Facebook Suppression Of Free Speech

Facebook even stopped linking my other Facebook posts on my Facebook home page

Facebook posts on other sites just disappear

Decades-long suppression

Every anti-PC (institutional-politically correct) and anti-RC (institutional-religiously correct) writer, especially those who are pro-Israel, suffer conspicuous suppression of their free speech. Typical example: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/22729

As an AI guy, I can alert readers that suppression AND the RESULTING AI algorithms, are driven by well-organized, “institutionally-offended” complaints, not only from:

  • political liberal-socialists (who, hearkening back to Germany, were historically National Sozialistiche: German for Nazis),
  • but, as well and for decades now, complaints from religious institutions and clerics against whatever they define as “religiously incorrect” – and that has muffled, taken away, my freedom of speech for decades.

Now, no longer merely National Sozialistiche (Nazis), socialists have become global and more sophisticated and insidious, concealing their true face and agenda – Nazis 2.0 on steroids, or Glozis (Global Sozialistiche as contrasted with National Sozialistiche / Nazis)!

Social media readily admit that their algorithms “rely heavily on complaints” they receive.

The better organized complainers – religious institutions and liberal-socialists – drive the AI algorithms, defining PC (political correctness) and RC (religious correctness); and the social media then design their algorithms to spot anyone straying from this “acceptable language” into PC or RC “objectionable language”. Thus, their AI programs look only at what they deem “objectionable” language phraseology while avoiding blatant rules that can be directly attributed to any identifiable political or religious bias while their “AI algorithms” surreptitiously enforce their politically and religiously based biases!

Thus, the most efficient and best-organized complainer institutions indirectly drive the design of the “AI” programs that, obediently, suppress what the complainers defined as “objectionable”. Thus, they win the social media war, plain and simple.

This indirect focus on “language” rather than “political or religious entity” enables social media to insist that they are merely eliminating “objectionable communications”, not any algorithm-identifiable political or religious entity.

The bottom line is that complaints from institutional religions at odds with history and science, along with liberal-socialists, will continue to result in more complete suppression of my freedom of speech — which I’ve suffered from now for decades already. Update: see https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2018-09/au-hsa091418.php

Due to their hi-tech “black box” secrecy and deceptiveness, these speech police will get worse as conservatives and Biblical historians at odds with religious institutions remain unable to mount an effective counterattack.

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Yirmeyahu Ben-David. “Facebook Suppression Of Free Speech” Israel Jews News. Editor: Yirmeyahu Ben-David. (2018.09.13, The Netzarim, http://www.netzarim.co.il). (Date you accessed this Israel Jews News article).

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