Lieberman Resignation

What we know

  1. Israel’s response to Gaza border riots & missile attacks was puny and feckless

  2. Netanyahu lied to Israelis, reporting fake news about unanimity to cover up some questionable secret strategy hope.

Questions Remaining Unanswered

  1. Why did IDFKhamas celebrates victory & Netanyahu Wimp-outCease-fire → Lieberman resignation abandoning Israelis in the south under siege to a return of border rioters, fire kites & tunnel-terrorists attacks, as well as abandoning remains of 2 Israeli soldiers in Gaza?

    Was it to ensure Khamas continues vis-à-vis PA to prevent a reconciliation between Khamas & PA? Would their continued split prevent some peace plan in the works that is injurious to a Judaic Nation of Israel?

  2. Why does the IAF confine itself to empty buildings?

    What have buildings ever done to Israel? We’ve never been attacked by a flying building. Our skies, by contrast, have been filled with incoming enemy missiles and our towns attacked by Arab tunnel-terrorists. Why have we not focused on relentless and unending death blows to leaders (not their empty buildings and homes), missile factories and tunnelers? There should be no agreement with any entity committed to annihilating the Judaic Nation from the Middle-East. The only reason to stop attacking is an Arab white flag and total surrender to live in peace with us. All other measures bring us back to where we are – endless war seeing Israel prop-up and support our enemies, the ultimate Sisyphean-Pyrrhic slow-motion suicide while Khamas, the PA and other Arab countries watch and salivate?

  3. What does Lieberman’s lack of backing by the IDF & security establishment tell us? Is the IDF leadership politically complicit, in bed with the Likud and Netanyahu, pursuing some secret strategy kept from the public to keep Khamas in power, despite Khamas attacks on Israel?

  4. What does the botched special op tell us? Were they seeking intel regarding a suspected Qatar money-Iran connection to Khamas?

  5. Enemy Missiles & Terrorist Attacks Tolerated

    Enemy missiles in Israeli skies is indefensible and unconscionable! Cross-border terrorist attacks, both through the border fence and by tunnels, are indefensible and unconscionable! It’s been going on for years and Israeli leaders have proven feckless repeatedly. But Israel’s parliamentary system prevents fixing the problem and Israeli’s leaders protect the parliamentary system with their political lives. Only a seismic shake-up that produces a different and improved political system can fix this.

True, Lieberman Spoke Loudly, Wielded Small Stick In Coalition

Contrary to popular sloganeering, boots on the ground are not necessary to bring an enemy to its knees. Ignoring world opinion condemning killing our enemies instead of blowing up empty buildings for show, however, is essential to forcing our enemies to hoist a white flag. IAF priorities should be turned upside down, with political leaders at the top of the kill list and “observer posts” at the bottom. While civilians should be spared when viable, human shields should not be protection for our enemies. Military assets should be taken out when they are most full of enemy combatants, not when they’re empty – in order to eliminate the enemy combatants specifically. Political iron will to a prolonged IAF bombing campaign, with not a boot on the ground on the horizon, would achieve that end.

Nevertheless, it’s incontrovertible that Lieberman has exposed Netanyahu’s fake news in lying to the Israeli public about why the IDF, security establishment and the rest of the cabinet, with complete consistency to the past, wimped out yet again in favor of letting Khamas off the hook.


6 thoughts on “Lieberman Resignation

  1. In regards to the upcoming elections, have you seen a complete list of the new political competitors with their objectives? Lieberman was probably hamstrung as dm as perhaps the whole of the knesset are mere high school popularity seekers that make a nice buck. Not sure who the deep state is here and even if it matters when the powers live in a moral vacuum. I will probably vote for the ones who at least say they will bomb full buildings. And I read your recent post on reality, hoping that whoever can actually make the call to bomb full buildings will change course from the past and do it, though historically it appears to me that unless there is a perceived existential threat they will continue to maintain the current insanity.


    • It remains a forest of confusion, parties fracturing and merging somewhat incoherently seemingly every day. Gantz, originally slated to declare his positions last Day5, still mum while Israelis clamor to him. Sadly, tragically, I think you’re right. They’ve gone from bombing sand dunes on the beach to bombing empty buildings to bombing empty observation posts. Wow! Humanzees ( include more than a few Jews too!


      • We have more humanzees here than one wants to think about. They do clamor to Gantz imo because they give the IDF brass credit for what thousands of dead soldiers did. Talk about social engineering.

        What have you seen concerning Zehut? Feiglin seems to have an honest character and the media pretty much hates him and so does the likud. He also has said he would be rough with those in the territories and not give any land away. The likud machine will have the most mandates but it sucks the life out of those that support it which happens to be consistently around 25% of the country. I would rather pare the likud down and hope for small increases in number over time of something better. What bothers me most about all of them is their disgusting deals with shas, utj, and any other religion sans science party. A close second is the pandering to the perversions, infanticide. Which is all the more angering because the former preaches against the latter but for a price joins any government.


      • Thanks for your input and being part of thoughtful diverse inquiries and discussion. We value tolerance and diverse views where logic and science fall short of knowing. It’s an old joke that wherever there are two Jews there are at least three viewpoints.

        I don’t see a proper “Reply” box to your message. I guess 2 of 3 replies is the limit. Rather than stay on a thread beyond 1 or 2 replies, it’s probably preferable to go to “Submit Question Or Discussion” (or something like that) and begin a new and current thread.)

        Hadn’t given Zᵊhut/​Feiglin any thought, as my impression has been that he’s an almost-Ultra Orthodox radical. So, I’ve looked up a couple of basic reports (don’t trust Wikipedia to call them facts). Apparently, he opposes religious coercion. If that translates to not coalescing with the Ultra-Orthodox (?), then he’d be more viable than I’ve previously supposed. But I still have significant (overriding) doubts about that. Seems to me, but not sure, that I’ve heard him make statements in the past that I’ve associated with the Ultra-Orthodox and/or radical (Temple Institute style) religious.

        Big Or Intrusive Gov’t
        Like Rand Paul, I agree with Feiglin about small government and minimal interference in the life and liberty of private citizens – especially by the Ultra-Orthodox! (Ergo, multiplying the importance, imo, of my first point.)

        Entirely Voluntary IDF
        I’m totally convinced that Feiglin’s advocacy of a volunteer army would be suicidal for Israel, as it has, imo, in the U.S. Once citizens lose touch with the real world of the costs of freedom they’ve already become humanzees; very similar to losing touch with economic costs and financial mechanism that govern the world and its governments and their limits. And like losing touch with civics, how real world politics work. We’ve become overrun, in both countries (and other democracies) by an overwhelmingly humanzee citizenship on all three counts: military, economic and civics. Don’t even think about logic and science or documented history.

        With respect to the last point, Feiglin reportedly advocates a school voucher system; and that would validate and perpetuate the anti-science, anti-history humanzee production system of the Ultra-Orthodox.


        At this stage in the development of Israel (!!), Feiglin’s advocacy of Jewish sovereignty in “all parts of the land of Israel” is a wishful, and dangerous, delusion with no chance of even getting off the ground. No serious leader will even fly this as a trial balloon because it has zero possibility. The reason is the large concentrations of Arab population centers in several areas of the Shomron. (Gaza is a separate problem and can only be successfully dealt with separately.) They are not going away by any means short of annihilation – and that’s unacceptable even by the great majority of Israelis.

        The only approach that will work is my original plan for a demilitarized, bordered, network of mostly-autonomous areas for all of the current Arab population concentrations. This is essentially a “quit claim” on the Arab population centers, similar to Gaza. Yes, the results would be similar – but all other “solutions” only prolong and exacerbate the conflict. We need to take a much firmer disciplining when we are attacked, whether from Gaza or from wherever. We need to move to fait accompli, this is how it will be for the foreseeable future; now, like Gaza, we are all forced to deal with it. But we need to ratchet that up to “peace – or you starve, die of lack of medical supplies, cold (no electricity from Israel grid), thirst (no water from Israel; learn to get it yourself), no help from Israel of any kind without peace)”. We must stop aiding and abetting our enemies!

        Only following that would Arabs have to choose: starvation (or emigration) by our refusal to aid and abet an enemy, or peace and we can prosper together with the status quo. That’s the only scenario in which a few (likely not any significant number even then) Arabs might be remunerated for voluntarily emigrating.

        Absolutely Essential Parallel Track

        There is only one solution, and it is proven successful, the method of Yehoshua Bin-Nun: conquer (which Israel has already done) and absorption. But this is EXACTLY opposite to the Dark Ages European — actually Hitler’s — definition of Jews steamrolled by today’s Ultra-Orthodox rabbis. AND it is EXACTLY complementary, SOLELY, to the Netzarim perspective of accommodating ALL who will practice Torah according to an Originalist, R. Hileil and R. Yehoshua style, documented history based, science based, logic based, reality based, welcoming Torah. The Druze, for example, are apparently willing and desirous of living in such a Torah-centric environment. If they cannot commit to that, then they should be something like green-card residents whose own rights are protected, but not voting citizens who might alter Torah Israel toward Druse religious values. So the Netzarim vision is integral to making a solution work — while the European, Dark Ages oriented Ultra-Orthodox are an immovable and absolute obstruction.

        So I think Zᵊhut/​Feiglin has, and will find, no serious traction; and in a couple of ways is dangerously wrong-headed.

        Regarding his advocacy to legalize cannabis, I view cannabis like a version 1.0 of other dangerous vices, including opioids, and guns: a whole lot more complicated that simplistic Prohibition – which failed disastrously. Science has demonstrated that even one incident by a teenager trying cannabis changes the brain. I’m looking at Israel’s current attempts to reduce the problem of prostitution; not by prohibition. It appears to be a more considered approach.

        Prohibition merely transfers the profits to criminals, having almost no effect on the target market. It’s extremely more preferable for the gov’t, with law enforcement and appropriate legislation, to set up programs for controlling the venues of such markets instead of leaving them to criminals, gangs, cartels and international terrorist organization to profit. If a person is intent on shooting up with an opioid (s)he will find it and do so. Merely passing a law making a vice “illegal” NEVER stops many people from pursuing their vice at ALL costs; whether it be prostitution, drugs, guns, etc. When the income goes to the gov’t, then there’s no money to be made by criminals, gangs, etc. They must turn to other avenues of income. That means the income can be spent on providing safe environments for such vices for those who won’t be dissuaded, safER drugs, eliminating a lot of “peripheral casualties” among the public, funding programs that warn the most vulnerable publics of the dangers of each vice, all while cutting off incomes to criminals, gangs, etc. Win, win.

        Your point about Likud coalescing with the Ultra-Orthodox can’t be emphasized enough. That’s my acid test in the next election: any party that refuses to absolutely rule out coalescing with an Ultra-Orthodox party won’t get my vote under any circumstance! No ifs, ands or buts. There exists no external greater danger to Israel as great as the insidious danger within of turning Israel back toward Dark Ages enslavement to anti-science, anti-history, anti-reality – and that constructively means anti-Torah – Ultra-Orthodox rabbinical ghettos.

        You’re most certainly also correct about standing firm against infanticide and Torah-defined perversions.

        I’m putting together an article setting forth an idea for getting out of our political mess. Stay tuned.


    • Brad Awid (aka, I think variously, Brad Levine, Brad David, Shiloh Levine, Shiloh David & Shuki Levi): Your 2 emails of cryptic mumbo-jumbo about going underground make no sense to me. They seem to suggest that you wish to publicize some claimed supernatural miracle about yourself that was witnessed by rabbis while simultaneously being mysterious and cryptic.

      After reviewing some of your old emails, I think I remember you as an inquirer rebelling from a 7th Day Adventists group in Texas, who came to spend a Shabat with us in 2002.02, refusing to go to the Orthodox Teimani Beit Kᵊneset with me; informing me that you would not comport with Netzarim acceptance requirements. Instead of becoming a Netzarim, you thereafter pursued your own, different, path.

      I have no record of hearing from you again until 2004. As I tried to explain to you via a number of emails in 2004, your path never reached the point of being compatible with the Netzarim. I don’t have any clue what your underground or miracle references — but neither “underground” nor supernatural miracle is compatible with the Netzarim Way.

      Your latest 2 emails suggest that you prefer that it would be “good to get more out”, which conflicts with the dramatic cryptic “underground” mysteriousness exhibited in these same emails. Ergo, I see no justification for withholding your identity nor for any secrecy. The Netzarim operate only above ground. There is no Netzarim underground nor secret dealings. Everything about the Netzarim is open and enumerated in great detail in the sole Netzarim website at If something is hidden, secret or underground it’s a poser; it ain’t legitimate Netzarim!

      The Netzarim are willing and eager to cooperate – above-board only – with other Jews of good reputation, both within our Orthodox community and non-Orthodox, in efforts to bind back together the Jewish people who are being ripped apart by the Ultra-Orthodox.

      We’re also eager to educate sincere Christians to the life-practice of Originalist Tanakh.

      It’s true that the Ultra-Orthodox have impugned and defamed me, on the official record; and that we never cease trying to get the word out about that. We continue to search for a defamation lawyer competent and willing to sue the Rabbinic Court for its on-the-record indisputable defamation of charging, twice, that I follow “Yeshu” when the fact is that I renounced “Yeshu” as an idol before I converted and that hasn’t, and won’t, change. There are tens of thousands of other – not Netzarim – Jews globally, both Israeli and Tephutzah, in the same boat – disenfranchised by the Ultra-Orthodox.

      On the other hand, I have no record of you being recognized by any official of any recognized stream of the Jewish community; certainly not by the Netzarim. Ergo, you don’t seem to be in either of those 2 categories (Jew in good standing or non-Jew sincerely studying to make Originalist Tanakh their life practice). So I’m not seeing where we would cooperate; particularly questionable with a non-Jew as you suggested in your latest emails.


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