Trump’s Peace Plan: Not As Suggested!

I, and the nation of Yisraeil, will always be grateful to Pres. Trump for his unparalleled support of Yisraeil, most notably in moving the U.S. Embassy to Yᵊrushalayim. Pres. Trump is guaranteed a perpetual place in Judaic history for his courageous and historical act of truly Biblical proportions.

Nevertheless, I remain logical – pragmatic and immovably connected to reality. White House special envoy Jason Greenblatt revealed in an interview with Yᵊdiōt Akhᵊrōnōt [2018.10.16]: “our peace plan intends to bring [Gaza and the West Bank] together.” (Trump plan includes unification of Judea, Samaria with Gaza. Israel National News. David Rosenberg, 2018.10.16)jumpto 17x16

There is no way that Israel can consent to the suicide of allowing a landbridge-conjoined PA-Gaza Islamist-terrorist twin-pronged state (whatever their propaganda) to both complete the Islamist-terrorists strategy of surrounding Yisraeil, and cut us into two geographically disparate pieces! That is suicide!

Much less — as we already have Islamist-terrorist states Iranian-Syria and Iranian-Khiz’bAllah-Lebanon on our northern borders — suicidally establish yet another set of “unified” twin Islamist-terrorist states on our remaining eastern and southern borders! The world shouldn’t allow more Islamist-terrorist countries at all!!! Much less allow yet another Islamist-terrorist state to complete their Islamist-terrorists pincer stranglehold around Israel in their zeal to finish the Islamist-terrorists still-proclaimed eternal war to exterminate Israel as a Jewish state.

It seems to me that the only realistic option is to offer the same peace opportunity, separately, to each: Gaza and the PA; enabling them, should either ever choose peace with the Judaic Nation-State of Israel, to adopt “a complete political and constitutional structure designed to enable [PA or Gaza] to develop as a self-contained and semi-autonomous unit. Roughly, this would give them control over their own internal laws, security and finance; with Israel retaining defense and security limitations over foreign affairs” — somewhat like Singapore but with no intention of ever becoming part of Israel.

And as long as they choose Islamist-terrorism violating Israel’s sovereign borders instead, Israel should adopt a permanent and unbending response to violation of our borders with an invariable, utterly vanquishing wave of air attacks; for as long as it takes to achieve their absolute and unconditional surrender for each violation of our border. Not one boot of our boys should be exposed to the dangers of any land assault or occupation of Gaza. We should make clear that we don’t want, and absolutely refuse, to occupy or possess Gaza. Just that we won’t tolerate attacks from anyone. Much less the continuing attacks that our feeble current leaders allow.

Israel needs to make the point that anytime, and every time, that Israel is attacked, we will, without exception, utterly vanquish them. A “hard blow” has been dealt countless times. With 100% consistency, falling short of insisting on complete surrender has failed to work for Israel’s entire modern existence!!! It will never work. They won’t cut it out simply because they don’t have to! For Islamist-terrorists it is an eternal commitment to exterminate Judaism (and Christianity, btw) from “their Islamic” Middle-East. So Israel must take care of business. Israel cannot be the only country in the world forced to slap wrists and suffer deaths of our citizens. Israel has the right to defend herself.

2 thoughts on “Trump’s Peace Plan: Not As Suggested!

  1. Hear, hear! If this is attempted to be forced on us there would be a conflagration.

    Have you heard the idea to move the pa to a portion of land connected to southern Aza that juts into the Sinai? It could work if not for the pa.

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    • Thanks for your input and being part of thoughtful diverse inquiries and discussion. We value tolerance and diverse views where logic and science fall short of knowing. It’s an old joke that wherever there are two Jews there are at least three viewpoints.

      The PA, as an entity, can never move off dead center. I think PA leaders are like Bernie in the funniest movie I’ve ever seen, “Week-end At Bernie’s” – dead, but animated.

      I agree with you when it comes to individuals in the PA areas, however. If investments could be raised to motivate Egypt to designate an area in the NE Sinai exclusively for folks from the PA, and if more funds raised to finance them building homes and settlements with the necessary utilities, then I think there’d be a real chance of that happening. Unlike the whole PA as an entity, individual families from today’s PA areas might consider selling out where they’re at – if they wouldn’t be facing execution for it – in order to have a better life in the Sinai. But it seems a long stretch for all that to happen and even longer for all of the essential people to come together to get it done.

      Update 2018.10.18 — After running mental permutations of the Sinai option last night in my sleep, I realize that there is no permutation in which the PA would pick up stakes and move either the PA government structure or its Arab population; anywhere, for any reason short of a Hitler-like Arab genocide program — and (a few fringe looney off-the-rails aside) no Tōrâh Jew would tolerate such an irresponsible and morally reprehensible insanity. The very optimal best that a Sinai option could even hope for would be to woo a meaningless minute percentage from the Shomron to the NW Sinai.

      Such a flimsy couple of villages would almost immediately be overrun by Gazans, with an ensuing resurgence of flare-ups between Khamas and Egypt.

      Although a Sinai option wouldn’t change the Shomron Arab problem in any noticeable way, it could resolve the Gazan overpopulation of their habitat and, perhaps, a Gazan infusion into the NW Sinai might offer Egypt a permanent solution to their continual and terrorizing Da”sh and rebel uprisings there.

      All ideas for transferring (or, worse, exterminating) either the Arab or the Jewish population is easily recognized as delusional utopianism that neither population will ever even consider. A priori, the options are either getting along together somehow or one eliminating the other. That makes getting along together the only option, and the only relevant question: how can we communicate this reality to both populations (especially given the current Dark Ages malevolent diseducation systems in both populations), minimize the damages and harm to both, and maximize our mutual benefits?

      While I’m still maintaining vigilance for criticisms that may expose shortcomings and opportunities to improve, other thinkers seem to be converging, however agonizingly slowly, on my original conclusion that I presented to then-MK Uzi Landau in 1988. E.g., yet another article today further pointing the discussion in my direction:,7340,L-5373585,00.html

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