Torah-centric Egalitarian Pluralism In Israel

Ratio: Israeli Reform Jews : Israeli Kha•reid•im

“There’s a gnawing hunger among the great moderate majority of Israeli Jews for a Tōr•âh-centric, Rabi Hi•leilRam•ba”m egalitarian pluralism around which to orbit. So, eight percent of Jewish Israelis identify with the Reform movement, five percent with Conservative. That’s 13%, that’s 800,000 people named in the study – that’s larger than the Haredi population of Israel” (jumpto01).

According to the most recent Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), Kha•reid•im comprise 9% of Israeili Jews. That’s still is smaller than the 13% egalitarian Israeli Jews – and dwarfed by the 80% of traditional Israeli Jews!

Trouble is, Kha•reid•im vote in large blocs. Egalitarian Israeli Jews vote all over the political map.

In the last 5 years, the Kha•reid•im have increased maybe 1% – and many are abandoning their cult while egalitarian Israeli Jews have doubled in that same time period!

In addition to writing off 90% of Americanjumpto02 and the world’s Jews (i.e. all non-Kha•reid•im) as “not Jews”, the the 8% Israeli Kha•reid•im ignore the 80% majority Israeli Traditional Jews + 9% Israeli Egalitarian Jews as “not really Jews”. Thus, indeed, the Kha•reid•im are the tail that wags the sheep of Israel and, via the Ra•bân•ut, world Jewry — and Bibi Netanyahu and Naphtali Bennett, by their political machinations, are their enablers.

American Reform: “all the core affirmations”???

American Reform Movement of Jews, more lax than American Conservative Jews, “affirms aliyah, Hebrew language, a Jewish democratic state, pluralism — all the core affirmations.”

Not Tōr•âh? I hear constantly from Christian self-declared “Jews” who want to make a•liy•âh.A small fraction of Christians – and Arabs – speak Hebrew. Affirming a “Jewish democratic state” is de rigueur. But Hindus are far more pluralistic that Reform Jews, most Christians are too. Racist claims aside, only Tōr•âh distinguishes Jews from the other peoples. And Reform Jews don’t affirm Tōr•âh??? Abstaining from affirming commitment to Tōr•âh is unacceptable!

If you were Tōr•âh-centric then, in my opinion as well as the opinion of many moderates, enlightenment in interpretations of Tōr•âh, as the world advances and changes, is the oxygen of the Shi•vᵊt•ei Yi•sᵊr•â•eil servants of י‑‑ה, the Creator-Singularity of the Nëtiy•âh.

Any claim to be a Jew that isn’t Tōr•âh-centric, however, dangles from the single thread of racism; biology, DNA, genetics and genealogy. Neither Judaism nor authentic Jews are racists.

“Reform”, on the other hand, can be good or terrible; ergo, supportable when Tōr•âh-centric, all other times unacceptable. Why are you married to the Democratic Party and the name “Reform” instead of Tōr•âh? You could be Democrat – when Democrats comport with Tōr•âh – and adapting interpretations as the world changes. You are hardly less obstinate and unpluralistic than the Kha•reid•im.

“Singing And People Are Joyful… And Dancing”

As in the days that Dâ•wid haMëlëkh penned Tᵊhil•im. That’s not reform, that’s restoring ancient Biblical Tōr•âh to displace Dark Ages heresies. The Beit haMi•qᵊdâsh wasn’t destroyed contrary to the Will of י‑‑ה. Nothing happens contrary to the Will of י‑‑ה. Rather, י‑‑ה weaned Israel from dependence on an anthropomorphic ël•oh•im that dwells in a physical temple, the Hellenist Tzᵊdoq•im returned to their idolatrous vomit and the rabbis then endorsed and internalized it. The rabbis never matured, nor permitted Judaism to mature. So Israel/Jews remain severely stunted relative to what י‑‑ה Wills for Israel according to logically/​scientific enlightened interpretations of the Principles of Tōr•âh comporting with הָעוֹלָם הִשְׁתַּנָּה (mundus mutatus; the world has changed).

“Reform” Isn’t Synonymous With “Liberal”

Nor should the Reform Movement be synonymous with “Liberal”. As the Creator-Singularity of the Nëtiy•âh, the Will of י‑‑ה implies logical/​scientific enlightened interpretations of the Principles of Tōr•âh reflecting the Laws of His universe that י‑‑ה Authored, in Light of the perpetual advancement of civilization — i.e. הָעוֹלָם הִשְׁתַּנָּה (mundus mutatus; the world has changed).

Ergo, reforms that are the product of enlightenment are those that comport with the Will of י‑‑ה for Israel. Superficial, poorly-informed and ignorant liberality that deteriorates the practice of Tōr•âh is a reversal beckoning one to devolve back into the European-assimilated Dark Ages. That’s deterioration and corruption, disguised as “liberal” and “progressive”.

Why Is Reform Movement Tunnel-Visioned In Chaining Itself To American Democrats?

When my mom, , was a Democrat, it was much the opposite of what the Democratic Party is today – the party the Prof. Dershowitz remembers and thinks is still around. Back then, Jews could be respected as Democrats.

Today, too many Jews have their heads in the sand, nor recognizing that י‑‑ה Wills for Israel according to logically/​scientific enlightened interpretations of the Principles of Tōr•âh comporting with הָעוֹלָם הִשְׁתַּנָּה (mundus mutatus; the world has changed), and their Democratic party with it. It is the same inciters that have enraged whackjobs on BOTH fringes: the anti-Democrat package bomber & the anti-Trump synagogue hate-terrorist! The bomber’s packages ID’d the inciters for all to see! Today’s Democrats are socialist radicals. What kind of Jews are those who don’t remember the fruits of socialists of the generation past and around the world??? Democrat gutter tactics of defamation and dishonored promises have been worsening for decades while Republican “gentlemen” like McCain argued that “we don’t go down in the gutter to fight them”. So Democrats bullied the American people unopposed! Forgiving and placating trust-breaking HRC & her cabal of Democrats (from Madonna and Kathy Griffin to The View, et al.), will produce the exact opposite of ratcheting down the heat, instead prolonging the decades-old Democrat addiction to impose-socialism-at-all-cost toxicity! The only solution is justice for HRC et al.. No bombs nor violence. But lock her, and her cohorts, up so there are no two levels of “justice”; punishment for the masses but forgiveness for “political rivals”, other elites and entitled!

How pluralist, and non-political, is that – not! Practice what you preach! Pres. Trump is not polarizing as you have presumed with extreme bias! Democrat extremist views toward mushroom detachment from the real world coupled with violent-mob socialism is what has polarized the American people. Trump merely acknowledged it – and, for that, he was elected! When any political party goes unhinged, it must be denounced as such with no regard whether some consider it “the Jewish party”! When it’s wrong, it’s wrong, not Jewish!

Kha•reid•im rabbis prohibit learning. Like all other inhabitants of our planet, Reform can learn and adapt, or fail.

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Yirmeyahu Ben-David. “Egalitarian Torah-centrism” Israel Jews News. Editor: Yirmeyahu Ben-David. (2018.10.28, The Netzarim, (Date you accessed this Israel Jews News article).

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