Without Exception, Israel Must Exact Prohibitive Price For Border Violations

“Thwarting” tunnel incursions provides no deterrence against continued tunneling efforts by Jihadists. That’s an invitation to our enemies to continue pursuing their violations of our borders at a minimal price – or no cost at all!

Border intrusions by Jihadist terrorists via tunnels underground are no less a border violation than border intrusions by Jihadist terrorists via tanks, missiles or planes aboveground.

Israel consistently shows a FUD (fear, uncertainty & doubt) factor, displaying weakness, following border intrusions (by Jihadist terrorists as well as their missiles). The opposite of deterrence, Israel’s FUD factor demonstrates to Israel’s enemies that, if they are even a little prudent, they may attack Israel’s borders repeatedly with virtual impunity. That is practically zero deterrence!

Why does Israel encourage and invite border attacks?!? Is it a political machination?

Like any other nation, Israel should insist on the right of self-defense in every and all cases of border infractions – including the right to retaliation.

In the case of tunnels, I’ve resisted giving advice because the enemy can read it as well. But there seems to be no choice. While Israel’s scientists clearly understood my allusion to “look for the giraffe, not the ossicone,” our politicians (not to be blamed on the IDF) have shown side-stepping dances in lieu of appropriate retaliation that ensures deterrence.

My advice? Tunnels headed under the Israeli border are an attack meriting retaliation at its source as well as destruction. Khiz’b-Allah isn’t even authorized by the U.N. to be there, and they are committing a war crime if they are using the house inhabitants as human shields. Israel should assume that the entrance to an attack tunnel is a military target and video-document the following:

  1. Open the tunnel with as much secrecy and surprise as possible and place a cabled (not hackable radio-controlled) autonomous fighting vehicle (AFV) (exposing no IDF soldier to danger), armed with an assault rifle and RPG, both remotely-operated by camera.
  2. Install and seal a huge, powerful fan behind the autonomous fighting vehicle.
  3. Send the AFV to the far entrance, engaging any Jihadists encountered en route.
  4. Upon reaching the far entrance, aim the RPG at the far entrance and ready it to fire.
  5. Turn on the fan and blow colored smoke under pressure though the tunnel to expose the other end.
  6. Finally, fire the RPG at the entrance (probably above the AFV).

Photos and videos of the colored smoke being blown into the tunnel on the Israeli side of the border and rising from the other end of the tunnel on the other side of the border would fix the location and demonstrate the threat posed by the tunnel, which should then be followed by the grand finale of the video seeing the far end being blown up by the autonomous vehicle.

A related question people should be asking: Doesn’t it constitute a war crime to put human shields in an aircraft transporting arms (e.g., from Iran to Lebanon)? Such an arms shipment is a legitimate military target.

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