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Israeli Election In Early 2019?

Impact On Moderate Israeli & Tᵊphutz•âh Jews


Issues boiling over to early elections include Israeli citizens who “won’t stand for” (wsf) some new laws:

  1. miso-Judaic Lapid “Jews” wsf “Supermarket Bill” (forcing closure of supermarkets on Shabat)
  2. miso-Judaic Arab/​”Jews”: wsf Judaic State (“Nationality”) Law
  3. perverts: wsf excluding homosexuals in new surrogacy law
  4. Ultra-Orthodox Khareidim: wsf eliminating IDF draft exemptions for Ultra-Orthodox Khareidim yᵊshivah students

Israeli Political Party Positions

As far as I know, there isn’t any one article that provides a chart indicating which Israeli political parties stand on each of the following issues. Like most Israelis, I don’t have time to research every party on every issue to put together such a chart. Having said that, I know of no Israeli political party that supports all four moderate Judaic positions:

  1. closing businesses on Shabat – eliminates Yesh Atid party/​Lapid
  2. Judaic State Law – eliminates socialists (e.g., Zionist Union Labor)
  3. Excluding homosexuals – leaves only Bayit Yehudi (Lieberman)
  4. Eliminating IDF draft exemptions for Ultra-Orthodox Khareidim yeshivah students – leaves only Bayit Yehudi (Lieberman)

Thus, it would seem that no moderate Jew will be able, in good conscience, vote in the next election since they would be voting to violate Torah on at least one – or more — positions.

If anyone sees a chart – from a reliable (not “fake news” socialist) source – showing the various parties’ positions vis-à-vis these and other important Israeli issues, we’d all appreciate a link.

Of course, most people (not just Jews or Israelis) are hypocrites and will compromise themselves. I won’t. Let a party arise compatible with these positions or I cannot vote in the next elections!

Global Media Wars

“Socialism see surge within Democratic Party” (Fox News, 2018.08.06 1410)

Examine the positions of the Israeli “secular”/​”Left” and you’ll discover that they’re socialist: Israeli “Jews” who are miso-Judaic, Arabs who are miso-Judaic and Christians who are miso-Judaic all share the need to promote socialism to achieve their disparate goals. That’s no different from the U.S.

Socialism isn’t surging among Democrats. Rather, increasingly, Democrats are coming out of the closet to disclose that, yeah, they’ve long been socialists.

Socialism: Historically Incompatible With American Capitalist Constitution

Socialism cannot go without repeating this history because, while I’ve published it repeatedly for years, it’s gone unnoticed.

“We cannot expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism.” (Nikita Khrushchev; attributed by Sen. J. Strom Thurmond, Congressional Record, 1961.07.26, p. 12622)

Russian-nationalist socialism resulted in a collapsed economy and the end of the USSR. Translated back to its original German, nationalist socialism is Nationalsozialistische: Nazi!

Instances of nationalist socialism include, inter alia Stalin, Mao, USSR, Pol Pot, and Kim Yung Un and, most recently, Venezuela. What they all have in common is being inescapably driven by fundamental socialist policies to elitist entitlement, everyone demanding ever increasing freebies without having to work, inexorably leading to a spent economy – literally, which then necessarily drives that society to oppression and aggression, from local gang and race wars to world wars.

But American-nationalist socialists, unfettered by truth, take the propaganda initiative to baselessly – the key word – defame their opponents as socialists: Nazis, Stalinists, Hitler, racists and xenophobes.

It’s American-nationalist socialists who incite and riot in the streets to “kill cops”, “eliminate ICE”, blow stuff up, burn stuff and destroy America in their ignorant and misguided insistence on imposing nationalist socialism–Democrats–in America.

Americans have been deliberately indoctrinated from elementary school through university since soon after WW-II eliminating logical (critical) thinking from school curricula from elementary school through post-doctoral level, substituting useless and unemployable vanilla socialist arts degrees that program people into dependence on a socialist state.

The resulting mentally-stunted, often doped-up, robots make up most of today’s failed Americans: all-in, adamantly, misinformed–by a press, school and university system that, for decades, has been on the payroll of the Saudis in cahoots with fugitives who fled WW-II Nazi Germany through South America into the U.S., with a nationalist-socialist–Nationalsozialistische (Nazi) misojudaic, anti-Israel–agenda. See

http://www.meforum.org/5781/marxism-academia; and


Is American Media an “Enemy of the People”?

Well, let’s see. Americans are capitalist. Except Fox News, the media in America comprises outlets of socialist propagandists. Uh, that’s (socialist) celebribabble; i.e. (socialist) Goebbels-speak, (socialist) Nazis; you know, like (socialist) Hitler and (socialist) Hess.

It is socialist propaganda — Goebbels-speak defamation — that is anti-American and dangerous to Americans, not Trump speaking out against socialist propaganda Goebbels-speak that is igniting and fueling riots, killing cops, anarchy and, likely Chicago local war!

Thus, “the media” in America is anti-American (socialist) , incompatible with an American press. So, yeah, duh, Q.E.D., the (socialist) media in America are the “enemy of the people”!


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