconnected from reality, pumping out waves of highly-degreed intellectual humanzees behind the avalanche of mental “breakdowns”, drug abuse, and suicidal overdosing humanzees (popularly, but misleadingly, “snowflakes”) – to whom this process simply happens at a far faster pace that is more easily discerned.

Thus, there is this most basic, core commonality: a core cognitive dissonance that’s causing the terrible deterioration and class bifurcation, everything from socialist “snowflakes” to drug abuse, for the entire population in the “free democratic” nations.

The Vector

This intractable contradiction is so innocuous that the magnitude of its insidiousness has never been recognized. Accordingly, it is unknowingly introduced to nearly everyone from the time (s)he learns to speak, by one’s own parents!

It’s not genetic, nor racist, nor genderist; and it manifests in every major religion and shaman cult, perhaps everywhere in the world.

This disconnection of surreality from reality, which later metastasizes like a cancer over one’s entire lifetime until it overwhelms the individual’s will, taking control of his or her soul; with the inevitable consequent overwhelming cognitive dissonance. In other words, an uncontrolled crash mental breakdown with its various manifestations.

The introduction of surreal stories as reality infects a child’s mental systems from the very get-go of language. Perhaps the best example is the Christian Santa Claus, but there are similar examples in every culture and religion – for no sane reason. Many Christian parents tell their children, with total seriousness and sincerity, that Santa Claus is real, along with a plethora of other myths.[Note 1] Jews tell their children a parallel myth that Eliyahu visits their Seider;[Note 2] Muslims that Muhammed rode a flying Pegasus horse. The common thread seems to be: “Teach your children, by all means including fantastical, mythical hyperbole represented to be absolute and unquestionable truth. Persuade your children, at all costs, that your god, religion and clerics are more powerful than their god, religion and clerics.” Neither Truth nor inevitable eventual consequent mental crash ever enters that decision.

When I was a kid, popular “classic” children’s stories were conspicuously bizarre. Rhymes about the Black Plague (Ring Around the Rosy), 3 men in a tub, 3 blind mice, Rock-a-bye baby (who fell from) in the treetop, Jack & Jill, etc. I suspect such rhymes and stories must trace back to some Machiavellian tyrant who was deliberately sowing discord among the peasants to distract them from revolting against his rule. Although today’s stories seem more harmless, lies remain lies, sabotaging your child’s future trust that what you tell them may be just another of your lies. A lack of a firm base for their life.

But the fact is: you’re teaching your child that you lie to them capriciously; that your child cannot trust, cannot rely upon, his or her own parent(s). Once broken, trust is never fully healed. Such children start life with their life’s intellect built on quicksand.

Thus, the onus on the parent to confront, deal with and rid his or her life of everything incompatible with reality.

Unmistakable Boundaries From Get-Go Between Reality v Surreal Fiction (e.g. Cartoons)

In my youth, cartoons were absolutely unrealistic. No child I ever knew ever confused Daffy Duck, the Roadrunner or Yosemite Sam with the real world. Nor did any ever confuse the idea of a bomb or boulder landing on Wile E. Coyote had any connection to dropping a bomb or boulder on a person. Nor do children watching these cartoons today have any difficulty separating cartoon from the real world.

But, in today’s digital world of “realistic” TV animations and CGI (computer-generated imagery, in contrast to obvious sketched cartoons), especially violent (action) adult-oriented graphics (that children obtain and view), those two worlds are blurring, and they are blurring the digital and real world in the minds of some adults – a group that may be on the rise as the virtual world increasingly blurs with reality.

Atheists & Agnostics Immune?

It is often argued that many people are unconcerned about religion and, therefore, this group doesn’t embrace surreality along with reality. This would imply that atheists and agnostics wouldn’t suffer from the cognitive dissonance generated by the surreality-reality conundrum.

However, practically everyone is concerned about what to do with his or her life, figuring out what is meaningful and worthwhile in life, what’s important to accomplish, what self-actualization means, etc. This life-long investigation, inexorably, involves questioning the meaning of our existence, who we are, why we are, what, if anything, comes next and why. I.e. religion in its pure sense, in contrast to institutionalized, imposed, cleric interpreted “religion”. This group simply has a different set of selectivity rules (surreality) that excludes inconvenient and unsettling documented historical facts and science (reality). Those distancing themselves from “religion” are no less concerned about their place in life and time than anyone else. Therefore, they are subject to the same conundrum between the surreality and reality.

The Villain

The effect of all of this is that the cognitive dissonance between the “don’t question (clerics’-interpreted) religious truth” (more accurately, don’t question the clerics’ or shaman’s authority) versus the facts (including science) truth of the real-world reality inexorably erodes the sanity of anyone who fails to reconcile the two. You can spot this across a broad spectrum in all religions because they have all abandoned reality in favor of surreality.

Failure to produce positive results 100% of the time (or even clearly superior to random statistics of the other religions) manifests in dissatisfaction. This is observable and well documented in either of two reactions:

  1. Those from a moderate religious background, driven by the cognitive dissonance of religion-surreality that doesn’t consistently measure up in reality, increasingly climb a ladder of radicalization in search of the elusive religious level that, clerics swear, works. If it doesn’t work, clerics conveniently point to human failing. Never finding a level that works, these increasingly dissatisfied campers continue to radicalize in the futile search for the religion that measures up to its surreality; or
  2. Those who were born in the parental hyperbole of an “Ultra” background, already radical and realizing that it doesn’t work, drop out; usually considering such search impossible and attempt to blunt or medicate the rage or depression of their intractable cognitive dissonance.

America, Europe & Global; Snowballing Avalanche of Humanzees

Even a cursory glance at America and Europe shows that, for an alarmingly increasing many, this cognitive dissonance has already grown into an overwhelming and still snowballing avalanche of broken souls, manifesting themselves in social dropping out, drug abuse to medicate their mental agony, resort to crime, venting, polarizing and psychological breakdowns. It’s far less acute among less advantaged people who are necessarily focused, instead, on physical survival.

The Theory Illuminates The Solution

This evaluation, if it holds up, offers the solution. The downside is that for anyone over the age of 3 who doesn’t relate to Torah, the solution will be intimidating. (Whomever is educated to the Torah concept of teshuvah as an instant “reset”, however, shouldn’t feel intimidated.)

The solution is simple to grasp but the realization may be part of the overwhelmingness: the True Creator of our reality (i.e. the universe) cannot be Self-contradicting. That means that the laws that govern our universe were Authored by the Creator and, therefore, are a reflection of the Creator: True and Reliable; i.e. Reality; and the Principle of Ha•vᵊdâl•âh precludes mingling Reality with khōl (Surreality, i.e. idolatry)..

By contrast, the stories told us by parents and clerics – of all popular religions – when they conflict with the historically documented or scientifically validated facts of the real world (i.e. Reality) must be renounced as lies, apostasy and idolatry.

The solution is: never accept religious “Truth” that contradicts or defies reality and the real world of science. Never teach such a thing to your child, because that someday backfires, sabotaging the child’s trust in the parent and, therefore, the child’s entire intellectual base and structure. That’s the infection of the nëphësh that matures into the insidiously destructive cognitive dissonance. Don’t plant it! And if it’s already seeded within you, destroy it at once. Renounce everything that defies documented and validated fact or doesn’t comport with contemporary advances in science. Rebuild your values and moral compass around Reality – which is True and Reliable, a robust base you can be secure, feel comfortable and eliminate the cognitive dissonance in building your future upon.

It’s Too Late For Me?

Older folk may feel it’s too late. As long as you’re still sentient it’s not too late for you to exert your will and take control of your life! (First, while help assists in recovery from drug dependence, don’t depend on any human being for your the recovery of your nëphësh – including me. That’s something no one can do for you. You must accept responsibility and accountability for yourself and your actions.) Recognize, however, how short an instant in time our lifespan is relative to the age of the universe and compare that to the duration of whatever may come next. How much longer a next stage would be compared to the blink of present lifetime. That would mean that even a short correction in your current lifetime would have an eternal payoff. In other words, as long as you’re still alive, it’s never too late. It may be too late in terms of earthly justice (it won’t, and shouldn’t, evoke mercy from an earthly victim or judge, nor get prisoners out of jail), but I’m speaking of a subsequent, post-physical (i.e. after bodily death), stage of existence.

This means that, without exception, anyone can, immediately, begin rejecting surreality to rely, instead, on reality – enabling for the first time a pipeline to the Creator-Singularity Who Authored the physical universe of reality.

Regardless how late in life you may find yourself, in terms of an eternal afterlife, there is almost no difference from someone who made this decision as a child.

The choice is yours to accept responsibility for yourself and assert your free will to confront and deal with reality of the Creator of our universe instead of the relics of our ancient idolatrous surreality touted by religious clerics and shamans.

If it ain’t fact, switch direction to comport with historically documented fact and scientifically validated reality. That’s where you’ll find the Creator-Singularity – and His Torah.


Note 1: The Egyptian-Hellenist, Horus-Zeus/Jesus man-god return from the dead is idolatrous myth contradicting reality and morphed by Paul with no serious or logical basis in documented historical fact. (That Paul was an excised apostate from the Netzarim who conceived and promoted the myth is historical fact; maintaining that the myth related historical reality contradicts the Creator’s Laws and reality. He is Immutable, not self-contradicting.)

Note 2: Torah is the only True “Life’s Instruction Manual”, BUT — the history-contradicting traditions that a giant frog issued the frog plague, the world was created less than 6k years ago, horseradish is a Biblical element of the Seider tray, the Four Questions weren’t reformed, the Mezuzah scroll wasn’t reformed, tephilin weren’t reformed, wearing a kipah isn’t a reform, European Jews didn’t assimilate Yiddish from German or displace Biblical Khalah with struckla xmas loaf, an etrog is the proper element of a lulav, Rosh ha-Shanah wasn’t assimilated from Egypt, rabbis were at Har Sinai, Halakhah prohibits electricity on Shabat, hundreds of non-food items are prohibited khameitz during Khag ha-Matzot, etc.)

(Republishing this article is encouraged as long as proper citation credit is prominently noted to Paqid Yirmeyahu, this blog and further information at

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