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Open Response To Isaac Herzog (ToI 2018.08.12): Israeli-American Rift

Failure To Consult Those Who Know The Solution

Talk with American Jews who’ve never lived here. Be misled by American Jews’ ignorant-ecumenic mindset that has no connection with the Israeli Jews’ radical ignorant-fundamentalist mindset.

Talk with your native Israeli Jews who’ve never lived in the U.S. Be misled by the Israeli radical ignorant-fundamentalist Jews’ mindset that has no connection to the American Jews’ ignorant-ecumenic mindset.

Talk with Israeli Jews who have made yeridah to the U.S. or elsewhere. Be sold a bill of goods why Jews should leave Israel and what those who won’t come back under any circumstances, contradictively, pronounce as solutions.

Talk with American Jews who made aliyah to Israel, endured here for more than a decade and remain here now. No, don’t do that. You might actually learn from Jews who understand both mindsets firsthand, up close and personal!

As an American-Israeli Orthodox Jew who’s lived here in Israel since 1985, I can tell you that Israeli Jews’ misinformation about American and other Tᵊphutz•âh Jews is one of a pair of the most damning wedges in the breach.

1. Perspective of all Tᵊphutz•âh non-Orthodox Jews. One member of the pair of damning wedges that sever Israeli Jews from Tᵊphutz•âh non-Orthodox Jews is that Israeli Jews, including moderate Israeli Orthodox, are universally convinced by Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•im disinformation that Tᵊphutz•âh non-Orthodox Jews are one, undifferentiated, class.

That is blatantly untrue, leaving all Tᵊphutz•âh non-Orthodox Jews to suffer being detested as assimilationists by all Israeli Jews as the product of a deliberate Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•im canard! Israelis Jews across the spectrum must be educated to the intricacies of these disparate groups (e.g., between Conservative, Reform, Reconstruction, etc.) , who must each be judged on their own distinct merits before any progress toward reconciliation can become viable. Lumping them all together is a simplistic, besmirching and defamatory violation of Tōr•âh.

2. Perspective of all Jews. The other side of the damning pair of wedges is the Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•im disenfranchising (dis-recognizing) of non-Kha•reid•im Jews, both Israeli and Tᵊphutz•âh, both Orthodox and non-Orthodox. This is exacerbated by the Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•im political tail wagging the Israeli sheep, ruling all matters religious in Israel, demonstrating conspicuous global aspirations over world Jewry — with an iron fist representing that a Dark Ages, European-assimilated Shammai is the only standard that is acceptably “Jewish”/”Torah”.

Notice that both sides of this damning pair of wedges have the Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•im at their core.

Orthodox Jews and the brunt of non-Orthodox Jews are Tōr•âh-centric, as is, and should remain, Israel.

The Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•im, by contrast, are anti-education, Dark Ages Europeanists, not logic nor science-compatible Tōr•âh-centric. Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•im are not legitimate teachers nor students of true — logical and scientific understanding of — Tōr•âh!

The sole solution for Israel necessarily relies upon a logical and scientific understanding of Tōr•âh, not the idolatrous counterfeit of Dark Ages Europeanism being hawked as “Torah”.

Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•im “Disrecognize” Israeli Winery Kâ•shᵊr•ūt

For Commemorating Israel’s 70th Birthday!

Arutz Sheva 2018.08.13Israeli Winery ''De-koshered'' “The haredi Badatz kashrut agency decided to strip a brand of wine of its kosher certification due to its open support for the State of Israel.

“The Badatz is run by the Edah Haharedit, a fiercely anti-Israel haredi organization. It is one of the largest and most widely used Kashrut supervision authorities in Israel.

“According to a report by Kan, the Psagot Winery in the Binyamin region recently launched a special collectible bottle celebrating Israel’s 70th birthday. The bottle raised the ire of the Badatz, which summarily decided to strip the winery of its kosher certification due to its opposition to the Zionist movement.”


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