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Not All Yᵊshiv•âh Students Evade IDF

הֶסְדֵּר (sᵊdeir; arrangement) Yᵊshiv•ōt

sᵊdeir yᵊshiv•ōt combine military service with Judaic studies of the Tzah”l (Arutz Sheva photo; notice the modern dress and large-sized but non-black, knitted (not velvet nor silk) kip•ōt that identifies nationalist-Zionist Orthodox young Jews).

sᵊdeir (“arrangement”) yᵊshiv•ōt represent the segment of the Judaic population where the most strict nationalist-Zionist Orthodox Jews blur with the most tolerant segment of the various “penguin suits” (various factions of Ultra-Orthodox radicals).

Where the Ultra-Orthodox practice tolerance of moderate Orthodox, the transition to an educated life can be smooth. Where the Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•im are belligerently bellicose and intolerant of moderate Orthodox and other Jews, however, there is no place — at all — for young Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•im who become exposed to too much knowledge and education. Consequently, these unfortunate “datlasim” (ex-Orthodox, as defined by the Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•im) find themselves alienated from “Judaism” (as it’s been defined to them) and, a priori, lost to a life among “the seculars”/​goy•im; routinely ending up in drugs and profligacy and a life unnecessarily lost because of Ultra-Orthodox fanaticism.

WJC Pres.: Israeli Policies Create Rift With Tᵊphutz•âh

Times Of Israel (ToI) 2018.08.14

Yesterday, World Jewish Congress president Ronald Lauder addressed the alarming rift gaping increasingly wider between Israel and global Jewry.

Nearly all of his remarks are spot on — and Yi•tzᵊkhâq Hertzog should listen up!

  • Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•i Tyranny

    “Orthodox hegemony” is a wrong, harmful and hurtful phrase. The problem is Ultra-Orthodox (Kha•reid•i) tyranny. Moderate Orthodox are not the problem. In fact, the moderate Orthodox are more likely the solution to remedy Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•im abuses!

    • Cancellation of Egalitarian Prayer Plaza at the tël

      Everyone is speaking from weakness vis-à-vis the Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•i, who, the Israeli gov’t authorizes, rule the tël Plaza. The naked truth is that, historically, the tël Plaza was never sacred. Quite the contrary, it was a public street traversed freely by goy•im – who were even permitted up on Har haBayit within 15 meters of the Beit haMi•qᵊdâsh! Today’s tël Plaza is yet another REFORM by Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•im rabbis!!!

      Similarly, Lauder’s terminology “reflecting a growing rift between Diaspora Jewry and the Jewish state” is practically universal, yet wrong and misleading, misdirecting away from real solutions. The statement becomes correct simply by substituting “Judaic” in place of “Jew-ish“; which, increasingly, is understood as European-assimilated Dark Ages culture and cuisine.

    • Conversion & Burial

      The Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•im rabbis have REFORMED conversion to an unprecedented, untraditional, Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•im rabbinic contradiction of Torah.

    • Marriage& Divorce

    • Sha•bât

      Many standards of Sha•bât universally believed to emanate from Torah, emanate instead from Common Era Hellenist and even later Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•im rabbis REFORMS, which stray from the logical and scientific understanding of Torah.

    Mr. Lauder would be correct if he more accurately stated that the country is being held hostage by ultra-Orthodox rabbis, not politicians; and that this, in turn, could result in a lack of support for Israel on American campuses and in the corridors of power.

    “Orthodoxy should be respected”! Right sir. But Ultra-Orthodox, Kha•reid•im, should be exposed for the fanatic hypocrites, bogged down in Dark Ages European idolatry that they are; and then you’re right: “we cannot allow the politics of [this] radical minority to alienate millions of Jews [including countless Orthodox Jews] worldwide.”

  • Surrogacy Excluding Homosexual Parenting

    Post-Biblical, Hellenist & Dark Ages mindsets can never solve this either. Any viable solution requires tza•diq•ūt respect and dignity for the cisgender non-binary, Biblical “eunuchs” while maintaining rejection of Biblical (i.e. male) homosexuality and other sexual perversions that would prey on our children and degenerate our society.

  • Judaic State Law

    Only “damages the sense of equality and belonging of Israel’s Druze, Christian and Muslim citizens” to the extent that they demand that Israel play out their respective, contradictory, messianic expectations.

    Christians, Druze and Muslims currently live harmoniously in the Christian-centric U.S. democracy. Similarly, there’s no reason they cannot live just as harmoniously in Judaic-centric Israeli democracy—unless they expect Israel to play out their respective religious prophecies! And those who are protesting are the same ones who have their own religious, anti-Judaic, future in mind for Israel.

    Going into greater detail on the controversial nation-state legislation, Lauder noted that it “correctly reaffirms that Israel is a Jewish state, but also damages the sense of equality and belonging of Israel’s Druze, Christian and Muslim citizens.” As noted earlier, affirming a “Judaic” state damages nothing except those opposing Israel being a Judaic state! How, as a result of remaining a Judaic democracy, “may [Israel] find itself associated with… questionable friends”?

In March, Lauder published an op-ed in the New York Times in which he… press[ed] hard for a two-state solution and implicitly chiding Netanyahu for his repeated claims that the only thing obstructing peace is Palestinian recalcitrance. Well, sir, the two-state proposal was stillborn from the get-go. It was never viable. And what, beside local Arab recalcitrance, has ever held up a peaceful coexistence?

It is solely the Ultra-Orthodox, Kha•reid•im and their coalition kingmaker rabbi-bosses, the tail wagging the Israeli sheep, “turning [Israel’s] back on [Judaic] heritage, the Zionist ethos and the Israeli spirit.”

“When members of Israel’s current government unintentionally undermine the covenant between Judaism and enlightenment, they crush the core of contemporary Jewish existence,” he charged, though without mentioning Netanyahu by name.

Well said, sir!

Retired IDF Colonel Meir Indor Spot-On About GazaGaza

Neither Ground War Nor “Hudna” (Cease-Fire)

Israel ha-Yom (Israel Today), 2018.08 — “Hudna” is a uniquely Arab concept of “Time-out for reloading”, then resuming the war. It’s nuts for Israel to fall for hudnas countless times, always for personal political gains and perpetrated on a gullible ship of Israeli fools.

“The military alternative is to use our relative edge: our air force, tanks and artillery. The government must do away with the puritanism that has taken hold among some in the top brass. It should instead adopt a policy that exacts a heavy price for every barrage from the Gaza Strip. Israel must carry out massive bombing campaigns that resemble the systematic leveling of the Hezbollah-controlled neighborhood near Beirut, the Dahiya, during the Second Lebanon War in 2006.

“Israel should destroy the homes of senior terrorists from the air rather than demolish them from the ground. We should expect our leaders to learn the right lessons from past wars and minimize the risk to our soldiers. We should intensify the attacks on Hamas and its proxies and uncover its hideouts without any warning. Hamas’ leadership comprises war criminals and terrorists. This makes them legitimate targets. We must end the deplorable situation in which Hamas VIPs can feel free to travel on the Gaza-Cairo-Tehran axis.”


One thought on “Nᵊtzarim Views On Today’s News

  1. I read lauder’s opinion piece in the failing nyt and I don’t think lauder is saying anything that any hrc voter wouldn’t have said. That the toi is in agreement with lauder is no big surprise but their attempt to equate the 1996 lauder with the 2018 lauder is ridiculous. How can you have a “Jewish democratic state…”, as Lauder puts it, if Webster’s defines it as, “a : government by the people; especially : rule of the majority”? Who is able to maintain a majority?

    I think lauder’s opinion was just another attempt to rally the New York dems by calling it Israeli extremism. Wondering what lauder would do if Yehoshua told him he needed to give his property to the poor to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

    We know the tactic – rabid secular against ultras but feign that it is a family matter that requires immediate action or the world will fall apart. How many Druse really consider themselves second class? How easy would it be to “find” especially a lefty general druse to champion that cause? What does it take to gather crowds in tel aviv or new york and protest? Not much.


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