Education “Gurus” Raising Increasingly Mentally Ill Snowflakes

Thanks to socialists, Dr. Seuss and infusion of Saudi-funded Islamism, latest scientific research shows that ⅓ of college freshman “snowflakes” (how much worse must lesser educated snowflakes be?) turn out to be clinically insane – you know, nutty, mentally ill. See

Vaping, Opioid & Other Addiction Built-in, Not Peripheral

Thanks to liberals and socialists, American cultural milieu has sunken so far into depravity that kids, increasingly (!), just can’t handle it.

Cyber Violence Digital Gaming Merges Ever Closer To Reality

That means the difference is ever diminishing, the transition ever easier, between the gratuitously-violent shoot-up-everyone game and actually shooting up a school or a music concert.

Citation: how to properly cite this article; note academic Chicago Style standard italics, parentheses, commas, periods and quotation marks.

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Yirmeyahu Ben-David. “Education ”Gurus” Raising Increasingly Mentally Ill Snowflakes” Israel Jews News. Editor: Yirmeyahu Ben-David. (2018.09.14, The Netzarim, (Date you accessed this Israel Jews News article).

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