Nᵊtzarim Views On Today’s News

Beware The Majority (Shᵊm•ōt 23.2)

Recall: the vast majority, almost everyone, worshiped the gold calf-mask of Egypt’s idol:

Yet another “coincidence.” Just as news is breaking in the U.S. about “most” of the press’ Trump thumpin’ (what’s new?) – often preceding its echo in Israel, it “just happens” that this morning I’ve been working on Shᵊm•ōt 23.2 for Pâ•râsh•at Mi•shᵊpât•im of the Parents’ Syllabus of the Science-Friendly Tōr•âh Family Bedtime Bible Stories. And here is a literal translation of this verse about the “Herd Syndrome” (following the herd) and Political Correctness from the Hebrew – saying exactly the opposite of what has traditionally been interpreted by religious cult-rulers from Ultra-Orthodox rabbis to Catholic popes to Scientologist rulers:

Don’t be following-after the majority (רַבִּים) to wrongdoing (לְרָעֹת); and don’t respond concerning an argument by spreading-forth (לִנְטֹת) a bending-away (לְהַטֹּת) to be following-after the majority (רַבִּים).

Clearly, the only permanent escape from oppression by herd and PC masters is relying on the unchanging Torah — unchanged for millennia — interpreted not by any mortal of any religion (not by me either) but, rather, answer solely to scientific rules of logic applied to pertinent historical documents and archeological hard evidence about the Creator-Singularity of the universe — instead of answering to any person or people — every one of whom are fallible!

Fact-Based Free Press Is People’s Best Friend; Propagandist Outlets Are The Enemy Of The People!

If you never understood how people of the 1930s could hail Hitler to power under the banner of socialism (national sozialistische=Nazi), Americans came within an eyelash of doing it with Hillary!

Further, right now, socialism 2.0, global socialism (sozialistische) = Glazi, since Obama (Bill? GOP “Good Ole Boys”?), is working furiously via the U.S. Dark Government swamp, leveraging their security clearances and dominance of the American press, to collude with foreign leaders to regain world power.

Staying free requires education regarding citizen responsibilities to learn and be proactive in a democracy. College grad bonghats in social arts degrees, polled in the streets across America (those who aren’t OD’d in a park), can’t answer even the simplest questions about fiscal responsibility, economic forces or factual political history and current realities. That’s largely been lost in the re-education to socialism over the past half-century of socialist misdirection plus Saudi-financed Islamization in anti-capitalist education from grammar school through post-doctoral fellowships. The product is today’s socialist propaganda outlets masquerading as “free press” supplemented by the socialist Dark Government swamp people enabled by leveraging their security clearances, to continue operating, counter to the U.S. President, in collusion with foreign government leaders to return to power. It’s treason!

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