Why Jews Celebrate Babylonian Xmas, Speak Assimilated German-Hebrew & Eat Polish “Strucla” Loaf?

According to Tōr•âh, assimilation is unacceptable.

But, Rōsh haShân•âh is the assimilation of Babylonian autumn celebration of the birthday / New Year of Marduk! (Originalist – Nᵊtzâr•im – Jews celebrate Y ōm Tᵊrū•âh.)

That’s millennia worse than celebrating xmas!

Yiddish is simply German-corrupted /​ assimilated bastardization of Hebrew.

And, it turns out, what today’s Jews think is Khalah is, in fact, Polish-assimilated “Strucla” poppy-seed xmas loaf! Every Sha•bât.

Wakey, wakey! Ancient Israel and Yehudim were Middle-Easterners, not Dark Ages Europeans!

♫”They didn’t listen then, they’re not listening still; perhaps they never will”♪ (Vincent /​ Starry, starry night, 1972, Don McLean)


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