Nᵊtzarim Views On Today’s News

Largest Orthodox rabbinic public policy organization in America unknowingly corroborated my yesterday’s article; most of which I’ve been publishing for a couple of years

“The Coalition for Jewish Values [CJV], a group representing over 1000 Orthodox rabbis in matters of public policy, compared the behavior of UCLA students who disrupted a Jewish event in [2018.05] to that of the Nazi Sturmabteilung (SA), the storm troopers or “brownshirts” who disrupted Jewish and other opposition events in the 1930s, in a letter to Los Angeles Assistant City Attorney Spencer Hart.”Socialist Democrats = Nazi Sturmabteilung Brownshirts

CJV: Socialist Democrats = Nazi Sturmabteilung Brownshirts

“Leftists” in America are Socialist/​Democrats. The Ku Klux Klan historically originated among Democrats. Socialism has historically always found its home among Democrats.

90+% Orthodox American Jews Support Trump90+% Orthodox American Jews Support Trump

As do ⅔ of Israeli Jews

Poll By Us-Based Khareidi Magazine

It’s primarily anti-American (socialist is anti-American) simpleton Democrat “Chuck Schumer/Bernie Sanders” Reform Jews who behave like Nazi brownshirts (see previous section), spewing an endless stream of hate-mongering and defaming bile against Trump and Americans.

This fingers the gaping chasm in global Jewry .— between Torah-centric Jews v knee-jerk, superficial socialist-reverting assimilated “Jews” simplistically assuming that the more Liberal and (racistly) Black the government the more tolerant the goy•im toward Jews.

ToI “Top Ops” All Socialist

It’s clear to me, from which blogs they promote, that Times of Israel (ToI) is still “silly socialist.”

For a few days, I was contemplating giving ToI another chance in response to their “Come back!” email sent out to bloggers they haven’t heard from in a while. However, perusing their promoted blogs (op-eds), it’s clear that they still have a long way to go before they become an unbiased, stand-up, truthful outlet of professional journalism worthy of any intelligent blogger with a genuine, rather than superficial socialist, intellect. All indications are that they are still publishing only those posts that their free-speech suppressing censors (editors) find compatible with their socialist (i.e. Leftist) political bias.

Yet Another “Hudna” With Gazans

هدنة (“hudna”; Arabic: temporary ceasefire to recoup, rearm & renew attack)

Today, it appears that Israel is willing to grant yet another hudna to Gazans in return for nothing more than a return to quiet. For the umpteenth time, still more Israeli blood spilled by Arab hands, Jewish towns and kindergartens attacked by missiles and vast fields of our Nëgëv burned — without Israel requiring them to pay an effectively deterrent price — unconditional surrender, disarming and imposed agreement to be a non-threatening, peaceful neighbor to the Judaic State of Israel.

It seems Israeli leaders are willing to support (giving Gazans electricity, water, “humanitarian needs”, etc. to continue fighting Israel), preserve and court our enemies to eternity to appease world opinion and remain in power. Torah prohibits a hudna ( Shᵊm•ōt 23.32, Dᵊvâr•im 7.2)!!!

There’s endless negatives and no positives in Israel leaders who place world PC above Israel’s best interests.

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